part 9 his downfall

Skippy She sat wondering where Sly was until that time and it was getting late outside she started panicking because things had been the way she left them. She had found the key above the door panel where they always left itshe always left it on the right and he would leave it on the left so in that way either of them would know if something was not right because none of them had a phone to communicate. She started panicking thinking maybe something might have happened to him wherever he was. She got outlocking the door and left the key on the panel again. She started looking around. She went to the local shops and in a bar just closer to where they stayed but she could not find him. She went back home with wet eyesshe knew something was wrongsomething had happened to him. She looked for some money under the mattress and walked out locking again. She paid for some transport to take her to the hospitalshe could not stop crying but hoping he was fine. When she got to the hospital after searching for him she found him. He had been attacked by epilepsy again. She sat next to his bed crying and apologizing that she failed him looking at the way he washe had badly hurt himself. She asked where they found him and they told her on the roadside. She just knew it was because he had no medicationhe had told her that he was running out and she had promised to get him some but couldn'this type of medication was very expensive. He couldn't survive only on the local hospital's medication because it was not the same as the one he got over the counterit did him more harm than goodcausing him memory loss and speech disorder. There was no way he could have been angry alone on the road because this usually happened a lot when he was angry more than anything else but this wasn't the caseit was lack of medication.. "Please hang in there babyyou'll be alright. I'm so sorry I wasn't there when you fell" she cried holding his hand in hershis eyes were still closed and his face was swollen. She wiped her tears with the back of her palm and had a brilliant idea on how to get him his meds tomorrow morningshe smiled to herself when she thought about it all. Visiting hours were upthey had only allowed her because of how they had found him in the first pace so she kissed him on his forehead and said her goodbye before she left. She asked the doctor when he was going to be discharged and they told her tomorrow he would be fit enough to go homeshe was happy to hear that. ... She went back home and felt sad she was going to sleep alone without him home. She sat on the floor and cried before getting a bottle of vodka that he had bought her. She regretted him buying vodka instead of his meds and she cried all the more "what if he died?" She battled with these thoughts and shot it down her throat so she could fall asleep. She was hurtingshe couldn't cope without him. He was her lifeshe had told him that if anything happened to him she would most definitely take her own life tooshe had not forgotten her own words. She drank the whole contents of that bottleit was already halfway from the last time she drank it anyway. She got up to lock the door. She sat back on the floor and let her head spin at least that way she could smile. She crawled on to the thin mattress on the floor and fell asleep in her clothes. She woke up with a terrible headache in the morningshe boiled some water on the stove it was very early and still dark outsideSly always told her never to go outside at that time of the morning because it was very dangeroushe would always get the water himself. Fortunately there was enough for her to bath and wait for the sun to go up so she could go out to find buyers for the stuff she wanted to sell. She selected a few things and went out when the sun had gone up a bitshe locked and left the key on its place. She walked around until she got buyers then went to the pharmacy to get him medication before leaving to go and fetch him because he had just gotten a job and he was supposed to be at work tomorrow so this could not ruin his chances of making it from that job and getting the kind of life he promised to give to her. She found him up and looking better than yesterday.. "You up!" She said in excitement "HeyI'm up and hopefully I'm going home!" He smiled "I'm sorry baby" she looked down with sadness all over her face "This is not your faultI heard you last night its not your fault" "I feel like its mineI couldn't be there wh.." He cut in "Hey I'm fine now and we going homedon't blame yourselfI got you something nice before I fell" his eyes brightened "Really! What is it?" Her eyes widened "You'll see" he smiled "So you do remember what happened before you fell this time?" She asked "Yeah I remember feeling really hot and my head hurt" "Were you angry?" "No I was just walking and it just happenedmust be the pills that I didn't take" "You shouldn't have bought that vodkayou should have bought pillsdon't do it again!" She warned "I'm sorry baby I won't do it again but I will not stop buying what you love because of this stupid medication" "Its stupid but you could have died.." "I know and I'm sorry" She held his hands in hers and kissed him on the lips before sitting down again waiting for the doctor to come and sign him out. She gave him his meds and he asked where she got the money from this time.. "It doesn't matter babyall that matters is that I got your meds and this will last you for a while hopefully" she said "I'm happy you're safethank you Skippy I love you" "And I love you too baby" She got the transport when he was finally discharged and they went back home. When they got home she still had enough to buy a meal for luncha meal they shared. After eating they lay on the mattress and he kissed her on the cheekshe was facing upshe turned and faced him.. "This is what I got you" he smiled handing her a set of pearl earings "Oh mySly they are so pretty! Where did you get them?" She asked with a huge smile on her face "I bought themjust for you. I love you Skippy" "Thank you Sly I love you too" He embraced her then he held her face