part 2 his downfall

Chelsea his PA walked into his office after he let her in and gave him the report he had asked forshe was shaking in her skin. He carefully looked at her and she looked down not able to move an inch even if her skin itchedshe would never move any part of her body to scratchthat was just how they feared him. He took it from her hand and looked at it while tapping his fingers on the table. "What is this?" He asked "Sir?" "Don't sir me damn it! Don't I pay you to update me on such things?" "I..I'm sorry sir but you were not around that day.." "Am I not just a phone call away?" "Yes you are sir" "And sowhy did you not tell me about this?" He pointed at the report "I.." "Go and get me a list of all the refunds for this weekI thought I spoke to you all about this!" He shouted "Yes you did sir but this had already happened.." "Go and do what I've told you to do and close that flipping door behind youare you still here?!" She ran and almost broke her legs running for dear life out of his office. She closed the door behind her as told and finally breathed out loud... She went back after a few minutes with a list of all the refunds demanded by clients complaining of delays. He snatched the piece of paper from her hand and looked at ithis face wet from sweathis jaw clenched and his fist rolledhe said nothing but told her to get out of his sight. He sat back on his chair and wiped his facethat was a lot of money coming and going backwhat was he going to do now that Cedar Digital was pulling out? He needed to net in a new client but how was he going to do it at such short noticehow was he going to pull it offwhere was he going to find this new client with such dweebs for employees? He just didn't see himself going to his father to ask for help because he would tell him to close down and come join the family business in manufacturing cotton and ostrich skin. It was a good business but it belonged to the family and every move had to be reportedone thing he hated the most. He grew up different from all the otherwith a leading spirita spirit to rule and to dominate. He hated being told what to dohe hated asking for help and he hated being rebuked and correctedhe was too proud to accept he was wrong. He just took after his fathera very proud man who boasted in his riches and precious possessions..his wives who bore him thirteen children. He had livestock back home and dozens of herdsmenhe was proud he fed one too many mouths and he boasted in his own strength. His mother always told him he took after his father but he would get angry at hearing thatit was just the honest truth. ... He took his briefcase and walked out of his officehe passed by the garage to get his car washedgot some take-aways and drove home. It was a bit strangehe even admitted it within himself that it was just strange how he found himself buying for two. When he arrived home he was hopeful he would find that young girl there again but she wasn't. He went to his bedroom to change after washing his face with cold water to cool himself off then he went to the guest bedroom where she slept and just stood there picturing her sleeping there like she wasthe bed was made up but he could still smell her scent as he climbed on that bed resting on it. He didn't know why he had to do that but he did it anyway. He softly rested his head on the pillow where her head washe just closed his eyes and pictured her body sleeping peacefully next to his. Picturing that breast of hers that he sawhe felt himself grow hard but thinking of how young she washe managed to stop himself immediately. He got up from that bed and walked outhe murmured a curse for what he was just doingit wasn't proper it was disgusting how could he have such thoughts about a young girl like thatshe was young for crying out loud. His mind was perverse even he could admit it too but it was just the first time he was experiencing all thatshe was a little pretty girlhe wished she came back so he could just look at her properly but that wasn't happening anytime soonshe never came. He went and threw himself on the couch in his large sitting room and had his meal after warming it up. He turned up the volume watching news. He stood up and went to the kitchen to rinse his plate then poured himself a large glass of apple juice which he gulped down within a couple of seconds and went back to the tv. The house was too quite and emptyit got better when Faithhis little sister was there so he got his phone and gave her a call asking when she would visit and she told him she would only come when her grandmother was well again because she seemed to be getting worse. He asked if they were okay with everything else but she told him they had no food. He got his car keys and left to their place. He picked her and drove to the mini supermarket inside the garage and asked her to pick whatever they neededhe was shocked and kind of disturbed when he saw her pick dozens of sanitary pads. Even he knew that girls needed those but those were just way too much for her. Of course he knew she had a cousin sisterSkippy from her mother's sister who had also passed. He knew she was never home most of the time because she worked part-time late night jobs just so she could provide for them but still those were way too much for them both.. "Are you going to use all of those?" He askedso puzzled "No my grandma needs them" she answered "Your grandma! But..but how come she's too old for those isn't she?" When he asked thatshe burst out in tears and cried he wondered what it was he said that upset her so much "Faith what is itdid I say something wrong maybe?" "Grandma is very sickshe messes herself so she needs those" she cried "Oh mywhat!" "She's very sick" she cried all the more and people started starring "If its that serious then we need to get her to the hospitalwhere's Skippy?" "I don't know where she isI haven't seen her for two days now" "Don't you have her number or somethingshe needs to know I'm taking your granny to the hospital now. She needs professional care if she has gotten to that point of messing herself up and you're way too young to give her that kind of care" "I will tell her when I do see herI know where to find her" "Alrightget what you need let's go" He drove back and they helped each other place her grandmother in his car wrapped in a towelshe had not messed herself up though. Faith told him it only happened at night when they slept because she had no strength to get up from the bedhe felt so sorry for her and hated his father even more. He failed to understand why he abandoned his child that way. She lived a painful life all by herself and he never cared with billions in his pocket. What cruelty! He thought. He drove her to the hospital and she was admitted thereher condition was serious. He asked if she wanted to come home with him or she wanted to go backshe agreed to go with him but asked that he drove back so she could get clothes to changeher bag and uniform because she was still in schoolshe was only seventeen. She could have completed high school but when her mother passed she dropped outgoing backwards with her educationshe only agreed when he and his mother begged her and promised to pay for her fees so she went back to school but she had to repeat a grade. The only reason she refused to move in with him or his mother was his grandmothershe asked who was going to look