She arrives with the guys and they park at the back offloading their equipment.

AB : You can go inside.

Ntsako : I don't know my way around. 

AB : Oh shame first time?

Ntsako : Yes. 

AB : I see. Well don't make it obvious loosen up and enjoy.

They take the things inside as she follow them. AB spot Tintswalo at the bar then wave at her to come get Ntsako.

AB : You can wait here your sis is coming.  We have to connect these cause I'm playing in hour and some few minutes.

He goes to the back of the stage with his partner as Tintswalo comes to Ntsako. She hug her from behind sniffing her neck.

Tintswalo : You smell so nice baby sis and you look beautiful. A little skin outside is worth it.

Ntsako : (grinning) Thank you.

Tintswalo : Let's get you a drink to deal with the nerves.

They go back to the bar passing by the couch where Tshego is sitting next to Lethabo and some other people.

Tintswalo block Ntsako from seeing him and they quickly pass to the bar. 

Tintswalo : Let me fix you a cocktail I'm coming.

Ntsako : Okay.

She goes to the other end of the counter and talk to the guy in charge to work his magic. She wait for the drinks while chatting with some of the customers.

Ntsako is throwing her eyes around looking at the group of guys and girls chatting and laughing like they're having the best time of their lives. She relax and start smiling looking at the people dancing and all that.

Tintswalo comes back with the colourful glasses of their drinks and they start drinking.

Tintswalo : AB is coming up soon we are going to the dance floor.

Ntsako : Sis no you know I don't do that.

Tintswalo : I'm just trying not to lose you cause you're not going to stay glued on this chair when AB does his thing trust me.

Ntsako sigh rolling her eyes then continue drinking. 


The walk to get street food resulted in them passing to the liquor store and they're now each holding six pack of their preferred bev.

Thandi : Let's put them in the fridge then eat first.

Carol : I was thinking the same. It seems there's no one here to chill with I have a speaker and some good music.

Thandi : Come with it my room has enough space.

They each unlock their rooms and go in then Carol comes back with the speaker and her food. 

Carol : Do you normally drink in the middle of the year?

Thandi : Yeah but I never had a six pack all to myself.

Carol : (chuckles) Don't worry there's no school tomorrow and no parent to wake you up early so you will sleep the whole day if you feel like it.

Thandi : Let's plug the music.

Carol switch on the speaker and insert the USB. The music starts playing while the girls eat and chat.

A few minutes later they each are halfway through their first bottles and Thandi is already on her feet dancing. Carol laugh sitting on her chair cause unlike Thandi alcohol makes her sit still.

Thandi : These songs remind me of my bestie we make a mean team. 

She sit down downing the bottle.

Thandi : Since we've grown and seeing other people it's not easy to spend time together but I should make a plan. (laughs) Look at me all tipsy and talkey. 

Carol : (laughs) I can see bring me a bottle too.

She get the second ones and sit down burping. Her phone ring and she take it answering while going out.

Thandi : Hello.

Aya : Hey how are you?

Thandi : I'm good. (burps)

Aya : Where are you?

Thandi : I'm at my room. why?

Aya : No I'm just asking. Trying to make a conversation. 

Thandi : Okay Where are you?

Aya : I'm home. Can I come see you tomorrow?

Thandi : Okay I'll send the location right now.

Aya : Are you sure you're okay you're talking funny.

Thandi : (laughs) I'm fine. See you tomorrow. I love you. Bye!

Aya : (frown) Bye.

She goes back inside and put the phone on the bed.

Thandi : That was my boyfriend(laughs) he says I talk funny am I talking funny to you?

Carol : No not at all. You are just fine.

Thandi : I knew he was lying.

Carol laughs and continue sipping on her drink as Thandi gives her a free show.


They've just announced AB on the stage and he's up preparing his mix.

Lethabo : This guy knows his thing let's go to the dance floor.

Tshego : No I don't dance.

Lethabo : You should've told me before we got here

I don't dance.

Lethabo : You should've told me before we got here it's too late now and definitely useless. Come.

She pull him up the couch and he follow her holding hands. 

For a moment he think he saw Ntsako but that can't be. She wouldn't come here without telling him and also the clothes worn by the person he saw are definitely not Ntsako's type of fashion.