and kissed her again on her lipsshe kissed him back and they made love. After making love they both took a nap. She only remembered about the phone when she felt something vibrate under the pillow... She got it and looked at it before answeringhe had saved his number just like thatas Will and she didn't know the phone was on silent mode until she saw it displayed on the screen. She answered.. "Hey Dawn finally!" He cried out "Hey I'm so sorry I did not know this phone was on discreet" she said calmly "Its okayit was stupid of me I should have checked that before you doing today though?" "I'm doing fine thanks and how are you?" "I'm goodI tried calling last night but now I understand why and I'm not mad I promiseonly sad I didn't hear your voice before I fell asleep" he let out a chuck that sounded so uncomfortable "It won't happen againI had forgotten it under the pillow. I'm so used to having no phone you know.." "Not a problemI was just thinking of you" he said "Thinking of me?" "Yes like the uhm..the mi..miss youki..kind of thinking about you. Like since you know I live aloneI..I uhm I'm just lonely and when you were here I uhm..I enjoyed your companya lot" he stuttered "I..I also enjoyed being thereI love your house" she smiled "You're free to come any day so if you wanna comejust let me know and I'll come pick you up or send a cab" "Alright I will. Thank you againyou're a nice person Will" she smiled "I try my bestit was good hearing from you Dawnyour voice is very sweet to my ears" he smiled like a silly kid on the other side of the line "Thank you" she smiled "I will call you before you sleepwhat time do you normally sleep?" "I sleep very early at timesfrom nine maybe.." "CoolI'll call and please change the phone settings" "Alrightbye" "Bye Dawn" She changed the settings on the phone and put it back under the pillowSly was fast asleep and she threw her arm around him joining him in sleep. ... A few weeks and Sly was doing so much better even at work. Skippy never told him she was hit by a car a few weeks back because she never wanted to stress himhe never found out because she removed the bandage before going to the hospital to fetch him when he was still in there that day. So he never really knewshe would have told him that the man who knocked her with a car was the very same she stole the Breitling watch fromhe would have been upset and would have panicked that she was in danger maybe the man did it on purpose to make her pay when it was just pure coincidence. He saw the phone and she told him she stole it and loved it so he allowed her to keep it but she never took Will's calls in front of him to avoid upsetting him too. When she had nothing to do she went back to the old house to check hoping by chance she would find Faith but she ended up running out of hope and finally gave up trying to find her. She was deeply hurting and wished she was never related to hershe loved Faith so much she had never expected the day that the circumstances divided themshe always feared days like those would comewith Faith coming from a rich family and their grandmother on her sick bedit was bound to happen but she had always been in denial that faith would ever leave her like that. It hurt so much she took Molly to forget when she started missing her so bad. She regretted and blamed herself for being too high and drunk all the time before Sly asked her to take it easymaybe if she were there and sober maybe granny would have been alive still because maybe she would have taken better care of herFaith was just a childmaybe she would have seen Faith's family too so she could know where they lived and she would visit her but as it was she did not know because during granny's funeral she was always high it helped her deal with the pain she was feelingshe never slept home she only came and left until she came back in the morning from Sly's place a few days after the funeral and found Faith gone just like thatit wasn't like Faith never told her what her brother had suggestedhe had suggested that Faith came and lived with him but Skippy told her how selfish she was for thinking only of herself and that was one of the reasons she chose to be with Sly the only person who cared about herthe only person who would never desert her. It really hurt when she thought of all the stuff she did for them all to survivethe bread she would always go out and break into people's houses to steal just to feed them. All those thingsshe didn't do because she loved but because she had no other means to put food for them on the table. She could not sit and watch them die of hunger and she definitely would never allow Faith to go and do those kind of things while she lived and was able. She tried looking for a job so many times but she would get turned down without education or men would try to deceive her just to sleep with her so she opted for taking the risky way outbreaking into people's houses. Sly knew and would never ask muchhe would ask but he would never make a big deal out of it like where she got stuff from because at the end of the day it helped them both but he would hurt whenever she would not come back home because he would not know if she was still alive or safe but he knew that as a girl they normally felt sorry for her when she was caught but he would be in danger because he was a guy. It hurt him that he could not provide for her but he promised things would change as he had found a job even though it was the most underestimated jobhe humbled himself and took it just so she would stop risking her life for himshe deserved better from him and he always told her. ... She lay on the mattress thinking of Willhe was too nice for hershe thought to herself that she did not deserve his kindness after she stole from him. She knew she shouldn't have done that but she didn't know she would ever meet him againstealing was her job. She did not know how he was going to react after finding out because that watch was very expensive even they agreed that of all stolen goods they had ever soldit was the most highly paid for so how was she going to pay him back if