after her because Skippy was never homeshe asked who was going to look after her because Skippy was never homeif she wasn't doing those late night jobs she was with her boyfriend so who was going to look after grandma she asked them and they let her be. While he waited for her in the car he saw some girl stagger past straight into the tiny house that was situated in the ghettothe house had no fencing or gateit was a little bit dark with dim lightsit was scary. She got insidehe took a guess it could have been her cousin. Two more girls soon followedhe heard some shouting coming from in there and he wanted to go but he stoppedit was none of his business. He just hooted for her to make it snappyhe was even tapping his fingers against the steering wheel waiting so impatiently. She took a while in there and came out looking sad. ... He drove to his house and fortunately there was food for Faith to eatwhat he had bought for the stranger who left him mentally paralyzed. He got a plate and warmed it up for her. When he was done he gave her and poured her some juice. While she ate he got her bags and took them to the guest bedroom she normally usednot the one the girl slept in. He came back and sat next to his sister "Are we going to visit her tomorrow?" "We will visit herI'll make time when you get back from school and I'll take you there" "Thank you" "Where will you find your cousin?" "She knows already I told her" "Was that her?" "Yeah she was drunk and she called me selfish for coming here to stay with you deserting and leaving her alone at a time like this. She said she hates me and hopes she doesn't have to see me again" "She didn't mean thatshe was just drunkdon't mind her" "I hope granny gets better I miss her already" she became sad speaking of her "She will be fine don't you worry" He got up to go and make himself some coffee before going to bed. He grinded his beanspulled a shottampered the coffeeplaced the portafilter into the groupe and ran a shot of espresso then steamed some milk. He mixed his coffeethrew in a teaspoon of brown sugar and stirred. He cleaned up his mess then took his cup and walked to his bedroomhe came back to make sure he put the sensor on after locking everything up because what had happened last night proved it could be easy for him to find dangerous criminals inside his house without them having to break any windows and without the sensor going offhe told her goodnight and left her watching tv. He hated it when his alarm made that noise in the morning but it helped him wake up and do things on time too. He was shocked to find himself sleeping on that bed she slept inin that very same bedroom. He couldn't remember when he moved from his own bedroomif he had taken some whiskey before going to bed he would have definitely blamed it on the alcohol without a doubt but he did not drink any alcohol last night except for the coffee he tookit must have been the caffeine in it that worked up his had to be something he tookthere had to be a reason why he found himself on that bed but there was noneit was all her scent. Her scent drove him crazy he felt closer to her. It was all just too crazy but he used the tub where he guessed she bathed and used the towel she used which smelled of her and took his timehe had even sprained his neck after a sleepless night of tossing and turning thinking about herthis was driving him crazy it needed to stop please! He pleaded within. When he was done he found Faith in the kitchen already making some cereal for them both. He dropped her at school and went to workhe couldn't help but wonder what could be awaiting him there because everyday there seemed to be one crisis or the other. He took a very deep ragged breath before he stepped out of his car. He got his briefcase and a newspaper that he had bought along the way and locked up. He walked straight into his office with an anthem of "good morning sir" voices all the way throughout that he found so annoying every morning and never responded tohe just couldn't wait to get to the handle of his office door. He sat down and opened his laptopflip..his day started just like that! ... Just a few months and his company was a sinking ship and everything was falling apart. It was beyond his control. He took his personal phone and called his friend Deejay.. "What's up Freddychanged your mind already?" "YeahI guess I do need a drink after all" "Lemme send you the address" "Cool" he dropped There was a big after party going on at some basketball arena. He had been invited a week back but he was just not interested. The stress he was dealing with made him think twicehe loved entertainment no doubt but he loved doing it with a partying spirit not because he was stressed because he knew how he got out there. Once he was inhe did not want out and he wanted to grab everything all at once without control. It was all happening tomorrowit was on a Saturday. Faith was back home because her granny was discharged and life went on but he checked on her time to timehis mother too. His father was always busy moving about without care about Faith and nobody bothered to ask himhe in particular never bothered. ... He was already tipsy and feeling good he looked around for something better "This way Freddy!" called Deejay.. "Quality?" He asked "Quality is my middle name!" He shouted amongst the crowd Deejay pulled Freddy's hand and pushed through the crowdfinding their way only with the help of the blue and red flashing lights. He led him to some room away from everybody elsewhere their other friends werewith their scores for the night..the women. They all got up to shake his hand and he did the sameall was good and fun. Tk lay it on the table and pulled a snort up his nose "oh yeah baby!" He shouted and patted Freddy to do it next He lined up his and shot a snort up his nose toothat felt so awesome he screamed "hallelujah!" And they all cracked out a laugh. Everybody else in there took a turn even the womenhe was eyeing one there and he was so taking her home with him. He had more vodka and lots of itthe music getting into his headthey were back in the main attraction to get down. He pulled her closer and bit her ear whispering in it that he was taking her homeshe agreed. She was wearing nothing but a strapless little numberher thighs and all her flesh out in the open that he ran his hands up and down onhe was already hard right there. When he got home he pushed her around the house leading her to his bedroom stuck on her neckshe tried to speak but he covered her mouth with his hand and tore her dress he was drunk as fuck he needed no chit chat so he pushed her on the bed and got a condom on. He turned her over and pounded her little ass mercilessly with his hand pressing her head against the pillowshe begged him to take it easy but he heard none of ithe was already coming.. He collapsed on top of hershe was just quietshe did not like what just happenedshe felt violated and emotionally bruised because she was no hooker. He removed the condomwrapped it in a piece of tissue and threw it on the floor after wiping himself too. He was just about to close his eyes when his phone rang in his jean pockethe ignored for a while but it wouldn't stop ringing so he got up to answerit was Faith.. "Freddygrandma is not breathing..she's not breathing!" She cried on the phone

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