Chapter 5


I am sitting in this meeting not hearing a word that is being said. My mind is in lalala land playing the kiss that AJ and I shared the other day after having lunch. I don’t know what happened he was dropping me off at the car dealership to collect my car and we were standing there and saying our goodbyes. He pulled me in for a hug and the next thing I know we were sharing a deep passionate kiss. I couldn’t stop myself from receiving him and worse of all I enjoyed the kiss. To say I was embarrassed after that is an understatement I have been avoiding him ever since and it’s been a week now.

Dr. Naidoo: “Maybe Dr. Zungu can take this one” he says bring me back from lalala land.

I look at him and nod I don’t even know what I just agreed to. Whatever it is I will just do it since I can’t let everyone see that I was not even listing. I know Dr. Naidoo knows I was not listing to him all along hence he volunteered me for whatever it is that he volunteered me for. I pay attention to whatever in now being said in the meeting because I don’t want to lose out on what is being said. We stay in the meeting for another hour as people keep asking irrelevant questions.

Dr. Mazibuko: “Thank you for saving us in there for tomorrow Dr. Z I for one need can take my son to the stadium for a soccer match final” he says excitedly as we walk out of the meeting taking my hand in his.

Qolani Mazibuko is a good friend of mine here at work and he is normally my go to guy. We do each other a lot of favors like taking each other’s shifts whenever the need arise.

Me: “So me asking you to go on my behalf is out of the question?” I say playfully.

Qolani: “Like I said friend my son the stadium and the finale game. I can’t trade that for a day at the old age noooo” he says laughing.

Flip Naidoo is just trying to punish me. I attended the last Old age visit on behalf of the hospital last time and it was a traumatic experience. I hated it he knows this very well because I wrote it my report. The hospital has a community outreach program where the send one of us to an old age home in one of the settlements to spend the day with the old people there. Read to them and show them love by just spending quality time with them. The initiative is always done on the first weekend of every months. The idea is that we rotate but it seems I am going there again tomorrow. 

Me: “Enjoy your match tomorrow Q I hope you team losses the match and the damn tittle” I say walking to my office.

I hear him laugh as he walk off to his routine he know I am joking and there are just no hard feelings. I walk back to the ward and do my rounds before taking a walk back to my office. I need to convince Enhle to come with me and I know I have to bribe her with a lot of pampering before she agrees. I take out my phone on my way to the office and decide to call my favorite cousin.

Enhle: “Dr Zungu not a good time right now” she says almost out of breath as she answers her phone.

Me: “I won’t take long may you please accompany me somewhere tomorrow” I say pleadingly.

Enhle: “No ….. no … can’t”

Male voice: “Fuck baby you taste so damn good”

Shit I drop the phone and break into a laughter. Enhle is just crazy how can she answer her phone while she is busy doing the deeds.  There goes my Old age visit partner I guess I am in this all alone how boring.

I drag my feet because for the first time in a very long time I feel the need of having a friend. I just realized how lonely my life is no friend no boyfriend nothing. Just me my job sibling who are thousands of kilometers away from me and a cousin who has a life.

Precious: “You look like you just had your life sucked out of you” she says with her eyes pooped out.

Me: breathing out “Is it that obvious. Phela my life sucks” I say leaning on her desk.

She must be finding all this funny because she is just laughing

Precious: “Your life doesn’t suck girl in fact you have a great life. You are beautiful you have a good paying job you are sexy

you are sexy drives an expensive car and lives in an expensive neighborhood hell you roll in money. Girl your life is a dream most of us envy so stop being dramatic”

Me: “I am not trying to be dramatic Precious. I am very lonely. I can trade all that I have now not to be this lonely. Maybe my mother is right. I must just move back home get a job that side and be closer to my parents siblings grandparents and my uncles with their wives ofcouse” I say in a very sad tone.

I look at her as she give me a pitiful look. She must really think I am ungrateful for all that I have but I am not. I grew up sheltered by my parents did not have many friends and the one friend I had when I was in varsity broke my heart and back stabbed me in a manner that I stopped having friends because I just couldn’t trust anyone. Precious takes my hands in hers and looks me deep in my eyes.

Precious: sighing “Moving back home will not solve anything. You siblings are going to varsity next year and they are going to start a life of their own your mom has your dad your grandmother has your grandfather your uncles have their wives trust me you will still feel as lonely as you do right now. But you can do something to change this whole situation and only you can change it”

Who needs a therapist when you have precious in your life? It’s true education should never be mistaken with intelligence. Prudence is young and has only a matric certificate but the words of wisdom she always share with me leaves me yearning for more teachings from her. She knows life and that’s just something you can’t be taught at school.

Me: “What do you suggest I do?”

Precious: “Leave the nest”

I look at her confused what does she mean leave the nest. I left the nest the day I choose to come and study in Cape Town. A foreign province with the parents miles away.

Precious: “The nest is your comport zone you are not going to make friends meet a man and fall in love while all you do is come to work and go home just to burry yourself on Showmax and Netflix. Have you ever heard of anyone getting married to a man they meet on Netflix or showmax?”

I can’t help but laugh at that question ofcouse I have never had of anyone getting married to a man they meet of showmax and Netflix. Precious is really misplaced in this hospital. HR must just find her a job in Psychology department.

Precious: “Now dismantle the wall and the chains that you have built around you heart. Allow yourself to fall in love.  Have your heart broken it’s only human. How will you know how strong you are if you don’t take the risks. How will you find your soul mate while you keep your heart locked in chains? You are young girls your age have had their hearts broken more than you can say sex. I bet your younger sister has had more boyfriends that you”

I close my eyes and take in all that she has said. Maybe I needed to hear what she just said. How long am I willing to live like this? To be honest loneliness is not a nice feeling to go through.

Me: “I heard you P every single word. Thank you for your wisdom” I say kissing her hands.

Precious: “Now that you heard me maybe you can start with the Greek god who is coming back here right now” she in a whisper and smiles while winking at me.

She lets go of my hands and get back to her work or whatever files that where on her table. I turn to look behind me and notice AJ walking up to the desk. I have been avoiding him like plague in the past week because of the passionate kiss we shared.

AJ: “Good day” he says as he reaches the desk.

Me: “Hi AJ. You can come to my office”

He gives me a puzzled look. Maybe he did not expect me to invite him to my office since I have been avoiding him and his calls the whole week.

AJ: “Ahh eish can I do that after my meeting with John in finance” he says still puzzled.

Shooo I thought he was here to see me. Now I feel like the ground could just open up and swallow me. What an embarrassment.

Me: “Yes after your meeting with John. Precious will tell you if I am in or not” I say before walking away or should I say running away.



I look at her as she hurries away from the desk puzzled. I don’t know what just happened here. I turn my attention to the receptionist in front of me and let her know I have an appointment with John. I guess I will see Thandiwe after my meeting with John. I am surprised she even want to see me since she has been avoiding me. If there is a manual out there on how the female species think I would like to get my hands on it. I make my way to John’s office and try to forget about Thandiwe. This meeting is very important and I need to focus all my attention on it.


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