part 8 his downfall

Freddy He woke up in the middle of the night feeling so restless and went to his kitchen. He opened the tap and rinsed his kettle before running water in it. He placed it on its sensor element and boiled water to make a cup of tea because coffee would not be good at that time of the night. He got a cup from the cupboard and rinsed ithis mother raised him that way"before using anything from the cupboard you need to rinse it wellhygiene" she said. He rinsed a spoon and put two with brown sugar in his cupthrew in a chamomile tea bagit helped him sleep better and when the kettle stopped he poured water in the cupstirring to mix his tea. He stood in front of the counter and waited for it to cool down before taking a sip. He lifted the cup in his hand and took a sipwhile he was doing that he could feel that he was not alone in the kitchen so he turned and there she stood! "Dawn! What are you doing up so late?" He asked so startled "I..I couldn't sleep I'm restless" she answered She was wearing nothing else other than what she was wearing the first time his brain got emotionally disturbed. Her stringed top and underwear. She walked to the kitchen and asked him for a glass of water but he just stood there frozen because he was not wearing properlyhe was in his briefs as usualhe had forgotten that he had a guest and seeing that he was not going to give her this glass of water she asked forshe did it herself. She walked past him and opened the cupboard to get a glass with her back against him and he gasped for air..he just couldn't believe what was happening right there. Her skin touched his and he felt the back of his hair stand up. She rinsed the glass and poured water from the tap. He stood behind her watching her gulp down the watersome dropping on her chest and running down quickly between her breasts..he almost choked on his tea.. "Uh..I uhm..I'm having chamomile tea it helps when it comes toto you want me to make you some..?" He asked struggling to finish a sentence without stuttering and she turned to look at him "I don't think it will help me sleepI'm used to having someone put me to you mind putting me to sleep?" She asked gazing right into his eyes " want me to put you to sleep?" He asked so shocked and not sure if he heard her correctly "Please.." She begged and he grew weak on the knees "I..uhmalright yeahsure" for a second he thought he was losing his mind He followed behind her as she walked to the bedroom she used. His eyes were stuck on her beautiful little ass that moved along with her as she movedher skin..oh lawd what was this kid doing to himhe also didn't know. She climbed on the bed and waited for him to join herhe wasn't too sure about this but his desire even though her mind might have not been thereled him on so he switched off the light but it was not so dark with the help of the moonlight outside. It gave the room a little beautiful blue light so he could find his way to the bed. He slowly peeled off the light piece of fiber from the top and tucked himself in right next to her. He found himself feeling like a dumbfounded high school kid. She lay beside him and curled her body almost in a ball like she was cold.. "Would you like me to add another blanket?" He asked "Noplease just hold me" she beggedher voice sounding so soft to his ears He moved his body closer to hers and lay still next to her like he was freezinghe was afraid to move even a finger but she shifted next to him and wrapped her hand around his waist and buried all her head and body inside the duvet cover. The closer she got to himthe tighter his body becamefrozen is a better word. He did not know how to move from her grasp and it became even unbearable when she breathed out a soft warm wind against his chest as her head rested under his arm right against his ribs. His eyes were still running around in the dark in total disbelief to what was really happening to him when he heard her breath deepen and then followed soft snoresshe had fallen asleep and he breathed out..he had been holding his breath in. ... He stretched out his arm above her head and used the other hand to fix the duvet behind her noticing that her back was slightly out in the cold. She moved to his movementjust when he thought she was letting go of him and turningshe threw her leg above him. He just begged to die right there... She caused him heat in the sheets he could feel his armpits start to itch from the sweat that suddenly started to quickly circulate around his body in seconds. Her thigh rested softly on his crotch and he felt himself growoh lawd what was thishappening to him? He felt very tense and now he had no choice but to move her or move away from her. He lowered his arm inside the duvet and touched her bulky thighso tenderso smooth and so appetizing just from the touch before tastehe was supposed to move it away from him but he found himself caressing it and grasping her fleshslowly his hand moving up to the edge of her underwear. He closed his eyes and slipped a finger under it then twobefore he knew it his whole palm was grazing her fine little asshe was doing just fine until she moved and he paused right there.. "Please don't stop.." She whisperedher voice coated with sleep "Hmm?" This came out as a question to check if she was awake or talking from her sleep "Yeah do..don't stop I love it.." She said That gave him assurance she was aware of the situation and permission to just go ahead. He removed his palm from her underwear and touched her thighremoving it so he could move and he moved his own thigh instead. He thrusted it between her legs and she welcomed him. He moved to get up so he could lay his body between her legsshe opened them for him and started breathing up. He was now on top of herhe brought his face closercloser and closer...and his alarm went off! He jumped up on his bed and cursed so loud even the birds became terrified. He almost cried coming to realization it was all just a dreama perfect and most beautiful dream he had ever had since he last dreamt of running his own company someday which became true. He was disappointed it was just a dream thoughhe wished it could have been more but he sighed and buried himself back in his sheets after stopping the damn alarm that always managed to cut dreams short. He hated himself for leaving it onon a weekend eventhere was no work on weekends so how did he set an alarm on that day? He was frustrated it cut his perfect close to reality dream. ... He started wondering what kind of feelings were those he had for the girl. He did not understand them but one thing he new was that she made him feel good all the timehe just loved her presenceeverything about her pleased himhe believed even if she were to stab him in cold blood he would still smilethat was a very silly thought and he smiled like a silly kid. He threw the sheets off him and stretched himself before getting out of bed but he felt cold underneathcold from the dampness in his underwearthis made him realize that the dream made him jerk off in his underwearthat must have been very intense. He made it to the shower without hesitationhe wasn't going to gym that day. He was very quick and came back to get dressedhe put on his denims and a