It has been a few weeks since Tshego left and she has organised another date with Ayabonga to make up for last time. She still hasn't explained who Tshego is and she's nowhere near doing that.

The good thing is she's moving to a rental place near the college and that means she's going to have all the freedom she needs to execute her plans.

Her mom has taken her to the place since she's not working it's a beautiful spacious one room in a yard close to the road. There are 7 more rooms amounting to 8 and a store room.

The security is pretty good the rooms are also beautiful and there's outside bathrooms just near the rooms.

Ms. Mokwena : I hope you won't change how I know you.

Thandi : Aah mama I'm already old for any drastic changes.

Ms. Mokwena : It's your first time staying alone I'm expecting anything from you.

Thandi : Well don't worry about me I will be fine.

Ms. Mokwena : Do let me know of any changes arising in case I'm not in communication with the landlord. 

Thandi : I will do just that. I have a class in a few hours so let me freshen up before I leave.

Ms. Mokwena : I'll wait.

She takes off her clothes and wrap a towel around her body then goes out to the shared shower between the two rooms (hers and another in front).

A few minutes later she comes out and dress in front of her mom while she packs her grocery then they leave.

Ms. Mokwena drop her off at the college and head home. 

She plugs in her earphones playing music while going to class.


Her relationship with Tshego has been shaky since he came back. Things are no longer the same and it hurts that she doesn't even know what the problem is.

Today she decided to go to his place hoping they talk and try to fix their issues. 

He's in the kitchen serving two plates as she walk in.

Ntsako : Hey.

Tshego : Hi please knock next time.

Ntsako : Okay. Are you busy?

Tshego : Yes.

He says pointing at the two plates with his head. He's playing her to his advantage cause he know how fragile she is.

Ntsako : I was hoping we could talk.

Tshego : Not now I'll come check you later.

Ntsako : Okay. 

Right then a woman's voice yell from the bedroom and Tshego answers that he's coming.

He takes the plates and head to the bedroom leaving Ntsako standing in the kitchen.

Tshego : You know your way out.

Ntsako feels her knees weaken and eyes itching. Her breath slowly running out. She pull her legs towards the door and walk out with tears dropping with each step.


He put the plates on the table beside the bed then hop on the bed tickling Lesedi.

Lesedi : (laughing) Who was that at the door?

Tshego : No one. Let's eat then have some more exercises. 

Lesedi : Boy are you trying to kill me?

Tshego : I thought you're a mbokodo the strongest of them all.

Lesedi : Oh please whatever you're trying won't work.

Tshego : But you're leaving today you can't leave me high and dry.

Lesedi : You're not high and definitely not dry. We have been having sex since I got here.

Tshego : And it's only been 4 days. 

Lesedi : Tshego I have a man he's going to notice the difference if you keep pounding me like this.

Tshego : (raised eyebrow) Am I big than him?

Lesedi : Oh no I'm not discussing my boyfriend with you.

She get off the bed and take her plate then walk out with his shirt on. Ntsako's perfume still lingers in the air and she can tell it's a woman who was here. But why is Tshego lying?

She sit down and eat in silence cooking a story to tell her man when she goes back.


She has attended all her classes and is now at her room just laying on bed. A thought cross her mind and she takes her phone dialling Tshego. 

He answers on the first ring sounding like he's walking.

Tshego : Hey I thought you divorced me.

Thandi : You know I wouldn't do that. I just moved to my place...

Tshego : That's nice how's the independence?

Thandi : I'm enjoying being on my own cooking when I want and definitely waking up on my own terms.

Tshego : I can't wait to visit.

Thandi : Myself too. Listen I wanted to ask what to expect on my first.

His heart skip a beat and he coughs uncontrollably. 

Tshego : (clears throat) Your first?

Thandi : Yes I want to go ahead with it. 

Tshego : But it's only been a month and what some few days?

Thandi : Are you going to help or not?

Tshego : I am helping. What will you say if this guy chow and leave you?

Thandi : First of all he isn't chowing me I'm getting myself chowed and if he run away that will be on him. It's not like he's the only one who's going to be into it.

