part 4 his downfall

He got up shaking on his kneeshe held on to the bed and feared what he had just seen with his face starting to get wet from sweat. He moved back and looked at his bed from a distancecould that mean what he was already thinking? She..she was a virgin! Oh noshe was not! Yes she was! He battled with these thoughts in his headhe moved back again tripping and falling because apart from was not watching where he was goingfear too made him lose his balancehe crawled and held on to the door to get uphe ran to his bar and got a bottle of Wellington VOhe opened it and shot it down his throat not stopping until he could feel it burn going down making its way to his intestines. He felt his stomach grumble from the fire it stirred up in thereit came back he could feel it race up straight to his head and he felt hot up in his brain. He closed his eyes and breathed in then out..oh flip he was in trouble! He went back to his bedroom panicking and running out of breath. He looked everywhere for the tissue with the condom he remembered using when he was done but he couldn't find itthat was strange because he did not flush it down the toilet. The only tiny tissue he found was stained with blood and it confirmed she was a virginhe did not realize all those things because she did not say before he touched herhe forgot he never gave her a chance to speak at all. She tried to speakshe tried to tell him to stop and seeing he would not listen she then tried to tell him to take it easy because it hurt but he never paid ny attention to herdeep in it and bent on pleasing himself he tore the poor lady apart but he remembered none of that because he was highhe was drunk. He only remembered how great her ass was and nothing elsehe wiped his face and looked at the sheets again and looked at the money she had not touchedif she was a hooker then she could have taken the money"oh Freddy what have you done?!" He questioned himself within. He removed the linen and staggered to the bathroom to get a bucket with soap water so he could scrub the blood off his mattress. He got a brush and started cleaning the mess with his eyes becoming dark and seeing double. He heard a buzz while he was still busy scrubbinghe went to check who it was and it was the police. His heart almost stopped beating. It wasn't like he had never been on the wrong side of the law beforehe had already been arrested for drunk drivinghe had already been arrested for being found in possession of coketo him it was nothing but this right here could be something. It could be rape and he could go in for a very long timehis reputation was probably going to go down the drain with such news. ... He let them inRay was there with the young lady and the police showed him a warranty of arrest before stating their reasons for cuffing his hands.. "Mr DabulaMiss Angela Jezi right here has laid a charge of sexual harassmentRape against you. You have every right to remain silent as what you say or do right now may be used against you in the court of law. You also have a right to a lawyer and if you cannot afford onethe government will provide you one.." "Trying to get rid of evidence already?" Said one officer who had shot straight inside his house all the way to his bedroom "HeyI..I was just cleaning my bed" answered Freddy with his eyes closinghe was getting drunk "Could have fooled me!" "I need to lock up first and get my keys" pleaded Freddy and they let him lock up and get his keys "Now move it!" The officer pushed him until they got behind their van where they shoved him inside like an animal. They took him out when they arrived at the station and pulled him with the cuffsit hurt he asked them to take it easy.. "When she asked you to take it easy did you listen to her?" The other officer violently slapped him on his cheek with the back of his handhe spat blood right away. He raised his head and looked at the girl but she looked down with tears in her eyes. They pulled him inside and threw him in a cell.. "Its because of dogs like you our little girls end their lives everyday! And dogs like you should be locked up in cages for goodyou don't deserve to live free out there!" Shouted the huge-bellied officer who locked him up before walking away. He tried to sit on the bench in the cell but it fell apart because he was a huge man weighing much from all those muscles he had on him. He just felt week and fell asleep right there. The noise of a button stick pounding on the steel gate of his cell woke him up in the morning. He realized he was in jail and he was not the only one in therethere was some guy who sat at the corner looking like he was losing it. He was sober now and he asked to make a callthe officer told him he had a visitor then let him out and kicked him on the back of his knees and he fell on his butt bouncing and hitting against the gate with the back of his headthey all laughed at him before the officer grabbed him by his t-shirt again pulling him up to where the young girl was. He pushed him inside so violently that he fell and hit the wallthe girl got up so terrified and stood on the corner of the room.. "Don't you worry sweetheart he won't do anything to you nowI'm watching him" said the officer assuring her. She slowly went back to her chair and watched as Freddy tried to balance his way up so he could sit too. He finally sat on the chair and held his face in his hands. He was afraid to look her in the eyes and he didn't know what to say to her.. "I've al..I've always wanted to give myself to the man I loveI kept myself for the man I..I love.." She softly said with a drag in her breath and he remained looking down afraid to raise his headshe continued.. "I just went to that party to be like everyone else to have funI didn't want to go but Ray asked me to go out more to get used to people and placesit was not my plan. I..I was drunk and you took advantage of meI asked you to stopI asked you to stop..!" She cried and he could feel the agony in her voice

