The following morning he wake up with his briefs all wet and sticky. He sigh realising he was dreaming and he actually released all over the sheets so the whole thing never happened damn! he thinks to himself.

Getting off the bed he goes to the bathroom and clean up then take a bath. He comes out and dress before changing the bedding.

Mahlogonolo knock at his door as he's tidying up and she let herself in jumping at his back while screaming on top of her lungs.

Tshego : (laughing while choking) You're killing me...

Hlogi : Why didn't you wake me up last night?

Tshego : Get off me.

He fall on the bed with his back then turn to tickle her as she laugh out loud.

Tshego : It was late baby I didn't want to disturb your sleep cause I knew we're going to have a busy day today.

Hlogi : Where are we going?

Tshego : That's my secret but there'll be food.

Hlogi : (screaming) Yay!

Their mother walk in holding a dishcloth and shake her head looking at them. It's really nice having siblings that get along cause you're never torn between them but these two are just extra.

MaMoloi : Ke gopola ke go romile go bitša buti  'ago. [I remember sending you to call your brother.]

They stop fooling around and turn to the door to find her folding her arms.

Hlogi : I called him and he said he was coming.

MaMoloi : Ngwanaka for once eno bolela nnete. [baby just tell the truth for once]

Hlogi : (looking down) Be kesa mmona gape wena [I was still seeing him cause]mama you saw him last night.

They laugh at her as she pout her lips and Tshego piggyback her then head to the door.

Tshego : Good morning MaMoloi after you ma'am.

She shake her head and sigh then lead them to the kitchen. 

MaMoloi : We didn't talk last night how was your trip?

Tshego : It was okay I just missed you guys so much I couldn't wait to get here.

MaMoloi : I missed you too I pray you get something this side so you can come back home.

Tshego : Something will come up don't worry.

MaMoloi : Okay let's eat so I can send you to run my errands. 

Hlogi : (mumbling) We have plans.

MaMoloi : Gake bolele le wena. [I'm not talking to you.]

She keeps quiet focusing on her plate. Meanwhile Tshegofatso's phone is ringing in the bedroom Ntsako is still trying to get hold of him since he left cause he never sent a message or made any contact.


She's preparing for her lunch date as her phone rings. She smile answering while fixing her light make-up. 

Thandi : My love.

Tshego : Hey how are you?

Thandi : I'm good. You?

Tshego : I'm okay plans for the day?

Thandi : My date you forgot?

Tshego : Oh that thought you will tag along with Hlogi and I we're heading to town in a few minutes. 

Thandi : Go enjoy some time with her alone I'll see you later.

Tshego : Okay enjoy your date then. Bye!

He hang up and she take her purse and shades then head out.

Thandi : I'm gone ma.

She yell walking out the main door. The trip to town isn't that long in less than 30 minutes she's already off the taxi and texting Aya.

He comes to her and they hug before going to the restaurant while holding hands. They settle in Aya opening the chair for her then she sit.

Aya : (smiling) You look so beautiful how are you?

Thandi : Thank you and I'm fine. You look and smell so good too.

Aya : I aim to impress.

They both chuckle.

Thandi : I thought first impressions were a thing...

Aya : Well it's our first date so this serve as first impression don't you think?

Thandi : I guess you're right.

Aya : Okay let's order.

The waiter comes to them and they place their order then wait while sipping on juice and chatting. The conversation easily flows and from a distance you can see the genuine smile and chuckles from their table.


She's leading Tshegofatso as they walk around the mall. She spot Thandi in one of the restaurant and roll her eyes before distracting Tshego so he doesn't see her but it's late cause he's already taken out his phone texting her.

Hlogi : You can't be serious really?

Tshego : Hey I haven't seen her since I arrived.

Hlogi : You haven't seen me too duh!

Tshego : You won't understand. 

Hlogi : Just because I'm your little sister it doesn't mean I don't see what's happening here. It's like she's a magnet always pulling you wherever she goes.

Tshego : You're inviting eyes on us keep it down.

Hlogi : (tearful) I always feel like you don't love me as your little sister cause once she gets in the picture you toss me aside. You always choose her over me

keep it down.

