part 10 his downfall

Freddy Freddy had expected thishe knew it was bound to happen and this was what he hated the mostexchanging words with his father. It was a family custom to marry from the family and all of his brothers and sisters who had already married were married to familycousins. This is how Tiger Dabula's family stood..he lawfully had three wives and in total had thirteen children. According to him Faith's mother was just a fling and she happened to fall pregnantthey would just say she was the fourth wife because she had his child but they were never marriedhe had an affair with her but they would not look at it like that because polygamy was normal in their sightit would be okay if he were to marry her but she passed too early before that. From the first wifeFrancina he had seven children. Three boys and four girlsthese were their names: ThomasFrankSi dneyEliseDebraRebecca and Lizzy. From his second wifeJane he had four children. Two boys and two girlsthese were their names: AlfredTrevorFiona and Queen. From his third wifeNatasha he only had Wilfred (Freddy). Then from Ruth (Faith's late mother)he had Faith. He managed them well with the cotton and ostrich skin manufacture and he trained them all at early stages how to do business as soon as they completed tertiary. He hated lazy peoplehe always told them "no food for a lazy person" He also wanted his children to marry within the family to keep family riches enclosed right within the family. They could marry any of their cousins. Any of their aunts and uncle's childrennot anyone from outside and this seemed good and pleasing to his sightnobody disagreed with him even though he married women of his choice. Every one of them followed his madness to bookthey feared him like he was some little godall of them but not Freddy.. "Wow a wife for me!" He laughed "Yes your aunt's daughterPriscilla. She's mature enough now to be your wife and you are going to marry her. She's very smartwell-educated and very beautiful" his father said "Why don't you marry her yourself fatherseeing that you already know so much about her?" "Don't you dare talk to me like that Wilfred!" He warned "I'm doing fine without a wifehow am I disgracing you father? This is not about you! Its about me and I'm saying now that I do not need a wife!" He yelled "If you are doing fine then how do you end up behind bars for raping? Rape Wilfred! What made you do such an abominable thing? You need a wife to keep you together whether you like it or not. You can't refuse everythingfirst you refuse to run the family company now you're refusing to marrywhat is wrong with you?" He asked "Nothing is wrong with me I just don't like the way you treat everybody father. You treat us like you own us.." "I do own youI made you and I did everything for all of youwhy can't you show some appreciationyou in particular?" He shouted "I won't bow to you father I'm sorry" he looked down "You are a curse in this family! Your mother spoilt and ruined youlook at you talking back and raising your voice at me..your siblings respect me but are rotten!" "I will not marry herif you want her so bad go ahead and take her. You do know by now that nobody stops Tiger Dabula even when he wants to get a tenth wife.." He felt his face get hot and his head spin in a secondhis father gave him a hot blow without him seeing it coming. He did not even see what time he got uphe stood in front of him as he leaned back on the couch covered by his father's shadow expecting more blowshe was bleeding from the mouth... "Would you repeat that again.." His father said with his fist still rolled "Please Tiger don't do this" cried his mother coming from the other lounge runningshe had been eavesdropping and heard the argument heat up "Stay out of this Natashalet me handle this boy he thinks he's man enough doesn't he? Let him talk to me like I'm one of his rape victimslet him" he shouted "Please Tiger he.." Pleaded his mother but he cut in "Natasha go and sit downgo! You get up and fight meyou are man enough now aren't you? Fight me then to prove your manhood!" He roared at Freddy but Freddy said nothing with his hands covering his face.. His mother walked away and stood at a distance feeling sorry for her son that she loved too much. She didn't like what she was seeing but she could not interfere when her husband was disciplining his sonwho seemed to be out of hand lately. He grabbed Freddy by his shirt and almost hit him again but he pushed him back on the couchhe was embarrassed at how big his son was yet he wanted to hit him like he used to when he was still twelve. He used to flog all his sons and never spared them the rod but now they were old menthis act was shameful. At his body weight the couch almost brokeFreddy was a very huge man in frame. He looked at him once more.. "You are going to marry Priscillaend of discussion. Now leave I need some privacy with my wife if you do not mind" he said fixing his clothes and going back to sit down Freddy shamefully got up with his tail between his legs and looked at his mother before walking outshe was crying silently as she waved at him. He opened the door and left without touching the food his mother had heartfully prepared. He felt sick in his stomach and hated his father with mighthe could taste the blood in his mouth so he spat before getting in his carspitting