I asked you to stop..!" She cried and he could feel the agony in her voiceit came from her guts and he clenched his jaw.. "You've taken it all from me! I asked you to stop.." Her sobs got heavier to bear he ended up raising his head and his eyes met with hers "I..I didn't knowI was drunk. I don't remember everything that happened. Why did you agree to come home with me if you did not want it too?" "I did not know you were going to violate me like thatI did not know you were this heartless you seemed like a good and sweet guy.." She looked in his eyes and her look changed from that crying sad look to angry "I did not know you were a virgin okay and I definitely did not hear you tell me to stop all I know is that you came home with me and I thought you wanted the same" "How could you have heard me tell you to stop when you closed my mouth with your hand and pressed my head against your pillow?!" She shouted so loud his eyes widened "Did I actually do thatI mean if I did then it was because I thought you were a hooker and you loved it?" He asked so puzzled "Yes you didyou raped me and I am no hooker stop calling me that! You are going to rot in jail I've got your semen in that condom and my blood on ityou won't get away with this. You've taken the most precious thing from me and I hate you so muchyou are so mean I hate you..!" She got up and left. He looked down and sighedhe asked the officer to make a call. He showed him the public phone but he had no money on him he had left his wallet back homehe asked for coins and the officer laughed at him. He told the others what Freddy was asking for and they all laughed at him before they gave him the coins. He called Deejay but his phone rang unanswered so he felt he had no other choice but to call his brother Frank before he called his mother who was going to panic a lot. He asked Frank not to tell his mother or their fatherhe agreed and told him he was on his way. When he arrived he was disturbed to learn of the charges Freddy was facing and how young the girl was. "You can be such an idiot at times you know.." Said Frank so furious "You can always save the insults for laterall I need is to get out of here" "All you care about is getting out of hereto go where? And do what? You messed up Freddyyou flipping messed up!" He hit on the table "I should've known that calling you was a waste of time" "Well finecall somebody else thenyour mother or your father for that matter perhaps!" He got up to leave but Freddy stopped him "I'm just under a lot of pressure okay! I could go to jail for a very long time here.." "Won't it be for something you did?" "Come on man what's your problem?!" "You should learn to take responsibility for your actions Freddyyou don't own this ground you walk on..I don't think you even apologized to the poor girlwhen will you learn how to humble yourself when you're wrong?" "I don't need this lecture of yours right nownow is just not the time alright!" "She's only seventeen Freddyseventeen! The same age as Faith!" "And so? She did not look like a seventeen year old to me and she did not look like a virginyou should have seen how she danced then you'd understand. What was she hoping to get or achieve by agreeing to come home with me if she did not wanna have sex with me?" "Listen to yourselfjust listen to yourself! Still arrogant even behind bars. You need to apologize to the girlimagine if it was Faith" "As if you give a damn about her Frankshe just lost her granny and what are you doing to help? Stop..just stop mentioning her name okay! Noware you going to get me out of here or not?" "Not until you apologize to the girl because what you did is disgusting and its wrong on so many levels. If you do not apologize I'm making sure nobody helps you in here little brotherthis time you've gone too far! And about Faithshe will come back home don't act as if you're her saviorwe all have a painful history before some of us swallowed our prides and Dabula children are survivorsshe will survivetough times are the best teacher.." He got up and left him in there. ... He felt so hopeless and defeated as he approached the fifth week behind bars. Frank was doing all thishe made sure he got no bail. He only heard of Faith agreeing to go to boarding schoolbehind bars. Their father sent her to boarding school without remorse for Skippy who had nobody else to look after her. All this his mother told him when she visited himhe had finally called her seeing nobody else wanted to help him. The girl was nowhere to be foundhe tried calling Ray but he heard none of it and told him to stay where he belongedin jail. He was refused bailnothing was clear he didn't know what was going to happen and without Angie nothing could be done except he had to sit in jail and wait until she pitched. She really was punishing him. Deejay came to see himhe came with Angie and asked Freddy to humble himself if he really wanted to go home because he had spoken to Angie and he had managed to soften her up to accept that what Freddy did was a very stupid mistakeonly if she could forgive him and he would make sure he made it up to her. "How did you manage to do that?" Asked Freddy "Well I noticed there's something you can use to your own advantage there" "And that is?" "She likes you but you acted so foolish dudeyou were such a jerk! It was not the first time she saw you even though its your firstshe says she first saw you at Ray's birthday and liked you from thereshe's always seen your pics too on her brother's phone and she just liked you. That's also probably the only reason why she agreed to go home with youbecause she liked you" "Well..Iuhm..really? She's too young to like me don't you think?" Asked Freddy sounding so confused "But you wouldn't have known that would you? You've already made her a woman so you have to deal with it.." "Wellalright then call her in.."


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