He's laying on bed after the one for the road this morning. Ntsako get off wiping herself with the towel from last night.

Ntsako : Babe you Okay?

Tshego : Yes.

Ntsako : Can I run the bath for us?

Tshego : I'll shower.

Ntsako : Okay.

She takes a few steps forward then stop and turn to him.

Ntsako : What happened last night? it felt different from the previous nights and this morning. 

Tshego : I don't know but it's bound to be different babes. Which do you prefer?

Ntsako : Last night's.

Tshego : (smiling) Then I'll do things right. Go bath before you're late for your class.

Ntsako smile going to the bathroom and he sigh pressing his phone.

Simthandile hasn't sent a good morning text like she always does and he's getting mad at her for it. He get off the bed and clean up picking the clothes off the floor then put them in their rightful places.

After he's done he goes into the shower and stand under the cold water letting it flow on his body from his head while he lean on the wall.

His plan seems to be failing but he didn't protect his bestie all these year to lose her to some newcomer little boy. He has to find a way to keep her grounded even if it means breaking the rules.


He's chatting with Simthandile while getting ready for class. He has been reading Sandisiwe Gxaba's Price to pay and Simthandile is to him what Zama is to Sipho.

He's falling really hard for her and he is already seeing them in high places together. 

Lonwabo knock at his room and stick his head in looking at him. It's almost time to leave and Ayabonga just doesn't want to come out of the room today.

Lonwabo : Are we leaving with the house today?

Aya : Yes.

He replies focusing on the phone and Lonwabo steps in folding his arms with his eyebrows raised. Ayabonga has put sneakers on the floor to put on but the phone keeps distracting him.

Lonwabo : How are we taking it do we uproot or demolish then carry the remains?

Aya : Yeah!

Lonwabo shake his head in disbelief nearing him then swap the shoes and wait. Aya pick the right leg sneaker putting it on the left while looking at the phone. He turn to Lonwabo as he feel the feet struggling to settle in the sneaker then laugh realising what he's doing.

Lonwabo : Whatever you have been fed is out of this world. The herb is from an expensive tree.

Aya : Dude what are you doing?

Lonwabo : I have been waiting to lift you and you're nowhere to be found. Early in the morning and you're already smitten like this. I don't think I like this girl for you she is going to hurt you so bad and you won't come back from that. 

Aya : Stop being so negative about everything. Just because your relationships have failed doesn't mean mine will too.

Lonwabo : Don't say I didn't warn you. Let's go don't forget to carry the house.

Aya : (raised eyebrow) What?

Lonwabo walk out then Ayabonga finish up and go after him.


She is on her phone while listening to music she just finished attending her classes for the day and she's just hanging around cause it's still early.

Her phone ring as she nears the benches and she smile answering then sit down. 

Thandi : Bestie.

Tshego : I waited for my morning text but it never came. 

Thandi : I'm sorry I had an early class and was late. I was gonna call now cause I just finished attending.

Tshego : Let me hang up so you can call back. 

Thandi : But we can still talk-

She sigh as the call goes off. Ayabonga spot her and decide to surprise her with a hug from behind. He doesn't notice that she's making a call when he hugs and kiss her neck at the same time.

He hold her tight so she doesn't run in case she's startled then whisper on her ear with his deep voice.

Ayabonga : Hey Simmy baby.

Thandi quickly remove the phone from her ear so Tshego doesn't hear anything but it's late cause he's already yelling from the other side. She hang up and turn to Ayabonga slipping her phone in the pocket.

Thandi : Hey how are you?

Ayabonga : I'm good now that I'm seeing you. Give me a hug.

She wrap her hands around his waist in a hug then move back after a few seconds. 

Ayabonga : Are you okay?

Thandi : Yes I have to leave though. 

Ayabonga : Oh! Okay I'll see you tomorrow when I fetch you. 

Thandi : About that

I'll see you tomorrow when I fetch you. 

Thandi : About that can we have a lunch date and not dinner? Also I'd like to transport myself to the venue instead of being picked up.

Ayabonga : Why the sudden change? I've already made reservations for the night. 

Thandi : There's been change of plans from my side that I can't seem to alter so please.

Ayabonga : (sighs) Okay I'll see what I can do. 

Thandi : Thank you. Bye.

She hurries off as Aya watch her. Something is totally off but he brush it off. Maybe he just hasn't bonded enough with her to know her well. He turn and go back to the class.


Later that day Simthandile is finishing cooking dinner. She's been texting back and forth with Tshegofatso trying to put off the fire from earlier on.

Part of her is angry that Tshego seems to want to control her relationships but keeps his far from their friendship. He's never allowed her to text Ntsako back she doesn't even know what Ntsako looks like cause even if he post her he blocks her from viewing the statuses.

He said he's on his way home and he's going to arrive late but he wants to see her and that's it.

Her mother comes into the kitchen as she's clicking while texting.

Ms. Mokwena : Re tlo ja tšago butšwa mara?[is the food going to be well cooked?]

She quickly put the phone away then attend to the pots as her mom drink water. 

Thandi : Should I dish up for you?

Ms. Mokwena : No I'm on nighshift tonight. 

Thandi : Okay.

Ms. Mokwena : Make sure you lock up when I leave I don't want stories when I come back tired in the morning.

Thandi : I'll do so.

Her heart is dancing at this moment cause that means Bestie can come around for the night. 

She quickly text him letting him know of the plan forgetting they were arguing not so long.


He's been tapping his leg impatiently feeling like the car is not moving. When it gets to his place he jump off and take his backpack rushing to the gate.

He use his own key to unlock then walk in. His little sister is already sleeping so he talk to his mom briefly before showering then walking out with the contents of his bag halved.

The distance to Simthandile's place isn't that long. In 25 minutes he's already at the gate waiting for her to come open.

He use the few minutes at the gate to text Ntsako that he's arrived safely and will call in the morning cause he's tired.

Simthandile open with a huge smile plastered on her face. Not even one of her ex boyfriends has seen her smile like this. 

Thandi : Go inside I'll find you cameras!

Tshegofatso laughs going in and immediately he get in the house Thandi sees one of her neighbour's curtain move then she scoff shaking her head in disbelief.

She goes after Tshego and close the door then jump at him.

Thandi : (tearful) I missed you so much.

Tshego : (holding her tightly) Is that why you were fighting with me?

Thandi : You're the one who started.

Tshego : Okay let's not start another one I missed you and you missed me. I am here now let's make memories.

He get up with her and head to her bedroom. He gently put her on the bed then come back to lock the door and switch off the lights and TV before going back.

Simthandile is left in her underwear under the sheets and Tshegofatso takes his clothes off joining her. It's not easy to sleep like this cause it has been long and baby girl has gained looking all fresh.

Tshego : Babe are you never curious about sex?

Thandi : I am.

Tshego : Okay. Goodnight and I love you. 

She turn and look at him before kissing his lips. This has become tradition in their relationship and for a long time they were seeing nothing wrong with it but now Tshego is left hanging as Thandi pull out.

Thandi : Goodnight bunny. I love you. 

She turn to the other side then move her butt to his manhood before tangling their feet together. Tshego wrap his arms over her holding her twins with both hands then breathing on her neck.

He could just do things to her right now but he hold himself with the consolation that it's him next to her at this moment and not that Ayabonga of a person.

His manhood keep stretching his briefs and poking Thandi's butt. She giggles each time and Tshego is having a hard time sleeping cause her giggles excite him more.

Tshego : Let me go pee. 

Thandi : Okay.

He get off the bed and walk out with his bag cause there's no way he's keeping the semen in him for the whole night.

To be continued...


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