part 3 his downfall

"Wait I'm coming" he said that getting off his bed "Where you going?" Asked the lady in the sheets "Just somewherelisten we had a great time okay here's your money so in case I don't come back now my domestic will let you out in the morningwait I don't think she's in tomorrow but you can just press on the buzz to open for yourself" with that he leftleaving a couple of notes on the table next to the bed. He left her in bed and her hearing him talk about money that way she felt like a very cheap and dirty hooker. All she had gone to do in that party was just to have a good timegetting to be treated like a hooker at the end wasn't part of her reasonshe violated her and she cried about itshe regretted going there because now her purity was gone just like that. He got in his cardamn he was still drunk and he was driving crap he almost hit the pole speeding and he knew he was getting a ticket for it pretty soon. Howeverhe arrived and found people already gathered therethe neighbors inside. She was goneshe was dead and Faith cried her lungs out. It was so painful and touching when she started saying things like "mommy left me now its you againwho will be my mother now that you're gone too?" He looked down failing to say anything but just held her so tight against him. He felt so guilty of what he had just done and where he had been. He was busy having a good time while his sister's only parent she was left withwas busy dying and she had nobody else to help herfrom the look of things Skippy was not even there. Faith had been alone with her grandmother dying in her arms. He pressed her head against his chest to comfort herhe was touched indeed. He was even falling asleephe was drunk and highthe sound of people starting to sing woke him up and Faith was no longer in his arms. He looked around the room with blurry eyesthe room full of faces he didn't know and saw Faith in some corner with whom he thought was Skippywith her arms wrapped around her they were both crying. He got his phone from his jacket and called his mother to come because something bad had happened. She came running and probably took over everything from then on. ... Now that her grandmother was gonetheir father suggested she went to a boarding school from there university and demanded that she focused on her studiesher future was in her own hands. It was either she dropped out of school and mourned her late granny just like she did with her late mother who was never going to come back or she picked her self up and moved on with lifefocusing on her education. So she went to boarding school to complete high school. Nobody knew what happened to her cousin Skippy from then on and the house remained unoccupied it looked like a jungle. It seemed nobody too cared about Skippyyet she was also young and needed guidanceFreddy's mother suggested that she moved in with her when Faith did find her so she could look after them both because it never felt right or fair to separate them when they grew up togetherit just didn't feel right to have Faith well-looked after while she was abandoned and forgotten but she was nowhere to be foundhowever Faith had finally accepted her granny was gone and she was perfectly adjusting to the new life even though she felt guilty everyday with Skippy's words ringing in her head that she was selfish. Now Skippy had nobody and was probably alone and hungry wherever she was. She cried herself to sleep every night with a heavy heart not able to picture what Skippy could be going through and how they were ever going to find each other again if she would never find her boyfriend first. ... Skippy "So how much did you make tonight?" Asked her boyfriend "Enough to get us Molly" she smiled and kissed him "Great so what are we waiting for?" He grabbed and pulled her hand leading the way through the dark alley to go get themselves Molly. They went to their guy and got themselves some. They left to his placehe lived in some dark shady place in the ghetto too but it was better than sleeping outsidesomething he grew up doing before he learned it was a dog eat dog world where he had to hurt people to survive. He always told Skippy to be grateful they had a roof over their heads and she agreed. She loved him to bits he was her life and she would do anything he asked just to please himit was the same with him she was his life. What made her love him more was his good hearthe had a good heart he was so loving and caring event with nothing that he had despite the fact he got so angry nobody could control him until he dropped on the floor attacked by epilepsySly suffered from epilepsy. She felt sorry for him when it attacked himhe would just shake violently on the floor and she would always have to slap him a countless times on the face to shake it off or she would throw a bucket of cold water on him if it took longer than usual to go away but he would be fine in her arms. He was her lifeshe was his life and she cared about no one else anymore now that Faith her cousin had deserted her and their grandmother had passedshe cared about no one else but himhe was all she hadshe was all he had. She did so many bad things to survive and sometimes to get him medicationhe was her responsibility he had no one else he grew up in an orphanage and learned to fend for himself at an early ageshe wasn't different..her mother passed when she was ten and she never knew her father. Their grandmother struggled to make ends meet so they could have a better lifeshe tried but the sickness defeated her. They sat on the floor of his dirty back room and popped Molly into their mouths downing it with vodka.. They woke up in each other's arms naked in the morning. He told her just how much he loved her and how she was his lifehe promised to get a proper job so they could have a better life and she would stop what she was doing because her life could be in danger. "I'm going to find a buyer for this watch todaywe can get a lot for it you know and then I will buy you some fried chicken and friesa proper meal tonight what do you think?" He asked playing with her hair "Yeeeyy!! A proper meal tonight!" Her face brightened "Yes for you babyyou did great" "Thank you baby I love you" she kissed him on his cheek "And I love you too baby