blood. ... He got in his car and looked at himself on the mirrorit was bad his mouth was torn. He started his car and rushed home to get ice to freeze the pain. He got home and got an ice-pack from the fridgehe put it on his mouth and answered his ringing phoneit was Angie.. "Hey" "Hey Freddy how you?" "I'm good where are you?" He asked "I'm home" "Get a cab and come" "Alright" she sounded so excited She arrived in a short while and found him busy drinking his scotch whiskeyshe asked what happened to his face and he told her he had a minor incident. He asked her to sit next to him and help him with the ice instead of asking questions. She sat next to him and did just that but he pulled her closer and kissed herhe was really upset and when he was upset like that he would normally just drink himself to sleep if he did not get a hooker but Angie was aroundhe thought. So she had to come and give him what he wantedhe fondled her breasts and licked her neck. He took the ice-pack from her hand and threw it on the tableput his hand under her top and let her breasts out of the bra but she stopped himhe was breathing up so loud with his eyes closed.. "Why what's wrong now?" He askedslowly opening his eyes "I.." He cut in "Shhhplease baby don't do that hmm" he pleaded He kissed her but she told him she was on her periodshe cursed so loud and told her to leave he needed to be alone.. "So that's the only reason you called me?" She asked "Don't start with me!" "You started with meyou called me here" she shouted "Please leave Angie I'm not in the mood for this.." He gulped down his whiskey "So you wanna treat me like a hooker and make it sound okaywell its not okay I'm not okay with that.." "Geez are you gonna start again? I only called you here to have some quality time not this..what do you call this Angie?" "Its not like I'm refusing I'm just not well but you're asking me to leave like I don't matteris that the only thing you care aboutsex not me?" "You know what Angiethings aren't going so great for me right now and I'm under a lot of stress so for you to be whining like thisI really can't deal..go I'll talk to you tomorrowplease leave" She called a cabgot up and left when it was outside. She swore at him before she left and he told her whatever. He took his phone wiping his face and looked at Dawn's number before dialing itmaybe she was not going to answerhe thought. He really needed her presencehe felt calm and normal when he was around her. He dialed her number anyway and to his surprise she answered.. "Hie" he greeted "Hie Will" she answered "How are you?" "I'm fine and how are you?" "I'mI'm fine I uhm..can I come and fetch you?" He desperately asked "Now?" She asked sounding so surprised "Yes please Dawn we..we'll just sit and maybe watch a movie I don't knowwhatever you want" "I'm sorry I can't right nowits late.." "Please.." He begged "I can'tmaybe tomorrow during the day.." She said "Ohuhm..alright thensleep well I'll call you tomorrow" "Alright goodnight" He dropped and threw his phone on the table before getting up to go the bathroom. He had no other choice but jerk off to relieve himself. ... He woke up in the morning feeling very sickhe slept in Dawn's bedroom again. He really didn't want to think about his father's plans for him but he had to because it was happening. He knew Priscilla when the grew uphe hadn't seen her in years nowhe knew she was pretty but he was not marrying her. His father had humiliated him enoughnot anymore. He called the office and told them he would not be inhe had things to sort out. His phone rang and it was his mothershe apologized for what happened last night but he told her it was not her fault. She asked if he had called his brother to apologize and he told her he was going to do it in a second. Freddy had insulted his brother's wife the day he went to the family lunchhe went there already drunk because he could not stand them so he had taken withhis own bottle that he drank along the way arriving late and causing a scene. That was just what happened whenever he got drunkhe lost control and did crazy stuff all the time. Her only mistake was to ask what he wanted to drink as she had been serving everyone drinksthen after noticing how wasted he wasshe brought him water instead of what he asked for. She even tried to help him sit up straight on his chair but he burst out and told her to get her hands off himit was because of cheap skirts like her that he ended up behind bars for rape simple because they could not keep their hands away from him and their legs closed..everybody was in shock with his father present together with his wives because they valued such ceremonies.. graduationsmar riagebirthdays and all..the whole Dabula clan would always be there. His mother had to pull him with Frank's help to his car locking him in there until it was overFrank drove him back to his penthouse and gave him a lecture or two as usual but he was too drunk to even carethat was what happened at the family gathering. They were embarrassed in front of their guests because of him and him telling his mother he was going to apologize was like him telling Angie he loved hersomething that was never going to happen. He never apologized.. He got up from bed and showered after calling Dawn and she agreed when he asked to fetch herhe felt better afterwards. He wore his navy