t-shirt. He made his bedjust throwing the cover on top to avoid leaving it clumsy and walked out of his room. When he walked past Dawn's bedroom it was opened but he knocked before he enteredthere was no answer so he went in. To his surprise he did not find her in bedthe bed was already made uphe thought she was gone but let out a sigh of relief when he saw the clothes she was wearing on the chair next to the shoe closet. She must have been bathing in the bathroom down the corridorhe breathed out while opening the curtains and the window then he turned around to walk out but met her at the door wrapped in a white towel. He ran out of words and his throat became dryhe was embarrassed about the dream he had about him and her almost about to get it onhe looked down.. "Morning sirI mean Will.." She said "Uh..morning Dawn how did you sleep?" He asked feeling a bit courageous "I slept well thank you" he looked up and found her smiling "Did the wound not give you any headache?" "The pain is still there but it never gave me any headacheits healing" she said "OhI'm glad let me excuse you then" he walked out of her room and closed He went back to the bathroom she used to check if she used the shower because the shower was sensored and he knew sometimes it did not work properlythe water would not stop running and it wasted water he always forgot to call the company who installed this kind of bathroom ware to assist because the problem was not with the plumbing systemhe had tried calling them but they could not fix it. The problem with the sensorit did not work properly. He checked but she had used the bath tub not the shower. His eyes remained running all over the place until they landed on something that caught his attention..she left her bra on the hangernext to it was her wet pantyit was washed. He went closer and first checked for hershe could walk in and find him with her panty in his handsthat would send the wrong message to her. It was clear so he took it and was disappointed when he saw what he saw as he opened it. He looked down with disappointment and felt very badthis was really bad and it meant something was wrong..her panty was tornit was the same she was wearing the first day he saw her on that bednow why would she not change her underwear unless if she didn't have more at all and why was it so torn? He heard the door open in the corridor while he was still busy contemplating this little situation and he quickly put it back to where he found it and walked out of the bathroom. He met her along the corridor making her way back to the bathroom to get her stuffhe thought. He cleared his throat but failed to say anythingit would sound somehow to her ears so he just walked past her to the kitchen to make himself this chamomile tea that he dreamt ofhe smiled when he thought of his dream it felt so real. He just wished she could actually come to him and tell him to put her to sleep at night but that wasn't happening anytime soonshe didn't seem to be interested in him that way and he feared she was afraid of him physicallyshe just didn't seem to trust him at all and it bothered him because he was not what she thought he wasshe thought he was harmful but she was wrong and he was going to make it clear to her. He drank his tea standing and leaning against the counter and threw the cup in the sink when he was done then she walked in dressed in her dirty clothes and ready to leavehe looked up at her.. "Where you going so early?" He asked "I'm going back home" she answered "I'll drop you later don't worry.." "I can't stay I.." He cut in "Look Dawn I don't know what you think of me and how you think I am but I am not harmful okayI'm not as bad as you think I am. Why do you act this way? Is there something you're not telling me Dawn? I mean its none of my business because I don't know you at all but still why do you act so uptight and all jumpy around me?" He asked sounding so worried "I..I know you're not a bad guy I've seen it but I just have to be home because uhm.." "Yes?" He asked in anticipation She said nothingshe just looked down and played with her jacket uncomfortably wringing it over and overshe didn't know what to say to him.. "Okay I will take you home but let's get something to eat first and then you may gowhat do you say?" He asked "Alright.." She agreed He reached for an apple in the fruit bowlwashed it and gave it to hershe smiled and thanked him. He went to his bedroom to get his cap on and got his car keys. He used his ford truck and they left to the mall to have breakfast and when they were done he walked with her to a clothing store. He told her to get new clothesshe looked up at him in amazement thinking she must have been dreaming but she wasn'tshe heard him right. He repeated again and told her to pick whatever she wantedshe followed behind him as he led the way. He started by the lingerie side. She felt embarrassed thinking he must have seen her underwear in the bathroom that was why he decided to take her that side. He looked at her and told her to go ahead. She sighed in excitement and started looking before picking what she loved. ... She came out of the store wearing a huge smile on her facethey walked back to his car and his mood had changed. She spoke but he heard her from a distance because his mind had drifted. He was worried again about where and when he would see her againshe did not even have a cellphone so he could call and check on her whenever he wanted. He felt his heart ache with pain now that he was going to drop her as he had promised.. "Sorry what was that?" He asked "I was saying thank youno one has ever bought me clothes since my mother passed" she smiled and his heart ached more. He felt like he had known her for a very long time. If only she could just stay he would do it all for herhe also didn't know why but he suddenly just loved feeling that way around her.. "Not a problemso how am I going to get hold of you since you don't have a phone?" He asked "I..I don't know" she shrugged her shoulders "Do you mind if I do get you a phonejust somewhere I can contact you?" "Uhmyeah sure you can get me I don't mind" she answered "Let me just drive home and get it for you" she nodded He drove back to his house and left the engine onhe rushed inside to get his old phone. Going back to the living roomhe got his phone too and found dozens of missed callsthe one that caught his attention the most was the one from his brother Frank amongst the many other from Angie.."Oh flip!" he yelled. Fiona's graduation and the family lunch! He just lost track of time while with Dawn and completely forgothe sighed endlessly while walking out. Anyway he got in the car and handed her the phone with his old simhe never really used that phone. She directed him to where she lived and he drove there.. "You live here!" He askedit came as a shock "Yeah I live here.." She got out of the car and he did the same "Th..this place is very dangerous Dawn" "But I grew up hereits not as dangerous as you think" "Really?" He exclaimed and she nodded "Yeah its not dangerousuhm..Willthank you again for everything" she smiled "Not a problemexpect my call" he smiled and watched her walk inside

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