part 7 his downfall

"No I'm not leaving you alonenot like this! I need to get you to a hospital you're hurt!" He shouted and she looked at him without making a sound. Now that was what tortured him the mosther big round beautiful eyes that formed glasses when he sounded scary and she was about to cry.. "I..I just wanna get you to a hospital and if the police get here nowI'm in trouble..please" he pleaded "But I'm fine I don't wanna go to a hospital I hate hospitals!" She screamed "Okayokay then I..I can take you home and uhm get you a first aid kit or somethingplease come with me before these people kill meI jumped a red robot hereplease" She looked at him and looked around herher heart was racing thinking he must have known what she did the day she left his house. Maybe he had been trying to hunt her downshe wanted to confess what she did but the look on his eyes didn't sell him out as one with that kind of intention and motive. She let him take her hand in his and him seeing she could not walk properly and that it was his fault she was limpinghe stopped and swept her off the ground carrying her to his Jaguar. He carefully placed her at the back and slowly drove away before the police arrived. His heart felt like legs walking on egg shellshe was so afraid he almost killed something so precious because of a stupid thing he agreed totrying to please someone he felt nothing for. However he was so glad and way over the moon that he finally found the perfect stranger who made him do crazy thingsthings he admitted to himself too were just absurd and she was right in his car! He adjusted his rear-view mirrorraised his head lifting his neck and looked at it to look at her.. "You okay there?" He asked "I..I'm fine" she answered" "I'm sorry for bumping youI wasn't watching where I was going.." He said "Its okay" He drove in silence until he arrived in his house. After parking his car he opened for her and took her in his arms once moreshe was afraid in the beginning but she ended up wrapping her arm around his neck to hold on to himhow strong he was! She thought to herself and how good he smelled too! ... He walked with her inside and placed her on the couch in his living room. He walked to the laundry in the drawers but didn't find what he was looking for so he went into the chemical pantry next to the laundry looking for his first aid kithe found a small box with a few medical things in it and took it. He went back to the living room and sat at a distance from her.. "Uh..where's the blood coming from?" He asked "From my head" she answered "Alright let us do thiscome" He helped her up and led her to the bathroom in his bedroom with the kit in his hand. He ran warm water in the basin and asked her to remove her hoody..she just looked at him with those eyes again and he looked away.. "I..I just want to wash the wound with this anti-bacteriait will help keep infection away" he said She slowly removed the hoodyit was damp and all red with bloodhe must have hurt herhe thought to himself. She took the whole jacket offremaining with a vest underneath that revealed her perfect shoulders and armsrich creamy caramel skin that he kept his eyes on and felt his throat go dry before he cleared it and closed the taps. He threw in drops of the anti-bacterial liquid and asked her to bow her head so he could wash her but she refused.. "How do I know you don't wanna drown me in there?" She askedleaving Freddy startled and out of words "Drown you? Why would I want to do something like that?" "Because..I..uhm please let me wash myself.." "Ohalright thenyou can use that towel over there" "Can I close the door?" "Sure" He walked out and let her wash herselfhe could not understand why she was thinking all these crazy things about himmaybe he was too scary too. He just needed to loosen up maybe she would know he wasn't as harmful as she thought he washe thought to himself as he stood next to the bathroom door waiting for her to finish so he could place a bandage on her head.. "You good in there?" He asked "I'm fine" she answered His phone rangit was Angie and he moved from the door to go and answer.. "Hey Freddy" "Hey how's it?" "I'm good I'm just missing you" "Oh that's greatI guess I miss you too" he lied "Uhm Freddyis it okay if I tag along my friends tomorrow for a movie?" "Friends? I thought you said you don't have any friends Angie" "I do have friendsI did tell you we only do books not clubbing" "Oh yeah by the way! Totally forgotwhy do you need my permission to tag them along?" "Because I'm gonna use your card Freddy so I just wanted to know if its okay with you.." "Oh yeah uhm..sureits not much of a problem" he shrugged his shoulders not sure if what he was agreeing to was not going to cost him at the end "Really! Thank you Freddy you're such a teddy!" "A teddy?" He asked "Yeah my teddy bear!" she giggled on the phone and he shook his head "Have fun" he said "CoolI love you Freddy" "I know" He dropped and sighedhe put his phone on a charger and went back to his bedroom. He knocked and she openedshe was already drying her head. He cleaned her mess and opened the box again to see what he could use before he bandaged her. He found some ointment but first looked for the woundshe had short hair so it was very easy to find the woundit wasn't that bad thoughjust that her skin was so tender and that was the reason why it bled so much. He used a cotton ball to apply the ointment then wrapped a bandage around her head. She showed him the elbows too and told him her knee hurtwhen he looked her jean was damp on the knee.. "You know what actually? I think you should just take a bath and then I can apply this ointment properly" she looked at him again "I should bath?" "Yeah uhm its fine I'll sit and wait for you in the living room" He ran some water for her and got fresh towels for her from his bathroom closethe showed her whatever she needed to know and walked out. He went back to the living room and put the tv on so he could watch news. He couldn't help but let his heart jump in joy that he made a beautiful mistakeeverything that happened and how he bumped her with his carit was all beautiful it landed the beautiful stranger back into his presence again. He put the volume up and tried to keep his mind on the tv so it wouldn't drift to the young lady in his bathrooma naked lady in his bathroom and it worked. She appeared in the living room when she was done bathing.. "Heyyou done?" He asked "Yeah I put an elastoplast on my knee" "Oh okay and on your elbows?" "Its not so bad on my elbows I just applied the ointmentI..I have to go now" "OhI was hoping you'd stay for supper. Let's go and get something to eatI have no problem you may leave tomorrow.." "I..I can't stay uhmI.." "ListenI don't mind alright. You can stay and I will drop you home tomorrow. Why are you so afraid of meI do not bite for goodness' sake! I was angry when I found you here because you did not get in here the right way but its water under the bridge nowit doesn't matter anymore so please stay" He said

