part 6 his downfall

He drove her to his houseit was kind of awkward because she asked for it when his mind was just not there. He felt a little bit too uncomfortable. They sat in the living room.. "Don't you want something to drink?" He uncomfortably asked "Just juice" she answered "Cool I'll be back" He got up and went to the kitchen to get some juice for both of themhe put the volume a bit up to get a little distraction. He had a drink earlier but he was not drunk this time like the last time so things were a bit different for him.. "So Angie if you do not mind me askingyou still in school?" "Yeah I'm still in school" "Ohdo you realize you're still too young to be hanging around your brother's friends in places with booze and drugs?" "I dohe told me I'm always bottled up indoors and so I need to go out more often because I do not have a lot of friendswe always talk about booksschoolwork and its not interesting anymore" "But school is goodwhy despise it? It is the only way to get where you want to be in life.." "You're wrongit is good but it is not the only way to get to where I wanna beI don't like schoolI'm just going to please my parents" she rolled her eyes "You are something else" he shook his head He moved from where he was sitting and moved closer to her. He took her glass away from her hand and moved his face closer to hers. He looked at her for a while and he just didn't know how that happened but all he saw was Dawn's facehe brushed her cheek with his thumb and kissed the corner of her lips. She held his head closer and rubbed her cheek against his skinhe followed her jaw line and left trails of kisses on it until he got to her neck. He nibbled her neck and moved his hand up under her dresstouching her flesh and she ran her hands on his head. He felt himself grow hard just picturing Dawn's face in all thishe could agree it was totally unnatural but it made him feel goodhe got up and took her hand in hisleading her to his bedroom. He lay her on the bed and got on top of her between her smooth legs. He placed his lips on hers and just felt Dawn's lips in hishe just got a little carried away picturing how perfect her breast was when he saw ithe moved his hands up to her breast and gentle squeezed it with his eyes closedsmoothly rubbing himself against her body. She was moaning softly in his mouthhe swirled his tongue around hers and took it all in his mouth before stopping to look at her chest properly. He let down the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let out her breasts. He cupped her breasts and kissed them around brushing her tits with his thumbshe brought his head closer to her chest again and took them one by one in his mouthshe started moaning holding on to his head. He probably took longer than he was supposed to right there and she complained of him hurting herher tits were very tender and sensitivehe stopped and moved up. He removed his t-shirt and undid his belthe felt like it was taking too long to get it undonehe flicked his tongue in frustration. Finally he made ithe let down his pants together with his underwear and came on back to her. He placed his hands under her dress and let down her underwear. He got a condom on and gently entered"ouch" was all he heard as he slowly moved inside her trying so much to do it the way she wanted but it was just the way it was"sorry"he said to her. She wrapped her arms around his body and asked him to be slowhe obeyed..all he could feel was Dawn's body against his. He kissed her neck and moved faster with his hands on her breastsall she could do was gasp for breathhe lowered his hand underneath and rubbed her smoothly she kind of screamed a bit and pulled him against her but he just stoppedbreathing so heavy and so loud. He got off her and lay next to her looking up at the ceiling after cleaning himself.. "Are you spending the night here?" He asked "I guess I am.." "How do you feel now?" "I..I feel better" "Oh..so uhm..you said only once right?" "Yeah I didFreddy?" "Yes" "Why can't we just datebesides the fact that I'm young?" "Oh Angie I'm not ready to date and I'm going through a lotmy company is in trouble so I don't think I'll give you the kind of attention and affection you're looking forI'm bad for you" "How bad are you? You seem like a nice persondon't make yourself a bad person" "Why do you trust so easily? You'll get hurt when you easily get deceived by the looks" "But you seeyou are a nice personyou even care" "Your opinion.." "So we can't date?" She asked now sounding like an annoying kid asking for something they know very well are not supposed to ask for "Uhm..I really don't know Angiemaybe we can but please don't ask for too much I'm not your type of guy" "Thank you Freddy!" She smiled and threw her arm around himhe forced a smile. Oh boy how was he going to get out of that one? ... Skippy She sat there starring at absolutely nothinghigh and drunk. What she was feelingher lips could never be able to fathom..the loss of her mother and her grandmother then losing her only beloved little cousin sister it was all just too much for her at her ageshe never had a break in