she told him and he demanded she paid? He had already done so much for her and the guilt burnt within her. Thinking of him again she found herself smiling because he was the most handsome and probably the most strongest man she had ever come across all her life. She was shy to admit it within herself but admitted it anyway that she just loved how she felt around him. She loved the way he spoke and did thingsthe hours she spent with him gave her enough allowance to study him and she loved what she felt when he looked at her like that. Maybe she was just daydreaming because Will would never look at her like thatshe told herself that however he looked at herhe only saw that hungry kid who stole food from his fridge in the middle of the night that nighthe knew she was hungry and probably felt sorry for her. He saw how dirty she wasfelt sorry for her and bought her new clothes..he would never look at her the way Sly looked at her. She felt sad and the smile that she had been wearing just faded when her mind told her that that was just how he looked at hershe didn't know if she wanted moreif she really wanted him to look at her the way her and Sly looked at each othershe didn't know. How would it be? She was just a hungry homeless kidwithout education without parentsa his eyes as she thought. He was a very good personhe treated her well and carednot that Sly never caredSly cared for her from day one but she had never come across such a soulWill. When she looked into his eyes she could feel somethingsomething she could not define but she felt disappointed that the way she felt would only end at a thatjust a feeling and she probably was the only one feeling itshe was just not his typeshe was a nobody and he was handsome and very rich. She stopped herself from thinking such about him because it would only hurt herit was just a fantasy and a wondering thought of how it would be if it were to happen that wayif he were to look at her the way Sly looked at herget closer to her the way Sly got closer to her and maybe touch her the way Sly touched was just a thought. She had Slyvester and she loved him so muchit was more than enough. ... Freddy With him when it came to Dawn every other thing mattered no more latelyfirst he almost missed the family lunch which however he attended later than everybody else then he forgot to pick Faith from schoolschools had been closed for just a weekFrank ended up doing it and dropped her at his mother's place because that was her new home and lastly he totally forgot about Angie. She was there all he time nagging but he paid no attention to herDeejay told him it was the only way to get rid of her but it was not workingshe stuck around and annoyed him all the more. She would not go home until he complained of her brother. All she did was sink deep into his pocket demanding a lot of things and he ended up noticing it too that she was trying to outsmart him but he never said anythingshe was just a silly kid he had more important things to worry about. He found it hard lately to sleep with her because he found himself feeling guilty whenever he did it with her but he was just a man he could not ignore his needs. In those few weeks he did not see Dawn but he called her every chance he got even though she would not answer all the timewhen he just heard her voice it satisfied him. He had been sitting in his office looking at his numbersit was starting again. The slow down and all the other negative stuff..he called for Mike and asked him to explain to him nicely what his job description was and asked him to break it down for himwhen Mike was done he kicked him out of his office and told him to go and do just that! Daizy had a family crisis to attend to so he gave her some time off work and the new guySlyvester stood in for her. He called him and asked him to go and get him lunchwhen he bought lunch he usually bought some for Daizy too so he told him to get some for himself as well. He was so happy that what he was going to gethe would not eat but would keep for Skippy. ... He finished work and went to see his mother for supper.. "I don't see you much lately" she said "I'm a bit busy" "So busy you couldn't take time off to see your sister?" "Oh momshe's not going to live in boarding foreverI get very busy at times I forget a lot of things" "I seeyour father is on his way" "Oh" "I need you to stop acting like this FreddyI don't understand why you're like thishe's your father for crying out loud!" She yelled "I know" "I think its time you get a wife because this loneliness is not good for you. It makes you angryparanoid and it makes you do stupid thingswhat you did on Fiona's graduation was uncalled forget yourself a wife and settle down Freddyyou're not getting any younger you know.." "Does that wife fall from a tree?" "Don't talk to me like that Freddydon't forget that I'm still your mother!" She warned "Sorry" "You should respect yourself I raised you better than thatthat's your brother's wife Freddy!" "I was drunkit was just a silly mistake how many times must I say it?" "You need to apologize to her and your brother because now his mother doesn't see it like that. You can't just do what you didremember nobody sent you to drink" He just looked down without a word until his father walked in. His mother started dishing up and took the food to them while she excused herself leaving them alone to talkhe cleared his throat and spoke.. "I've spoken to your mother too as well as the elders about this. You are now thirty two but you are still not marriedwhat disgrace is this Wilfred?" Asked his father "What disgrace is there father? Its my choice" answered Freddy "Choice my foot! Your younger brother Sidney is only twenty six but he's married alreadymarried to the same woman you insulted. Now what do you call that huh? Are you not ashameddo you think you're growing younger every year?" He shouted "I haven't found a wife I can't just marry anyone father" "Well enoughas a family custom that you do know very well are supposed to practicewe have found a wife for you!"

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