The "talk" ended with them going over to Tshego's place and they're now breathing on top of each other confessing their love. 

Tshego has Ntsako on all fours pounding from behind while spanking her butt. He release in her then pull out panting.

Tshego : That was so good a few weeks without scratching you and you feel brand new.

Ntsako : (breathy) It was so good I missed you.

Tshego : I missed you too babe let's go shower before we're dry.

Ntsako : Oh no I'm still trying to find myself.

Tshego : You mean I scattered you?

Ntsako : All over this place. 

Tshego : (chuckles) Come let's go. You'll rest well when you're clean. 

She complain slowly getting up the bed with her eyes closed. Tshego help her then hold on her shoulders as they walk to the bathroom.

He turn the shower tap then get in first standing under the cold water. Ntsako open her eyes flinching feeling the cold water on her body.

She contemplate getting in and Tshego pull her unexpectedly luckily she's got short hair cause in less than a second the water's flowing on her body.

She moan relaxing as the water soothe her body reducing the hot temperate from the sex.

Ntsako : This water' so good I don't even wana move.

Tshego : Let's shower then get out of here you can't stay in here for long.

He talk applying the shower gel on her body then take the bathing rag and bathe her. The water rinse off the soap bubbles then he does the same to himself and grab a towel getting out.

Ntsako follow him and he help dry her then they go to bed.


He's chilling with Lonwabo outside their house while drinking. His dad is back and inside having some moment with his mother and that's the reason they're outside - Lonwabo's idea.

Lonwabo : How is it going?

Aya : It's all good we're having a second date.

Lonwabo : If she offers herself chow her or you'll be late.

Aya : I don't want to make it seem like that's the only thing I want from her.

Lonwabo : Kanti ufanani grand-grand? [what is it that you really want?]

Aya : All in good time cuz I don't want to rush.

Lonwabo : You know when you said she was talking about male besties and got disturbed there's something she wanted to tell you there.

Aya : Aaah I'm still trying to know her mfethu.

Lonwabo : Know? at a full month and you are still on the know her part. You're gonna eat late boy.

Ayabonga's dad comes out of the house and approach them. He's in his vest and a short holding a bottle of bev. 

He pull a chair and sit putting the bottle on the middle.

Him : Aya get glasses so we can have some men talk over this bottle. Your mom's in bed and I'm thinking now is the right time to have a chat with you guys. 

My wife hasn't complained about any noise at night or women's voices in the bedrooms what's the matter? what's lacking?

The guys chuckle as Aya goes to fetch glasses. 


He's taken Ntsako back to the flat earlier on and he's now back cleaning his space. Playing music on the speaker like always he nod tapping on the broom while sliding this and that way.

He open the door to clean outside and a girl come up the stairs going to the neighbour's flat. She's in her shorts and a white tee with sandals. It's not the first time he sees her but today's she's at close proximity and he's going to take advantage of that.

He wave at her going over then she wait smiling.

Tshego : Hey how are you?

Karabo : Hi I'm okay and you?

Tshego : I'm good are you Tshepo's little sister? you look the same. 

Karabo : Yes.

Tshego : Where's he? I haven't seen him in a while. 

Karabo : He's gone home for some time so I'm looking after his flat.

Tshego : Oh I see are you spending the night here?

Karabo : No I am leaving later on.

Tshego : Okay well I'm still busy maybe when I'm done I can join you or you join me. I mean we can't be bored while we're both here and alone.

Karabo : Okay.

Tshego : Let me go finish up then. 

She smile proceeding to the door then unlock and go in. Tshego smile going back to his work

she seems pretty young but definitely legal so there is nothing wrong right?

He finish cleaning then walk back inside and quickly hit the shower before making some snack for both of them. He's gotta earn the points before anything else.


She's all bored in her room when one of the yard mates knock on her door. She get up and open for them it's this other petite girl named Carol.

Thandi : Hey Carol come in.

Carol : Hey I was just bored in my room and thought I should visit you. You seem easy to talk to...

She whisper the last words looking down.

Thandi : (chuckles) I thought you're all friends in the yard.

Carol : No I arrived last month and I haven't made friends yet.

Thandi : It's good I'm not the only newbie around.

Carol : Oh no you are I've been here for a full month and you've just arrived.

Thandi : But you still don't have friends I'm going to overtake you.

Carol open her mouth to respond but swallow and chuckle instead. 

Carol : Anyway there's this thing going on most weekends here where we go out to enjoy ourselves I wanted to ask if you're interested.

Thandi : Oh tell me more about it.

They sit on the bed busy talking and hours pass by without noticing. 

Carol : Girl let me go bath I'll add you to our group so you can get all the information for this weekend.

Thandi : (stretching) Yoh! we've been at it for hours I can't believe it's almost 5pm.

Carol : Well you better believe it and start with your pots.

Thandi : No let me bath also then we'll get some food from the street.

Carol : Now you're talking my language. 

They laugh as Carol leaves. Thandi goes back inside and prepare for her bath.

Carol is her front opposite tenant so they share the shower. She takes her plastic tub and fill it with water then carry it inside her room to bath.

Later on they go out to the nearby stand of cooked food then buy and wait as they warm the meat.


He's with Karabo sitting outside while chatting. She's easy to talk to and seem kind of shy.

Tshego : I thought you're 16 or something.

She laugh dusting her hands then take the drink and sip on it.

Karabo : I just have a small body; I'm old.

Tshego : But 21 isn't that old.

Karabo : You know what I mean.

Tshego : So what do you do around here? Studying? working?

Karabo : Both. You?

Tshego : I'm working well still part of my studying but I'm earning.

Karabo : I see.

Tshego : What are your plans for later on?

Karabo : I don't know maybe grab a few drinks at the club I work at.

Tshego : You work at a club? didn't they give you problems first time?

Karabo : They tried but I know how to handle such situations.

Tshego : What are you some sort of a wonder woman or something.

Karabo : (chuckles) I wish I was cause there's a few people I want to solve in that way.

He laughs revealing his nicely packed teeth it's like she hasn't been looking at him well cause at this moment she is staring at his face wondering how one person could have such beautiful features in one place.

Tshego : Can I join you?

Karabo : Join me?

Tshego : Later on at the club?

Karabo : I don't know I haven't decided if I'm going so...

Tshego : We're going let me organise transport.

Karabo : Okay.

He take out his phone and does his things before going back to the conversation. 


Later on she's at the club laughing with her friends. She had asked Ntsako to come with but she said she wasn't okay and will let her know before 8pm if she's coming.

It's now 7:45pm and there's no any sign of her. Tintswalo walk outside to call her and she takes long to answer but finally does before she could hang up.

Ntsako : Sis.

Tintswalo : It's almost 8 what's up?

Ntsako : I'm done get me a cab.

Tintswalo : Let me ask AB if he's left already he is set to play at 10.

Ntsako : Okay.

Tintswalo : I'll get back to you.

She hang up and talk to AB then call Ntsako again.

Ntsako : Yes.

Tintswalo : They had passed but he's coming back for you. I gave him your number so he can text or something cause I know you won't wait at the gate.

Ntsako : Okay see you in a few minutes.

Tintswalo : I hope you're wearing the clothes I took out for you.

Ntsako : Yes ma'am. 

Tintswalo : Good. Bye.

She hang up then go back inside as Tshegofatso and Karabo get off their transport at the road.

To be continued...


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