He find her shaken on the couch and sit beside her pulling her into a hug. 

Tshego : What's the matter?

Thandi : You just scared me.

Tshego : You're so dramatic do you know that?

Thandi : I just didn't expect that.

Tshego : I know you're a virgin but come on you're 21 surely you know something and how a penis looks like.

Thandi : Okay Okay I'm fine.

She pull out of the hug and sit comfortably away from him.

Tshego : When did you get here?

Thandi : Not so long when your mom was driving out.

Tshego : Okay I'm sorry about what you witnessed but trust me it's not that bad.

Thandi : Yeah whatever.

Tshego : Let me finish bathing you disturbed me so I won't go back to it. 

He stand up to leave fixing his towel.

Thandi : I answered your phone Ntsako said you should call back.

Tshego : Okay. 

He disappears to the bathroom then quickly take a shower before coming out. His phone is still ringing and he sit down answering.

Tshego : Hello how are you?

Ntsako : I'm so pissed off where the hell have you been? 

Tshego : Did you call to shout at me?

Ntsako : Don't patronize me Tshego!

Tshego : You'll call when you're ready to talk like a normal human being. 

He hang up and toss the phone aside. This is just to make her angry so she doesn't disturb him and he's about to break up with her anyway.

He walk out and join Thandi on the couch watching TV.

Tshego : I talked to her next time don't answer.

Thandi : Okay is everything okay?

Tshego : Everything is fine when I'm with you. How was your date?

Thandi : It was okay I enjoyed and oh my God he smell so nice.

Tshego : Did he suggest that y'all take it further?

Thandi : No but I feel ready. He's such a gentleman. 

She blush talking about Aya and Tshego feels bored.

Tshego : Can we not talk about our other relationships when we're together?

Thandi : But you asked.

Tshego : And I'm asking that we now stop.

Thandi : Jealous?

Tshego : Me? Nah girl I can get you anytime and besides nobody knows you like I do so I'm always on top.

Thandi : I'm glad we're on the same page babe.

Tshego : Come here.

He pull her over and lay her on his chest. Something happens and they look at each other. Tshego pull her towards him as they're both breathing heavily and they kiss slow and passionately.

When it registers in Thandi's mind that she's kissing her bestie. She pull back and touch her lips before taking her purse storming out. She hit the button for the gate and rush out heading home in the darkness. 

Tshego : (touching his lips) That was good that's a start boy. You're heading in the right direction.

He get up smiling and rush to the bedroom taking his phone then follow her.


She's rushing home when she hears Tshego calling her name in the dark. She decrease her speed so he can catch up and when he does he pull her by her hand so they're face to face. 

Tshego : Hey stop what is it?

Thandi : (pulling her hand back) I wana go home it's been long since I left.

Tshego : Let me take you it's not safe for you to walk alone.

Thandi : I'm almost there I'll be fine. 

Tshego : I know you're upset but I'm not letting you walk alone. Let's go.

They walk in silence until they're a few houses from hers. 

Tshego : Go I'll turn when you get in.

She doesn't say anything but pace to her gate then walk in. Tshego turn back and head home.


He's having the time of his life in a local tavern. Aya seems to be bothered by something and he keeps checking his phone.

Lonwabo : Can you give me that phone cause it's distracting you?

Aya : Simmy hasn't texted that she arrived.

Lonwabo : So you're thinking she's kidnapped or something?

Aya : I don't know man I just feel like she's not safe.

Lonwabo : Or maybe you bored the hell out of her with your novel lifestyle and she's already done with you.

Aya : Let me call her and find out.

Lonwabo : Hurry up the mix I brought you here for is about to start.

Aya goes to the car a little distance from the crowd and sound then dial Thandi.

She's on bed still thinking about the kiss

how soft Tshego's lips were and how her body responded to it.

The phone disturb her and it's now she remembers that she didn't text.

Thandi : Hello.

She fakes a sleepy voice answering the call.

Aya : Hey are you okay? I have been waiting for your text.

Thandi : I'm sorry I was disturbed when I got home and I fell asleep after.

Aya : Did I wake you up?

Thandi : Yes but it's okay we can talk.

Aya : I just wanted to know if you're safe I was worried. You can go back to sleep.

Thandi : Okay goodnight.

Aya : Goodnight.

She hung up and go back to her thoughts smiling foolishly to herself.

Aya goes back to his cousin as the mix start and the dance floor is quickly filled with people enjoying and dancing to the music. 


He pack his bag ready to go back and it feels like he just got here. The weekend quickly finished and he hasn't had enough of what he came here for.

They're meeting at the taxi rank with Thandi for their goodbyes and she's already waiting when he gets there. 

Tshego : Hey you good?

Thandi : Yes you?

Tshego : I'm okay. About last night...

Thandi : Don't worry about it.

She cut him quickly cause she doesn't want any apologies. What happened was a first and she's hoping for a second so no regrets.

Tshego : Are you sure?

Thandi : Yeah it's all good.

They get to the taxi then hug and Tshego get in looking at her. He can see the slight change in her it's like something just lit up and she's holding on to it.

She wave at him turning back as the taxi fill up.


She's in the taxi with Tshego but he didn't see her. She ask the guy sitting next to him if they can switch winking at him to suggest she really need to be close to the guy.

Tshego has plugged his headsets and he doesn't look around even when the guy get up. Lesedi squeeze herself in the middle putting her bag on her leg so it hide what she wants to do from the person on her left.

She put her hand on Tshego's thigh and that's when he turn to look at her removing the headsets. His eyes widen as she proceed to his crotch while looking at him slowly rubbing him up and down.

Tshego : (breathy voice)Sedi.

Lesedi : Hey you good?

Tshego : Yeah.

He's struggling yo breath so she tone it down a bit as he coughs.

One thing about Lesedi she's a freak for straight seven days a week and will stop at nothing for those naughty moments. Pity he never had a chance to explore all of it with her cause he had to choose between saving his relationship with Thandi or continuing with Lesedi who was then Thandi's friend.

Their session was a good one when Tshego was breaking his virginity she was already experienced yet she let him take the lead so he doesn't feel embarrassed as a guy. 

It was only when Thandi found them in the act with music playing that he had to stop without cumming. 


Of course they went back at it when Thandi ran out with her heart throbbing cause she actually wanted to be his first and because he had broken the rules. Since then Lesedi and Thandi's friendship became shaky until it fell on its own.

Lesedi feels it's unfair for Thandi to be angry at her cause she told her she sees Tshego as a friend and nothing else.

Tshego's briefs tighten and Lesedi unzip his jean letting the boy out to play.

Lesedi : How have you been? it has been a minute.

Tshego : I am still in Pretoria and have been pretty good you?

Lesedi : I'm everywhere and always great. You should give me your location so I can drop in sometimes.

Tshego : I sure will.

They keep the conversation going while doing their thing. Tshego put his hand on her thighs gently stroking them back and forth. 


Later that night she's in bed when Tshego tell her he's arrived safely. It's then she confess on how the kiss was magical and how she can't get it out of her mind.

They talk for some few minutes then hang up cause Tshego wants to rest. It all feels wrong that she's feeling like this about her bestie but it's all worth it. I mean she has always been close to him and people even thought they're a couple. 

Also they've grown fond of each other and surely taking it to the next step won't be so hard but what about Aya? he's also cute and a real gentleman what if Tshego doesn't really feel the same?

All these questions fill her head as she tries to decide on what to do. But one thing for sure her curiosities are going to confirmed and done with her female bestie chronicles are beginning.

To be continued...


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