her lifeshe cried as she sat hopelessly and she cried even more when she asked herself if ever her life would change someday from what it was. She went to the malls and saw how other kids her age livedshe saw school children everyday and would just wonder what it would feel like back in class. She cried until her fragile ribs could no longer take it anymore. Moments like those for herwould come and go every now and againshe had grown familiar with them but she would never get used to them because each day brought about its own painful challenges for her and it hurtit just hurt..what a coldcold cruel world. Some nights she went to bed on an empty stomach but would not say she was hungry because food wasn't there. She could only say she was hungry when she knew there were means.. "Please don't do this Skippy" pleaded Sly her boyfriend "Whywhy should I not? It is the only thing I'm able to do after all" "It hurts me to see you like this you know" "When will I know and taste the beauty of life too?" She sobbed so bitterly he failed to answer her question.. He walked closer to her and embraced herholding her so dearly and assuring her all would be wellshe found comfort in his arms and closed her eyes then laughed while scrunching her face.. "Hmmyou should get some roll-on!" "I willI couldn't because I bought you vodka instead" he chuckled "I miss Faith so much I feel like a part of me left with her" she started crying again and he held her tighter "You'll find herdon't you know where her brother lives?" "I wish I knew" "But you will find her again I promise I'll help you find her" she nodded and fell asleep in his arms. ... When it was morning Sly woke up and left very early in the darkest hours of morning to go do a nasty job leaving her sleeping. She did not hear him go out and she did not hear him come back. The time she woke up he was busy on the tiny dirty stove trying to make scrambled eggs so he could make her breakfast in bed. She laughed as she stood behind him watching what he was doing.. "Its so good to see you smile like that Skippy" he said while seasoning the eggs with a bit of salt "You don't fail to make me" she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his body "I love you Skippy with all my heart" "I love you too Sly with all I am" she smiled and held him tighter He made tea and placed the eggs and bread in the plate then they sat and ate.. "I did not see you brush your teeth" he chuckled "Oops! Caught out!" She rolled her eyes and chuckled "You're crazy.." They finished eating and she placed some water on the stove with a bigger pot so they could bath. When it was boiling he helped her throw it in a dish and got cold water from outside making it warm and they washed up. He told her maybe he might get a jobhe dropped his cv somewhere and the man he spoke to sounded so promisingshe smiled when hearing thatshe embraced him and he kissed her.. "We need to take it easy on Molly for nowI need the money to print out cv's and for transport too in case I do get a job hey" he said "Alright baby I get you" she smiled "We'll get a better place and leave this place I hate it" "Me too and what will I do when you get a job?" She asked "Whatever you want to do but I will take care of you" "Alright babydid you take your meds?" "Almost forgot! Thanks for reminding meI'm running out of those too. I need to make a plan and get more" "I'll do something too" she said "Thank you baby" he smiled He got his cap on

kissed her on the cheek and left. She wore her jacket and left soon after he didto go and make a plan in case he did not get something out thereshe could get him his meds. ... Freddy It had been six weeks already and things finally looking up for him in his companyhe made up his mind about the forty percent thingeither shares or cash for Anneit was not easy to finally decide because she did say she would make his life miserable once she got the sharesher wish was to leave him dry and broketo see him suffer. The cash again was what he could not afford to give her because he had reserved that money to balance thingssalaries and all in case it became worse so he just couldn't use it. He decided to sell his shares to someone else for a price higher than what Anne knew so he sold his shares to someone else and gave her back her money to get her off his back. She was not impressed because her intentions were to play with his mind and she finally admitted Freddy was a tough oneit wasn't like he did not see ithe saw it too for all the time they spent during those weeks busy arguinghe could see she really wanted to get him into bed with her but he decided to torture her a littleif she still was inshe would most definitely come back but begging for him did not suit his criteria. After selling his shares at a higher price things seemed to be going better than expected because with the remaining balance outside forty percent he managed to cover some patches and all the refunds that were still pendingall was well again and he could now smile. He left Angie back in the house after a good long night of pizzawine and sex. He walked in again with the "good