She's big on dresses and this one is wearing a crossed crop top with a high waist and sneakers.

AB does his thing like always and the crowd is wilding. Lethabo has her butt on Tshego's crotch dancing in front of him and he's enjoying every minute of it. He's afraid to touch at first but seeing she doesn't protest he put his hand on the short dress she got on.

Lethabo comes back up to face him and hold his shoulder leaning forward. They dance in that position just moving side to side.


She's dancing with her little sister when one guy comes to them trying to take Ntsako for a dance.

He forcefully get between them and Tintswalo manage to push him off. He comes back trying to push her back and he's met by a fist between his eyes. 

Ntsako : Sesi uendla yin? [sis What are you doing?]

Ntsako ask scared but Tintswalo doesn't answer as she click her tongue going over to the guy for another punch. The bouncers are already on him pulling him out and pushing Tintswalo back.

The crowd stop for a few seconds trying to see what's going on before going back to the music.

Ntsako run after Tintswalo who's going to the restrooms to clean the bloody fist.

Tintswalo : (clicks) Vanhu vanwana va delela shem va tekela vanhu hansi. [some people are disrespectful shame they look down on others.]

She mumble washing her hands then her face and turn to Ntsako.

Tintswalo : Ni shap ahi tlhelele ku cineni. [I'm fine let's go back to dancing.] 

Ntsako is unsure of it but follow her sister out back to the dance floor. It's now the part where the music requires the ladies to shake their assets.

Ntsako doesn't know and when all the women go down on their hands some on their knees and other squatting she's left alone standing and that's when she sees Tshego holding someone's butt.


She doesn't wait any longer as she goes straight to him the ladies get up and Tintswalo pace after her.

She had totally forgot about Tshego and is now hoping nothing drastic happen cause she's going to have to beat the deal out of Tshego.

Ntsako push Lethabo aside then hit Tshego on the chest with her purse. 

Tshego : Whoa! babe wait.

Ntsako : What the fak is this Tshego? 

Lethabo comes back and tries to push Ntsako but Tintswalo is already with them and she block Ntsako grabbing Lethabo's hands looking at her.

Lethabo frown looking at her co-worker before pulling back trying to call down.

Tintswalo : Ntsako let's go.

Tshego : We're still talking.

Tintswalo : I wasn't talking to you. Ntsako...

She doesn't answer as her eyes are now welling looking at Tshego. He pull her out of the crowd and they go out of the club to a more quiet space.

Tintswalo clap once and turn to the bar where AB's partner is now chilling alone. She joins him and get another drink.

Meanwhile outside Ntsako is crying hitting Tshego's chest while he hold her close. He's slowly losing it but being in the wrong means he has to act sorry.

Tshego : Babe look nothing's happening okay. I didn't think you'd be here not that I'm saying it would be right if you weren't here but you could have at least told me that you want to come so we can come together.

Ntsako : (crying) You don't love me Tshego you're just using me for your own benefits.

Tshego : But babe you know that's not true I love you so much babe and you know it too. Listen let me organise transport so we can go home and talk about this in comfort.

She nod wiping her tears and he take out his phone texting a driver. Later on the cab arrives and take them to Tshego's flat. They get in and the first thing he does is to send Tintswalo a message that Ntsako is safe and will see her in the morning.


The alcohol has now gone over her head and she is sweating from dancing. Carol has also retired to bed cause her boyfriend surprised her with a night visit.

Thandi drunk text Tshego and he reply with the same energy flirting back. She ask if she can call and he leave Ntsako in the bedroom then answer the call in the kitchen. 

Tshego : Bestie.

Thandi : I'm horny. (giggles)

Tshego : (smiling) What do you want?

Thandi : Let's video call and then you'll help me help myself.

Tshego : But that's risky I'm not alone.

Thandi : When I want you I should get you it shouldn't matter who's with you and where you're at. 

Tshego : (clench his teeth and sigh) You're right. Let me make a plan I'll call you back.

He hung up and go back to his room slowly taking a towel and some oil he use for masturbating then walk out locking the bedroom door.

He settle on the couch and video call her as she sit on the bed naked.

To be continued...


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