Chapter 7


Bule: “Hey sleeping beauty your breakfast is ready” he says placing a soft kissing on my lips.

I open my eyes and smile as I take a look at this gorgeous man steering at me with his beautiful brown eyes. I swear I could get used to waking up like this every day.  

Me: “Thank you baby you spoil me yazi” I say sitting up straight.

Bule: “You are my woman I need to spoil you everyday”

I smile and get up from the bed and walk to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I must say I really enjoy spending my weekends at Bule’s house he always spoil me rotten. Unlike most man he doesn’t expect me to cook and clean. He knows that’s something I am not good at and he accepts me as I am. What he doesn’t know is that I have taken up cooking lessons and as soon as I am confident with my cooking skills I will be preparing him the best dishes.

Bule: “Damn you sexy baby” he says as I walk back to the room.

I smile and start to cat walk to him you see Bule and I can get it on for the whole day or night if we want too. He is the first man I have meet who can match up to my appetite in the bedroom. I move closer to kiss him before pulling away.

Bule: “Fuck you” he say playfully.

I laugh back with him he knows me very well. We just enjoy teasing each other very well. Lovers like Bule are rare to come across he is the type that become not just your man but your best friend too.

Me: “Baby this looks delicious” I say grabbing my tray from the side table.

Bule: “Not as delicious as you” he says winking at me before going to the bathroom.

I am in love and it scares the hell out of me considering the predicament we find ourselves in. I have promised myself not to worry about it much and just enjoy what we currently have. Who knows if we are lucky his father might outlive all of us and Bule would not have to choose between me and the throne.

Me: “You are the best Bule and I love you so so much”

Bule: “I love you too MaZwane don’t ever forget that. You have my captured my heart and I don’t see a future without you”



Jake: “So is that what you do this days stalk her all day long?” he says walking in my office.

Me: “Who said I am stalking her?” I say locking my phone and putting it back in my pocket.

Jake: “Every time I find you alone you are going through a picture” he says chuckling.

Me: “How was your trip? I missed you bro” I say getting up and giving him a bro hug.

Jake: “My trip was great but your mother and Promise were not happy that you stayed behind. They miss you back home you should make time and go see them”

Me: “Sure I will” I say burying myself in the financial file before me.

Jake is my uncle from my mother’s side and I know he means well but he should know when to quit. My mother and I don’t really see eye to eye because of certain decisions she forced on me and because of her I have to live with the consequences.

Jake: “So tell me about this good Doctor” he says settling on a chair next to mine.

I can’t help but smile by just thinking about her.

Me: “She is an angel on earth Jake. Delicate like a flower. Beautiful intelligent loving and genuine. I swear God don’t make them like that no more” I say rubbing my face slowly.

Jake: “Then walk away before you break her”

I turn and look at him as much as I don’t want to admit it I know Jake is right. I nod at him signaling that I will stay away from her. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your own needs for the person you love.

Jake: “Come let’s go have fun” he says getting up.

I pack up my things and follow Jake before locking the office. I know Jakes type of fun its booze and strip clubs maybe this is the exact destruction I need. 


I am spending the week with my siblings since its school recess the two oceans and Kopano. Kopano is TS’s son and he is only 4 years younger than the twins. Apparently the parents planned some getaway to Mozambique for a week and I am left babysitting the Trio. I must say I really enjoy having them around but they sure leave a dent in my account. Like now we are dinning at V&A Waterfront because Lile did not feel like cooking.

Me: “Lwa and Kopi please stop staring its rude” I say kicking one of them under the table.

They are sitting on the opposite side of me and been looking at whoever is seated behind me intensively. I hope it’s not a girl because I don’t have the energy to be dealing with her parents. They must leave their player tendencies in Limpopo and Johannesburg I don’t want trouble.

Lwa: “You are a girl MaTha you wouldn’t understand”

Kopi: “Nah she wouldn’t bro”

They says causing Lile to laugh. I shake my head and proceed to enjoy enjoying diner in peace.

Lile: “Why don’t you just go over and ask for an autograph really it’s that simple”

Me: “Kante who is it?” I ask without even looking behind me

Now I am curious.