morning sir" anthem annoying him and met somebody he did not know by the corridor busy cleaning.. "Good morning sir" the guy saidshaking in his skin after he had been told the owner was not the kind to mess with "Morningwho are you and what is your job here?" He asked "My name is Slyvester and I'm a..a cleaner sir" he stuttered "I see.." He walked past him and got inside his officesat downopened his laptop and started his dayhe felt really goodhe gave Angie a call.. "Still sleeping?" He asked "Nop I'm making breakfast" she answered "Bunking school again?" "Its Friday baby its no biggie!" "Rightmind popping by for lunch?" He asked "I don't mind.." "Get my card and get us lunchyou can use a cab" "CoolI'll do so" He carried on tapping on his laptop keypad the got a call from Frank.. "What?!" He askedthe sound coming through his teeth "I see you're out!" Exclaimed Frank "If you expected me to rot in there you expected too much" "I was just looking out for youI'm always trying to teach you life" "Hahaha..wowthat's awesome!" Laughed Freddy "Laugh now but one day you will remember my words and you will know what I'm talking aboutyou should learn to humble yourself and accept you are wrong then apologizethis is what life is about Freddy..if you cannot say sorry and thank youyou have no humanity at all" "Whatever Frank are you done lecturing me now? I have work to do" "Dad is back" "So?" "You have to be here tomorrowhere's here because Fiona is graduating so we'll have lunch" "Fine I'll be there" "Will Faith be able to make it?" Asked Frank "Man go to her school and ask I'm very busyget her school details from my mother" "Cool" Fiona was younger than he wasshe was the second wife's younger daughtershe had been in varsity and he was glad she made it that fargraduating evenhe hoped the same for Faith too. ... Angie called to let him know she was on her wayshe had bought lunch. She arrived in twenty minutes with rice and prawns. He moved from his chairasked Daizy to excuse themlocked the door and went to sit on the couch where she was seated and they both had lunch.. "When are you going homeyour brother will start worrying?" He asked "I'm going later" she answered "Alright and the stuff you said you needed?" "I still do.." "What is it?" "Some few toiletriessome cosmetics and a few clothes. I also need to get my hair done tomorrowits Saturday" "Alrightyou've got my card..don't overdo it or we'll be broke!" He warned "I won'tthank you Freddy" she smiled "I won't be with you tomorrow thoughI have to attend to some family lunchmy sister is graduating" " Its okayI'm gonna miss you" "I'll call to check on you" They finished eating lunch and he moved closer to herhe kissed her and made her sit on him. He unzipped his pants enough to let out his shaft and shifted her panty on the side enough to let himself in and she started moaning softly in his ear holding his head against her chest. He nibbled her nipples and started groaning as she moved all so right on himshe bit his ear and swirled her tongue in and around it. He got up with her and gave it to her standing carrying her before making her bend on the corner of his tablepounding her until her legs trembled. He withdrew from her just on time before he came in herthat was one mistake he was not willing to makegetting her pregnant. They cleaned themselves and went back to sit on the couch where she threw her leg and arm around him and fell asleep. He woke her up when it was time to leavehe got his briefcase and drove her home first. He dropped her by the corner but Ray saw him. He came his way but Freddy started his car and sped off. He passed a red robot and before he knew it he heard a sound and stopped his car..he had bumped a person! He slowly got out of his car shaking on his knees and his heart pounding so fasthe did not know if he had killed the person or not because he knew he was speeding like a maniac. He got closer and closer and knelt beside this injured personit was a woman he hit..his heart raced as he slowly got closer to turn her to face up because if she was dead then his life was over... ... He turned her to face up and almost collapsed when he realized who it was..she was bleeding on the foreheadthe blood looked like it was coming up from her head under her hairhe shook her up "Do..oh my God Dawn!" She opened her eyes and when she saw who it wasshe pushed him off her and tried to get uppeople had already gathered to watch..she pushed her way through the crowd and ran limping past the crowd. He found it rather oddshe was hurt and she was runninghe ran after her and got her when she was just about to take a turn.. "Why are you running I need to get you to hospital!" He askedhis voice coated with worry mixed with fearfear he passed a red robot and hit a personnot just any person but a girl who had been torturing him in his dreams "I'm fineI..I don't wanna go to hospital!" She yelled "But you're hurt! Why are you running from me?" He sounded so confused "You did this on purpose!" "What do you mean I did this on purpose?" He asked "Leave me alone!" She yelled


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