part 5 his downfall

Deejay got up and called Angie in. The moment she stepped insideFreddy felt guilty he just looked down so nobody would see how fast his eyes ran from one corner to the otherthreatening to fall out of their sockets. She sat down after Deejay excused them and closed the door. She also didn't know what to sayit felt awkward and worse to know Deejay had probably told Freddy how much she liked himtelling him after he had already done what he did and he was now in jail for it. "I..I guess Deejay has told you.." She shrugged her shoulders and he nodded still looking down "Yeah uhmhe has.." "You hurt me FreddyI didn't expect that from you I've always admired youI.." He cut in.. "It was a mistake AngieI was drunkway too drunk I didn't see what I was doing really.." "I'm trying to believe you but my purity is gone just like thatI had hoped it would be so special but you made it horrible for me" "You really have to believe me because I even left you money thinking you..uhmlet me make it up to you will you? Let us start afresh" "How will you make it up to me? How am I supposed to trust you?" "You can trust me I'm no rapistit was a dunk mistake!" He said so sounding more frustrated " was not my intention to get you arrestedit was Rayhe was hurt when I called him that morning and so he told me to get you arrested" "Oh I seeI don't blame him I'd have done the same with my sister but what about the condomwhat happened to it?" "In case you denied what you didhe told me to keep it as my insurance and evidence" "Oh so where is it now? Do you go around carrying my seed in your bag like really now?" "I flushed it and I've dropped the charges. I hope you have a good life after are a mean personyou can't even say sorry" she got up and turned her back on him "Wait!" He called out but she ignored him and left. ... The comfort of his bed was what he missed the most amongst all the other things he missed. It was cleaned and neatSheila never disappointed. He curled up in a ball in his sheets and closed his eyes to the fresh aroma his sheets yielded. He fell asleep but he tossed and turned the whole night when the torture of the girl on his bed came back again the girlDawn kept flashing through his mind she was all he could see. This was just torturewhere was he ever going to find her? And then there was Angie who liked himshe dropped those charges and he owed herhe had to please hersomething that was not his plan. Oh boyhow was he going to do it? His companythat one was just another topic he did not want to talk abouthe would only see when he got there. He woke up in the morning and washed up then got dressed in his black slim-fit suita white shirt and a maroon tie. He looked for his watch to finish off the look but couldn't find ithe looked for it everywhere including under the bed until he gave up. He admitted he must have lost it at that party. He got his briefcase and walked out finding Sheila in the kitchen already cleaningshe greeted him morning and he responded going ahead with whatever he was doing and that was making himself some coffeehe threw in a shot of Kahlua to shake himself up a bit. He got his briefcase and left in his Jaguar. He arrived and sat in his car for a while before stepping out. He took a deep breath and opened the doorhe felt like turning back and just drive back home but he was bolder than that. He walked in with eyes from one end to the other making him a lot more uneasy. They greeted "good morning sir" but he did not respondhe walked paststraight into his office. Chelsea soon followed and knockedhe let her in and she gave him updates on everything that happened while he was awaythe list of refunds had gone down and he was surprised then he had an appointment with Anne from Cedar Digital the same afternoon.. "Anne? Did she not say she's taking her business elsewhere?" He asked sounding calmer "She must have changed her mind sir" "I seeget everybody in the boardroom for me" "Consider it done sir" She got her things and walked out immediatelyshe gathered everybody to the boardroom and when they were in therehe walked in. He took off his blazer and placed it around his chair.. "I see the way you all look at merapist right? Yeah I was charged with raping charges but that's water under the bridge nowI'm cleared of all the charges. Back to businessI see you've managed to cut down the refund listI'm impressed. What elsethe owner of Cedar is coming through this afternoonI expect the're dismissed" "But sirthere is a lot of things the stuff may want to saypoints they may want to raise. We have been waiting for your input or go ahead" said Mike his general manager "I pay you to take care of that don't I? Your job is to manage now if you've forgotten the meaning of the word I can always get somebody in your place." "Yes sir" "Stay here and hold this meetinggive your own inputlisten to the stuff they want to saypoints they want to raise and do your job. I pay you to decide what's good for this companyto manage and keep it going but if you cannot do that I might as well be the general manager too and do all things myself and you will have no job thenam I right?" "Yes sirmy apologies sir" "Goodyou've got an hour to do so!" "Yes sir" He took his blazer and walked out of the boardroom and went back to his office. He asked Daizy to get him something to eat he was starving then he remained looking in his drawers for his Breitling watch that he couldn't find at home but he couldn't find it too so he gave up trying to find it. He got a call from Faith asking what had happened and he told her he did nothing wrong he just went to a party and thought he had a good time with someone in the same page as he was but things took a very negative turn. She asked how things were now and he told her he was back in control and charges were droppedhe asked how she was coping and she told him she was coming along just fineshe asked him to go and check the old house in case Skippy was there and he promised to go after work. ... Daizy came back with his food and he ate while on the phone with Angie.. "So uhmwhen am I seeing you?" She asked "How's tonight after workare you doing anything?" He sounded calmer but he was dying of frustration withinhe just didn't like the girl that way "Tonight sounds perfect