Lwa: “The one and only Cape Town city top goal scorer and player of the year in 3 conservative seasons. My idol”

Kopano: “Mzansi’s own Messie”

Lile: “Ayeye Lwa he must have felt your intensive look piercing through his skin

he must have felt your intensive look piercing through his skin he is now coming over” she says whispering.

Voice: “Good evening” a familiar voice says.

I look up and smile when I see “The soccer player” at least that’s what Precious and I call him we have not even bothered to know his real name. All we know is that he plays soccer and spend a lot of time at the hospital cheering up terminally ill patients.

Me: “Hi”

Soccer player: “Well it’s really nice seeing you outside the hospital Dr Zungu. I just wanted to come by and say hi. I guess I will see you at the hospital tomorrow”

Me: “Unfortunately I am on leave this week. But I will be back next week”

Soccer player: “I bet your patients miss you already. You are the kindest public servant I have ever meet” he says with a smile.

Lile: “She is” she says winking at me.

She is too forward this one. I just don’t understand why Lwa and Kopano are so quite.

Soccer Player: “Well let me leave you guys to enjoy your diner. I just wanted to come and say hi before heading off to camp”

Lile: “Could you please sign an autograph for my brothers please. They idolize you so much they can’t even bring themselves utter a word in your presence” She says passing him 2 clean paper towels.

Lwa clears his throats causing us to laugh it’s almost like someone glued his lips together.

Soccer Player: “Who should I make this to?”

Lwa: “Lwandle P Zungu”

Kopano: “And Kopano Mokoena”

They say so fast it’s even hilarious. I guess they are back from dream land

Soccer player: “Or better yet I can give you 4 VVIP tickets to come to the game tomorrow night. Would that work for you” he says looking at me

Lwa: “MaTha please I will wash all your snickers before I go back home”

Me: “The VVIP tickets please”

Soccer player: “Write me your address and I will have the delivered tomorrow morning since you won’t be at work” he says handing me s pan and a paper towel.

I write down my address and fold it before handing it back to him.

Soccer Player: “I guess I will see all of you tomorrow night after the game. Have a great evening guys” he says with a huge smile before walking away.

Kopano: “Damn MaTha how do you know Oupa friken Mbalula”

Lwa: “Cape Town City’s finest. Jersey number 10”

Oupa Mbalula now I know his name I guess I will no longer refer to him as soccer player how rude.

Lile: “Have you seen her? Even Barack Obama would like to get to know her” she says all dramatic.

This 3 are just crazy I am going to miss them when they go back home. We enjoy our dinner over soccer conversation with Lwa and kopano leading the conversation. I even promised to go buy Cape Town City soccer jerseys for all of us so that we can look the part.



Jake: “What is wrong with you do you know how much money I paid to that girl?” he says obviously pissed.

Me: “You want a refund Jake?”

Jake: “Fuck you”

Well I guess he is really pissed at me. Jake and I went to a strip club to have fun but I couldn’t stop thinking about the good doctor. Worse of all Jake payed some stripper a lot of money to sleep with me and help me forget about Thandiwe but I couldn’t do it. As much as she and I are not dating now sleeping with someone else would feel like I am cheating on her. Especially because I know how I feel about her. So I went to the private room with the stripper and we just sat and talked about everything from the weather to last week’s elections and the current state of economy in the country. I told her to keep the money and tell Jake I slept with her but I guess she can’t be trusted because she told him the truth any way.

Me: “I am sorry Jake I will pay you back the money”

Jake: “You don’t get it do you. It’s not about the money. I couldn’t care less about it”

Me: “Then what is it about?”

Jake: “This one is different AJ you are falling for her and you can’t afford to be falling for anyone right now”

Me: “I think I love her Jake”

Jake: “That’s even worse. You said it yourself she is a delicate flower and she is too soft. Trust me she can’t handle the shit that comes with your life”

Me: “Why do you even care?”

Jake: “Because I know you. You will want to give it all up just for her”

Shit why does love have to be so complicated? I have never thought in my life that I will ever find myself in such a predicament. What do I do now follow my heart or just pray that my feelings for her will just disappear.


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