it doesn't matter anymore so please stay" He saidsounding so desperate to get her to believe he was harmless She just looked at him carrying her dirty stained jacket in her arms. He took that as a yes so he went to the bedroom Faith normally used when she was around to find a jacket for her but there was none so he went to his bedroom and got a jacket for her because it was a bit chilly outside. He gave her and when she wore itit looked like a dress on hershe laughed about it and somehow he smiled. ... He asked her to sit on the front seat and relaxshe seemed so uptight. He drove to some restaurant and got supper for the two of them. He also passed by the garage to get some painkillers and snacks then drove back home. They sat down in his large kitchen to have supperthey sat opposite each other on his granite table. He couldn't look away from herhe wanted to see her properly this time and he admitted she was very beautifulher eyes made every fluid in his body collide. When he saw her laugh earlierher smile..his chest got a burning sensation and it sent some running to his spine. He could safely admit that nobody ever made him feel that way before. From that very dayhe found himself doing stupid things because of her.. "You're looking at me" she saidsounding so uncomfortable "What!" He exclaimedsounding so surprised himselfhe was not aware he was starring right at her and not eating his food "You're looking at medid I do something wrong?" She asked "Oh nonot at all I..uhmI was just deep in thoughtsorry" he lied "Ohthank you for this meal its very delicious. I've never eaten this kind of food before" She smiled and her eyes just sparkled. He was begging within himself that she just stopped doing that because it was killing him insidehe felt weak at her smile yet he wanted to see more of ithe was losing it "Not a problemyou can have this food for supper everyday if you want" he smiled "Really?" Her eyes brightened "Yes reallyI don't mind getting it for you" "Thank you sir" she smiled and it warmed his heart "Wilfred for you" "Sorry sir?" "Wilfredmy name is Willfred so you can call me that" he looked at her and she looked down on her plate "Okay" she said looking down They finished eating and he gave her some yogurt with fruit while he made coffee for himself. When she was done she got up and washed his plateshe just sat and watched her. He wanted to stop her because he knew Sheila would take care of things on Monday but he found it pleasant to watch herhe was enjoying her sight. When she was done he gave her water to take her painkillers because he was sure the wound would give her a headache when she slept. They moved to the living room and he gave her the remote to watch whatever she wanted because he was not a tv personthe only reason he sat in front of the tv was news. She looked at him before taking the remote on the tableshe was afraid so he took it and gave her. He got up to the kitchen and placed some potato chips into a big bowl with some other snacks and poured juice for both of them so they could have something to snack on while watching tv. It was still earlier than that day. She seemed comfortable now and so he felt free to speak to her.. "So Dawn if you do not mind me askingwhy did you run from me when I offered to get you to a hospital and why did you say I bumped you on purpose?" He asked "I..I don't know maybe I was just afraid" she crunched a chip and kept her eyes fixed on the tvshe was afraid of questions all her life and she could feel that more were coming from him "OhI understand.." "You stay alone here sir?" She asked trying to distract him from asking her any further "Yes I live alone" "Where is your wife?" "I do not have a wifeyet" "Ohokay" "Please Dawndo not call me sirI'm used to people calling me sir only at work and now I'm at home so please feel free to call me Wilfred or whatever you feel like calling me but my name is definitely not sir" he chuckled and she smiled "Alright thenI..I'll call you Will" "Sounds very much better" he smiled Their eyes went back to the tv and his phone rang againhe got up to check and it was Angie but he ignored her callhe told her not to expect or ask for a lot from him because he did not wanthe had only agreed so he wouldn't hurt her feelings if he said no but clearly she did not understand him. He let it ring the third time againhe expected her to take it he was sleeping and hopefully she got the message and stopped calling him. He removed the phone from the chargerput it on silent and threw it on the table.. "So Dawn you still in school?" He threw himself back on the couch "No not anymore" "Ohwhere do you live and where are your parents?" "I don't have any parents and I'm sorry but I don't like talking about it please" "I understandyou said you are nineteen right?" "Yes" "Alright" "Where do you work?" She asked "I don't workI run my own company" he answered "You run a company! Is it a big building or..?" She asked sounding so lost and confused and he giggled "Don't worry if you do stick around I'll definitely take you there to see" "You'd actually do that?" Her eyes brightened up "Yes" he nodded "I can't wait!" She saidsmiling "I'll be back" he said getting up He went to the bedroom she slept inhe just told himself that that was her bedroom from then on. He removed the old and changed with the new fresh and clean linen. He put the old one in the laundry basket and sprayed air-freshener in the room. He went back and sat next to hershe had her eyes on the tv she was laughing at what she was watching and he just watched hershe was so beautiful! He couldn't let his mind think of anything else better than her. He had never felt that way about any other woman before and definitely not about someone so younghis type of women had always been middle-agedsomewhere closer to his age not nineteen. How did she do thathow did she get him to feel that way without saying or doing anything? He was just loving what he was seeing.. "Why do you keep looking at me like this?" She askedsounding so afraid "Excuse me?" He straightened upsurprised again. He didn't realize his thoughts got him carried away "You're looking at me and its scaring me!" "I..uhmsorry I think we should go and sleepI mean..I'm going to sleep now I'm exhausted.." He was caught outstarring "Oh okay" she got up and waited for him to show her where she would sleep "You may use the bedroom you used the last timegoodnight" he saidso quick and so uncomfortable "Goodnight" she said She walked to the guest bedroom while he remained putting everything off. He sighed and made his way to his bedroom.

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