Hlogi : (tearful) I always feel like you don't love me as your little sister cause once she gets in the picture you toss me aside. You always choose her over me a mere best friend you say but it's always her over me.

Tshego : I'm taking you to the taxi rank I'll come find you home.

Hlogi : I know my way around don't bother.

She snatch the plastics in his hands then wipe her tears and leave. He doesn't even try to stop her and that's the confirmation she need to know he's forever going to choose his best friend over her his little sister.

Meanwhile in the restaurant Thandi check her phone and slowly look out the window. Aya is tracing her eyes and they land on some guy standing outside waving at her.

She smile uncomfortably more like grinning then clear her throat. 

Aya : (chewing) Are you okay?

Thandi : (blushing) Yeah let me go talk to him.

Aya : Will you be fine by yourself? we can go together.

Thandi : No that won't be necessary. Give me 2 minutes.

She quickly get up with her palms sweaty and head out rubbing them together.


He open his arms for a hug when he sees Thandi approaching but she doesn't hug him. She pull him to the wall side where Aya won't be able to see them then lean against the wall with her back while Tshego stand before her.

Thandi : Are you out of your mind? what are you doing here?

Tshego : I just saw you and I couldn't pass.

Thandi : I'm on a date don't you get it? a date. What do you want the guy to think of me?I haven't even told him about us and you're here ensuring I'm single by the time this date is finished.

Tshego : Well I'm not going to apologise I come first and you know that. He'll suck it up if he's a real man.

Thandi : F*ck you!

Tshego : Aaahhh!

The people passing by look at them as the moaning sound comes out. They look at each other and burst out laughing at how stupid that was.

Tshego : There goes my angel. Anger isn't good for you baby. I'll see you later okay? and tell moguy to enjoy while it last cause when I want you I want you.

He peck her forehead then turn around to leave. Aya is looking at the window and Tshego salute him as he pass by.

Thandi comes back wiping her forehead then sit down.

Thandi : I'm sorry about that.

That's all she says no explanation of who he is or anything.

Aya : It's okay finish your food before it's cold.

He calmly says while finishing his plate. Later on they walk out of the restaurant holding hands. 

Aya : It's quite late let's ride together I'll drop you off.

Thandi : Don't worry I'll be fine. I'll call when I get home.

Aya : Okay thanks for today. I hope it will be better next time.

Thandi : I hope so too. Bye!

Aya : Goodbye!

She turn and walk away as he intently look at her. His first instinct is that the guy might be her friend but there's more to it cause if he was already her boyfriend he wouldn't have agreed to her going out with another guy.

But why was she acting weird and why did the guy salute him? he sigh turning around texting Lonwabo to let him know he's done.

It doesn't take him long to arrive cause he was around and Aya throw himself in the front seat. 

Lonwabo : It has already started?

Aya : What?

Lonwabo : Never mind I know a great place to unwind. Text Maria that we'll be home late or even in the morning. Just tell her not to expect us anytime soon.

He drives off while Aya text his mom altering his cousin's words.


Later on the gate open as Thandi is about to hit the buzzer. MaMoloi drives out with Hlogi and wave at her as she get in the yard.

She knock once at the door then turn to the back of the house where she find the door unlocked. She get in and head to Tshego's room. There's music coming from there and her heart skip a beat but it can't be cause his mom just drove out.

Without knocking she throws herself in and find his phone ringing he's nowhere to be found but his perfume lingers in the air. The clothes he was wearing earlier are on the bed so he might be in the shower.

Thandi : Hello.

She says answering the call.

Ntsako : Hello where's Tshego?

Thandi : I don't know can you leave a message or call a little later?

Ntsako : I have been calling the whole day and he's ignoring my calls. Tell him to call me back and who are you?

Thandi : I'm his cousin.

Ntsako : Simthandile?

Thandi : Yeah.

Ntsako : Okay please tell him to call me back I'm worried about him.

Thandi : Okay but to put you at ease he's perfectly fine. I'll pass the message though. Bye!

She throw the phone on the bed then proceed to the bathroom.

The shower's running and Tshego is standing beside jerking off. Thandi can't believe her eyes when they land on him cause she can see clearly what's happening everything is in the open. She scream running out and he stop then quickly get out and grab a towel running after her.

To be continued...


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