still haven't heard from Faith?" "Noplet's just forget about her she made her choice" "But she's still your little cousin" "Who left me when I needed her the mostif you weren't here where would I be?" "At your grandma's house babe" "All alone and starving to death without water without electricity!" She yelled "I'm sorry baby I keep forgettingdon't worry I'm here alright. I love you hey" he smiled brushing her hair back and she smiled looking in his eyes "RightI'm hungry I need to make a snack" "Great idea!" ... Freddy That morning after spending a night at the funeralFreddy got back to his house he threw himself on his bed so exhaustedhe had not gotten a chance to sleep properlyhe was still hung over. He decided not to go anywhere and chose to sleep the entire dayhis workers had to deal with things without him. He called the office asking for no interruptions that had anything to do with work stuff for the day. So he spent the day indoors sleeping and feeling very sick after seeing how miserable Faith had been. He woke up from his bed only later feeling hungry so he made his way to the shower first after taking off his clothes to freshen up he felt dirty and he admitted that he smelled very unpleasant. He wore his track pants and a vest then went to the kitchen to make himself something to eat but there was nothing in the fridge and in the cupboardsmost things were off. He got his car keys and jumped in his car driving out so he could go get a few things but the sound of glasses breaking stopped himit was his window breaking and a hand grabbed him soon after that. He looked up and saw Ray fuming commanding him to get out of the car. Ray was his friend and he had been to the party with him the previous nighthe parked wondering what was going onwondering why he was breaking his window and why he looked so angry. He opened but Ray pulled him out before he could do anything and punched him in his face a countless times before he ducked and fought back. He grabbed Ray by the collar and punched him on the jaw but Ray kicked him on the stomach with his knee and pushed him down. There was a strugglethe men fought for dear lives. Ray got on top of Freddy and wrung his neck.. "I will make sure you pay for what you did you bastard!" He yelled and punched him again "I don't know what you're talking aboutwhat the hell's your problem Ray?" "You raped my sister Freddy how could you do that I thought we were friends man how could you?!" He hit him again totally bashing his face so he could be unrecognizable but Freddy managed to push him off him and crawled to the other side of the car trying to get up "Whoa man! I don't know who you're talking aboutwhat the hell!" "You know exactly what I'm talking aboutthe girl you took home with you last nightAngie that's my sister man! You raped her Freddy..!" "What! She's your sister?! How was I to know she's your sister? I didn't know sh.." "But you raped her!" "I did not r.." "You are going to get what's coming to you!" With that he got in his car and left. Freddy held on to his Ford exclusive trucktrying to get up. He managed to get in and drove back insidehe had no strength to go anywhere anymore. He sat in the car and tried to think about last night's events holding his steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned redhe couldn't remember everything that happened because he had been way too drunk but one thing he knew was that she agreed to go home with him he didn't force herhe remembered whispering in her ear and she agreed. He went back indoors and ordered inhe went to the bathroom and washed his bleeding facehis nose hurt so he got ice from the fridge after taking off his clothes and changing into fresh clothes. How could he have raped herhow? As far as he could remember they had a good time together and he had no clue about her being Ray's sisterall he had seen from afar was one sexy chick wearing so sexy and ready to get downhe asked her to come home with him and she agreednow how could he have raped her? There was a buzzhe checked and it was the delivery guyhe got his meal and went back inside to eat almost losing his appetite. He thought about how they were friends with Raynot best friends though but just friendshe had come to know him through Deejay. He was troubledhe didn't know how he was going to get hold of her because they never exchanged numbers he only got to know now too just from Ray's mouth that her name was Angie he didn't know because they never spoke much as far as he could remember. He thought of calling him because he needed to know why she would say such about him but he thought against it and called Deejay instead.. "Hey Deejay have you spoken to Ray?" "Yeah man what's updid you actually do it?" "No I did notwell not that I can remember" "Well he says she says you raped her and Ray is going to the policeyou're in deep Sh*t man!" "Is he seriously going to go to the police?" "He sounds hell-bent on making you paycall him" "Cool" He sighed and threw his phone on the table next to the bedhe was a bit puzzled to find a couple of notesthe money he had left for her still there and untouchedit bothered him because he had really thought she was a hookerfrom the way she was dressedlittle did he know she was Ray's little sister. Anyway he brushed it aside and started removing the linen from the bed to get fresh sheets because he remembered Sheila did not come on weekends so his linen was not changedhe almost dropped dead on the floor to the sight he saw. His heart started racing when he saw blood stains in the linen and he threw himself on the floor.. "What have I done?!" He held his face in his hands

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