Tshego : You're just saying that now cause it hasn't happened. I don't trust that guy he's even too cute for a boyfriend. 

Thandi : Mxm! Shap. (Bye)

She hang up and toss her phone on the bed then get up. It's a bit sunny outside and the other tenants are sitting under the mango tree shade.

She join them getting to know each other then they start talking. It's good that it's a balanced situation most tenants are around her age.


She's at her place with her older and only sister

most tenants are around her age.


She's at her place with her older and only sister Tintswalo explaining what happened.

Tintswalo : Your problem is you never talk Ntsako. I asked you this morning if everything is okay between you two cause you haven't been visiting and you said yes.

Keeping things inside will kill you one day I'm you sister four years older than you but I'm your sister and that shouldn't terrify you. Talk to me about anything and I'll scold you while helping.

Ntsako : I thought it would pass I just want to know the wrong I did so we can fix it and move on.

Tintswalo : You are saying you heard a woman's voice but you still want to fix? I don't get it.

Ntsako : I love him and I don't want to move on without exhausting my feelings for him cause I will miss him and that will mess me up.

Tintswalo : You're going to exhaust your feelings at your cost don't you realise that this guy is out to break you. It's clear his eyes are somewhere else right now.

Ntsako : I can't move on without trying.

Tintswalo : Okay do you sis. Let me get ready for work. 

She leaves the room and a knock is heard on the door.

Ntsako get up wiping her tears then open to Tshego standing with his back at her. He turn when the door open and smile at her.

Tshego : Hey I came.

Ntsako : My sister hasn't left for her shift can you wait a little bit?

Tshego : Your sister has never had a problem with me what is it?

Tintswalo comes back with her uniform bag zipping it.

Tintswalo : I'm leaving now...

She pause looking at Tshego then back at Ntsako.

Tintswalo : Tshego.

Tshego : Hi.

Tintswalo : Ntsako make sure you close the windows I'll see you in the morning. 

She walk out and Tshego walk in.

Tshego : See.

Ntsako close the door then fix a drink for him before joining him on the couch.

Tshego : Thanks for the drink I'm here let's talk.

Ntsako : Since you went home you've been acting weird you just got angry at me for no reason and now you've been back for weeks but you don't allow me to come see you.

Tshego : Is that all?

Ntsako : Also I came only to find a woman in your room and you were rude to me.

He takes a sip perfectly arranging his words for that answer then sigh. 

Tshego : Look babe I didn't know how to tell you this cause you're fragile and would've reacted bad to it. You know I can't handle seeing you cry or sad so I just kept this in for your sake.

With how serious he sound Ntsako pay attention looking intently at him. His eyes are suddenly red and he looks like he's going to cry.

Tshego : When I got home something bad happened and I didn't know how to deal with it so I became rude to everyone cause I was hurting and angry.

It hasn't been you only almost everyone around me has been complaining about my behaviour. When I came back I also encountered problems at work that reminded me of the bad thing at home and I started feeling angry all over again.

Babe the problem isn't you but me and I'm sorry for my behaviour. I was just going through a rough time and I couldn't offload on you. (sniffles)I can't tell you exactly what happened cause it will awake your emotions and I need you happy. It's better when one is in high moods so they can uplift the other. 

Ntsako : (holding his hands) I'm sorry to hear that I just thought you don't want this anymore.

Tshego : (chuckles rubbing his eyes) How can I not want you? you're a full package babe. 

Ntsako : So the woman?

Tshego : Eish babe I won't lie neh she is someone I hooked up with for a rough one cause I thought it will take away the anger and pain. You know I wouldn't go rough on you.

Ntsako : So you had sex?

Tshego : I only did her mouth babe and it was so rough she probably can't talk wherever she is.

She couldn't even finish the plate I made for her. I was only rude to you cause I didn't want her to leave before I could do her. Imagine she had left while I had a hard on and you were there I would have gone rough on you.

She looks unsure of what to decide on based on the last statement but just like he knows her she looks down playing with her fingers indicating she's trying to understand. It's good that she's doable and he love that about her.

To be continued...


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