part 1 his downfall

He looked around before dropping his gunhe noticed it was nothing serious and switched on the lightsfortunately he was wearing his shorts and a t-shirt he was used to going to bed with nothing else but his briefs.. He walked towards the young girl who had a tub of yogurt in her hands and a mouth stuffed with food from his fridgehe was shocked. "What are you doing here?!" he furiously asked but she didn't respondshe just looked at him unable to utter a single word. Her eyes looked into his and he saw them slowly forming glassesshe was ready to cry "Are you going to talk or not? Do you know I can call the cops right now? He asked again but she remained still and mutefailing to even chew and swallow the food that was already in her mouthhe continued.. "How did you even get in here huhthis is trespassing I'm calling the cops.. Her tears dropped from her eyeshe turned around but stopped he didn't know why that happened but he just stopped when he was about to make a move to his bedroom to get his phone. "Please don't call the copsI..I was hungry sir.." She cried and he looked down before turning back to look at her again "How did you get in here?" "Through the window" "And how did you get in from the gate?" "When you got in to park your car sir" He just looked at her and said nothinghe was furious. "Who are you with?" "I'm not with anyone sirI'm alone" "At this time of the night! Where are your parents and where do you stay?" She just remained silent and looked right into his eyes with her big round eyeshe ended up looking down. He got the message she wasn't going to say anything at all to answer his questionhe just sighed.. "How old are you?" "I'm nineteen" "You are too young to be out here at this time of the night and in people's houses do you know that?" "I do" "I hate what you didI hate it! You should have pressed the buzzer and asked for food I'd have done something not thisbreaking into my house I could have shot you for goodness' sake" he shouted "I'm sorry" she looked down "Oh boysit here. I take it you have nowhere else to go too" he asked but she looked down He went over to the kitchen window and closed it then went towards the fridge. There wasn't much in there because he didn't cook muchonly left overs from the take-aways he ordered everyday some stuff had even gone off in there. He took out only what seemed still freshgot a plate and warmed it up. He gave her and while she ate he made some tea for her and sat across the granite table in his spacious kitchenwatching her devour the food like a wild animal. He was even embarrassed himself at what kind of sight that washe was seeing. She drank her tea and when she was done she thanked him. She got up from her chair and said her goodbye thanking and apologizing to him once more. "Where are you going to go because its late?" "I will be fine sir" "I've got so many bedroomsyou can sleep here and you can leave in the morningyou're a girl you're not supposed to be out alone at this time" "Really!" Her face brightened up "I don't mindwhat's your name?" "My name is Dawn" "Lovely name" "Thank you" "Come let me show you where you are going to sleepyou sure you alone?" "I'm alone sir" "The last thing I need is a group of druggies breaking into my house stealing stuff because I'll use my gunyou better warn them" he warned but she looked down He led her to the guest bedroomswitched on the light and showed her the bed "And just in case you wanna baththe bathroom is right over therethe bathroom is right over theretowels and everything else is in theregoodnight" He walked back to his bedroom and locked his door he was very sleepy the alcohol was still in his system. He put the gun back in the drawer and threw himself on his bed falling asleep right away. ... He woke up to his noisy alarm and got of his bed yawning and stretching himself. He hoped in the shower and when he was done he got dressedhe wore his grey suit and unlocked his door to go to the kitchen and made himself some filter coffee. He was ready to walk out and go to work when suddenly he remembered he wasn't alone in the house. Oh flip! He went over to the guest bedroom and knocked but there was no responsehe knocked again and there still was no response so he slowly opened the door. She was snoring lightly sleeping recklessly across the king-sized bed without the sheets onhe walked towards her so he could wake her to tell her he was going to work but the sight he saw left him mentally interrupted a bit. She was lying facing up wearing an underwear and a stringed top which had moved up leaving her flat tummy all bare. She was wearing a cream-white underwear and a fading peach stringed top with the sheets only covering her other thighthe other was outside. Her legs were literally spread and his eyes widened as he swallowed and moved his eyes up to her chest noticing that one of her breasts was outside her tophe stood there frozen just looking at herhe almost dropped the briefcase in his hand but he quickly moved back and hit against the door when he turned "ouch!" He whispered and uttered a curse as he walked out and carefully closed the door. He stood there trying to stop his thoughts but it was too latehe had seen hershe was so damn sexyhe hadn't seen her properly last night. She was so pretty and that breast he saw was just so perfect but he stopped himselfhe knew he wasn't supposed to think such thoughtsshe was just a kida kid he barely knew. While he was busy battling with his thoughts he heard the key go init was his domestic Sheila who came only three times a week to keep his penthouse and clothes clean. He quickly moved away from that bedroom door walking to meet her as she entered.. "Good morning sir" he cleared his throat before responding "Morning uh..there is a guest in the guest bedroomsee what you can do I have to go" with that he uncomfortably walked out and left. He drove to his office and opened his laptoponce he started he never stopped until it was lunch timehe had no time for breakfast he only had one more cup of coffee made by Daizy. He drove out to get some lunch and went back to his office then got the phone to call Cedar Digital again to try and set up an appointment so he could apologize for the poor service lately even though he knew apologizing was not in his genes he was willing to compromisehe was just too keen on proving his father wrong but the woman he had spoken to just the previous day told him she was too busy looking for other service providers.. "What gives you the right to talk to me like that? I don't even know youdoes your boss know you are rude like this?" He angrily asked "In case you have forgottenmy employees represented me and pitched in my absence but now that you are putting my company at risk of losing millions I'm handling things myself. I am the boss and I will talk to you however I wanthow dare you call me rude with my money!" "You know whattake your flipping business elsewhere I don't give a rat's arse! Think I'll beg? Forget it woman..!" "If you weren't planning on begging then why did you call? Sounds to me like you're desperate" "I was just trying to be reasonable but I wasted my breath" he dropped and threw the phone on the table He loosened his tie and laid back on his couch to let his food digest properly. Then the thought of that girl crossed his mindthe way she lay on that bedher skin so smooth and so tenderwell so it seemed. He wouldn't have known what it felt like because he didn't touch her. He got his personal phone and called Sheila asking what happened to the guest but she told him that she left after having breakfast. He asked if she said anything but Sheila told himshe only said goodbye and asked her to thank the man who helped her again. "Did you change the linen in that bedroom?" He asked "No sir I.." "Gooddon't I'll do it myself" "Alright sir"

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