chinos and a maroon short-sleeved shirthe had bought a new watch exactly like the one he hadhe loved it so much and sprayed on his signature fragrancethe scent he wanted "her" to identify him with. His head and face was neathe had just shavenhe looked at himself in the mirror and noddedhe looked good then he walked to the kitchen and made himself something to eat. He drove his jaguar and arrived where he last dropped her. He found her with her friendsthey looked very junkie though..anyway he greeted them and shifted his focus to Dawn. She looked better than the last time he saw her. She was wearing new clean clothes and she looked beautifulvery beautiful with a beautiful body. He could not take his eyes off her as she walked to his car with her friends screaming at the car. She got in and greeted him.. "Hie" she said "Hie Dawnhow have you been?" He asked "I've been fine and you?" "I can't complain muchwhy did you refuse when I asked to come and fetch you last night?" " was late and I was in bed already.." She uncomfortably said "Oh alright I'm sorry I didn't knownow I understand. So where do you wanna go?" He asked but she just looked at him lost without an answer "I meanwhere do you wanna go like mallmovies maybe..?" He asked again "I don't knowanywhere is fine by me" she said So he asked her to put on a seat belt then he started his car and she waved at her friends. He switched his phone off to shut out any interruptions of sortput some music in the car and drove away. He drove out of town and went somewhere far away with her. He could feel her eyes heavy on him as they never spoke much on the road so he lowered the volume and asked if she was okay because she seemed scared.. "You good?" "Where are we going?" She asked "Somewhere you'll likedon't be scared hey" he assured her touching her knee and she felt at ease. He arrived after what seemed like two hours at the place and told her that was where he was taking hershe was so excited. He was familiar with the place and everybody there knew him. They greeted him and welcomed him like he was some big personthey were both given special treatmentshe felt so special and even worse..her heart skipped a beat when he slipped his fingers in hers to hold her hand. He was shaking when he did thathe was just not sure if she would agree or tell him point blank he was old and not supposed to do that but she said nothing. They walked inside together.. "We'll have lunch and then we can go and watch the horses later" he said "Coolthis place is so cool" she said in excitement looking around and above and he smiled "You like it?" "Yes I do I like it wow..!" They walked to where the restaurant wasthey greeted him too and she asked if he was famous or what.. "Maybe I amwho knows?" He boasted smiling "Please tell meplease.." "I will tell you don't worryplease sit" He pulled back the chair for her and she sat then he walked around the table to sit right opposite her. The waiter brought them sparkling water just the way he wanted before putting anything in his mouth. He poured some in his glass and some in hers but she complained of the tastehe laughed and asked for still water for her. She looked at the menu and she told him she didn't know what to order but he told her it was okay he knew what he wanted anyway and what he wanted he knew she was going to love. While they waited for their mealthe waiter brought some startersjuice for the lady and some vodka for him.. "Sorry I just love vodka" he said "You doI do too.." She said taking a sip of her juice "You drink?" "Yes" "Would you like some?" He asked "Uhmyeah I'd love some" she shied away and he called the waiter again to bring some for her too. She shot it down and shook her head to its bitterness and he chuckled. They snacked on their starters which were chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce and roasted corn. Their meals only arrived after a while and they ate without delayshe agreed it was the best she had ever eaten and it pleased him to hear her say so. He got up and excused himself when he saw an argument at some table between the waitress and the people sitting at the table not far from themit was really heatedhe went to investigate and spoke to the people until it was sortedhe then pulled the waitress's hand and led her to the back where he took a while in there before coming back to the table. That left Dawn wondering how that had anything to do with him. He came back when it was sorted and sat with her.. "Sorry about that" he apologized "Its okay" "Dawn.." he gazed into her eyes and cleared his throat "Yes" " look beautiful.." "Th..thank you" she smiledshe was blushing "I mean ityou are beautiful" he repeated "Thank you again" They went back to their meals until they finished and waited for desert.. "What happened to your mouth Will?" She askedthe question popping up unexpected for him "Uh..I don't remember I..I was drunk.." He lied "Ohokay" "Can I ask you something Dawn?" "Uhm..yeah sure" she started feeling uncomfortable because she hated answering questions "I don't mean to upset you or anything but its just a question out of curiosity. How did you end up in my house at that time of the night that dayplease tell me I need to knowwho do you live with in that place..?" He asked and tears just fell from her eyes

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