he just didn't like the girl that way "Tonight sounds perfectwhat time?" "I can pick you up let's sayaround seven..but your brother won't like this" "He won't know!" "Oh okayI it is then" "Coolcan't wait to see you" "Me too" He dropped and flicked his tongue but then thought maybe it couldn't be that bad since he was single. But then again he thought to himselfhe was not searching and definitely not for someone as young as she wasshe was just not his type of girl. She was pretty and all but she was not his type of girl. He just did not want to involve himself in any sort of relationshipthe kind she was looking for. He hated relationships after his last was just a complete mess. He finished eating and stood up to rinse his hands in a basin across his officehis office felt like home away from home. The comfort of his own large dining room right in his office. He got a call from Anne telling him she was on her way and he told her his team had already set up the boardroom in case she came with hers but she told him she needed no boardroom or teamshe agreed to whatever terms she had for him. She arrived after an hour and asked for himChelsea let her through and she made her way into his officeshe clapped her hands as she took a look around his office.. "So this is what Dabula Freight Services is made of! I'm impressed" she saidsounding surprised "Did you have something else in mind perhaps?" He asked "Not at allI mean I've never been here but I didn't picture it this way too.." She exclaimed "Well this is what Dabula Freight Services is made of!" He boasted "I see.." "If you do not mind me askingwhat brings you here because you did not bring your team and you called for no meeting?" He asked "I wanted to see for myself this rude man I spoke to just the other day" she answered and he looked down "I thought we were over that.." "I don't get over things that easilyyou insulted me Dabula.." "And I thought you said you were taking your business elsewherewhat has changed your mind?" "Who says anything about me changing my mind? Like I saidI wanted to come here and see for myself this man who insulted melook him in the eye and then give him a piece of my mind" "Really?" He laughed "Yes really!" "Well go ahead then.." He dared her to but she just looked at him and laughed "Tough huh?" She got up from her seat and moved to where he washe swallowed hard not sure what to make of what she was doingshe came and sat on the corner of his tableputting her leg above the other and threw her hair sidewayssighing too..he just looked at her with his pen between his teeth and failed to say anything.. "You know Dabulaone thing about me is this..I don't take crap from men like you alright!" "Crap huh?" He smiled "I don't take crap from men like you and I definitely hate feeling cheap when it comes to businessto my money do you understand me?" "Go on.." "I think you're missing a point here.."Sir" "And that is?" "When I made a deal with youyou had no sh*t in your accountI brought your silly company to this level where you are right nowI put my hopes in youI brought business your way and now that you think you are at the top of the world you are going to give me a bucket full of vomit as a thank you? I made you Dabula and I can most definitely break youI will make sure no company touches you once I'm done with you" "What do you mean by that?" He sat up straight and loosened his tie with a frown on his face "I'm canceling my contract with you and I demand my forty percent backfailure to give it back will result in me involving my lawyer and once I do that I will claim shares amounting to that money then I will make your life miserable Freddyyou are very rudevery arrogant and unapologetic..I cannot deal with such so what do you choose? My forty percent back in cash or in shares?" "You can't just do that! That's breach of contract!" "What breach of contract? (She laughed) When last did you look at my contract with you Dabula? In case you did not noticethis contract expired two months backI was willing to renew but your attitude has made me change my mindI've been watching youyou are too full of yourself and now you wanna drag my company down to the ground just like yours. I will not take it! You've done this to yourself so face it and do me a favor because I don't have all the timemake your choice so we may all get back to work" "Well I..I need more time t.." "I gave you enough timewe had a deal but you chose to forget all about itI've given you enough timeI want my money or shares backyour've got twenty four hours to make up your mind I have to go.." She moved from the tablegot her bag and leftleaving him worried and losing it. She really put him in a very tight little corner. He wiped his face and murmured a curse before violently flipping his laptop to close. He got his briefcase and left in the middle of the day leaving his staff puzzled. He got in his car and went back home. He removed his shoes and threw himself on his bed falling asleep immediately. He woke up feeling worsehe took a cold shower and changed into his casual clothes. He took his Ford truck for a fixhis window was broken so he needed that to be fixedhe was doing all that to clear his head. He drove all the way to Faith's old house and parked there for almost an hour expecting to see someone go in or out but there was nobody therehe called Faith and let her know he saw nothing because she was hoping he saw Skippy at least. He drove back home and had a drinkjust one after getting a few groceries. ... He called Angie at six thirty and asked her to find him by the corner close to their househe just did not want Ray to see him and he hated every second of ithaving to act like a silly college kid hiding just to see herhe wasn't enjoying any of it. He waited and she came out after a few minutesshe looked and smelled very lovely but he complimented her while looking out the window. She got in his jaguarhe drove to some restaurant at least decent enough for them to talk.. "So how has your day been?" He asked while taking a bite of his roast beef "Its been great and yours?" "Work's been a little hectic but its all good" "Okay" "You enjoying your meal?" He asked "Uhmyeah..thanks" "Not a problem so uhm..Angie I..I need to get a few things straight here you know. I know you like me and all but to be honest with you I don't think this will work" "Oh..why not Freddy?" She asked sounding like she was about to cry " are too young sweetheart and I'm in no right position right now to get into a relationshipyou need to understand that what happened between us was a mistake and for that I am so sorry" "Oh" "Please let me take you back homeI am pretty sure that you will find someone who loves yousomeone your age because you are prettyokay" "Okay" she looked so sad but he stopped himself from feeling sorry for her just to stop her from getting too attached to him "I'm sorry for everything alright" "I understand but please Freddy please give me what you couldn't just this once and I will forget about you.." She pleaded and he just looked at her "Finejust this once you say?" "Yes" "Let's go home then"

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