Chapter 8


I am seating in my office after lunch failing to concentrate on my work I don’t want to be thinking about him but I can’t help myself. I bite my lower lip close my eyes and breathe in as I think about his scent. Oooh God He smelled so good and masculine I found myself drawn to his scent during lunch. I wanted to bury myself in his strong arms and deeply inhale his cologne. What is going on with me really I have never been interested in man since Thapelo. Why does Phumlani have such an effect on me? You see Phumlani is well built you can tell he knows his way around the gym. He is tall darkish in complexation with thick bushy eyebrows and thick lips I can almost taste how juicy they look. He cleans up real good too. He rocked a chiskop trimmed mustache and beard. He reminds me of Fezile Makhanya.  When he smiled I couldn’ help but notice his perfect white teeth and dimples. I open my eyes and shake my head as if I am trying to shake off the thoughts in my mind. I breathe out and try to concentrate on my work. My office line rings and the lady from reception tells me I have a delivery I ask if she can sign for it in bring it to my office of which she oblige. Few minutes later she walks into my office holding a bunch of white flowers a type I have never seen before. She smiles and hands them over to me with a card. I smile back and thank her for bringing them to my office because she did not have to. I put them on my table it’s a good thing they came with a vase because I wouldn’t know where to put them since I don’t own one. I open the card and I smile as I read form it “I am a simple man who doesn’t waste time on meaningless things everything I invest my time on has to align to the grand plan. The flowers I sent I called Gardenia they symbolize the purity and sweetness I see in you every time I look at you. I hope they make you aware of the secrete love that I have for you (not that I want it to be secrete anymore). When you look at them I hope they convey joy that I want to bring in your life and always remind you how lovely I think you are. Mma Mokoena please give me a chance to get to know you and allow yourself to get to know me. If you don’t like what you see after 3 dates I will set you free. Love P. Zungu”

I read the note again my heart and mind are in conflict. I have been hurt before and I am now used to the walls I have built around my heart. What if he hurts me? Am I strong enough to deal with another breakup? Yooo Thapelo really broke my heart. Am I willing to be single for life though? Don’t I deserve some happiness? Like he said if I don’t like what I see in him after 3 dates I can simply walk off. My phone rings snapping me out of my thoughts.

Caller: “I hope you are wrapping up dear we leave the office at exactly 16:30”

I look at the time and notice its 16:00

Me: “I will be ready to leave by then dear”

Thalitha: “ohk dear let me leave you to it”

I hang up and decide to call my mother I want to talk to my princess. I feel guilty that I will get home after she is done with her homework and evening bath. My mother doesn’t answer her phone and I call my dad.

Dad: “Baby girl”

Me: “thobela papa? (Greetings father)

Dad: “agee nunu”

Me: “Papa can I please talk to Ora?”

Dad: “sorry nunu she is not here. She went with your mother to drop Sophy home she was not feeling well and your mother left her phone”

Me: “What is wrong with Aunt Sophi?”

Dad: “she had a running stomach nothing hectic”

Me: “ok Pa please call me back when Ora comes back. I miss her”

My dad laughs “ohk Nunu I will do that”

We continue talking until Thalitha walks in. 

Me: “Pa I have to get back to work now bye. I love you”

Dad: “I love you too Nunu”

Me: “tjo oredi gotsamaya already?”

Thali: “I am done with my work we might as well leave coz I know you did not have much to do today”

Me: “ohk let me pack ge founela Tebogo”

Thali: “wooooooo

serif; font-size: 12pt; mso-ascii-theme-font: major-bidi; mso-hansi-theme-font: major-bidi; mso-bidi-theme-font: major-bidi;'>Thali: “wooooooo these flowers are beautiful friend. What are they called?” she says busy touching them.

Me: “Gardenia or something” I say waiving my right hand.

Thali: “From Shaka Zulu?”

I nod and thalitha laughs and claps her hands once. I finish packing up my things and we make our way to Tebogo’s office before heading off to mall of the north.

I must say the movie was nice I really enjoyed myself. Taraji P Henson is such a great actress. The movie really hit home I mean how many of us wouldn’t want to know what man want? How many frogs must we really kiss before finding our prince charming? I would really want the ability to read man’s mind so that I can know someone’s real intentions with me. Most woman go through a lot of heartache and sleepless night before they find their happily ever after. That’s if they are lucky ka gore not everyone find everlasting happiness. After the movie we decided to have dinner at Panarottis I am a huge fan of their pasta especially the Chicken Milano Fettuccine dish. We are busy enjoying our dinner over a light conversation and laughter when Thali nudges me to look up. I do and I find the waiter serving us standing there looking at me with a bottle of wine.

Me: “Sorry I did not order wine”

Waiter: “It’s from that gentleman over there” he says pointing at I guy that I have never seen before sitting alone.

Me: “ooh sorry Tendai just take it back” I say after reading his name tag because it means a lot when you acknowledge someone who is serving you by their name. 

Tebogo: “Wahlanya bring it here” she says taking the bottle from Tendai.

Tendai: “The gentleman said I should leave the bottle and come back with your numbers sesi” he says looking at me. Kante how much tip did the guy promise him?

Thalitha: “Well Tebogo since Rori doesn’t drink and you decided to take the bottle give him your numbers problem solved”

Tebogo: “Akena bothata nna plus o hot abuti ola and he knows his wines this is a Beyerskloof pinotage” she says writing her cellphone number on a soviet and kissing it to leave a blue lip print of her lip stick.

Me: “Tendai just tell him they are mine so that you can still get whatever big tip he promised you”

He smiles shyly and takes the paper from Tebogo and walks away. We bust into laugher I mean today was just a weird day. First it was Phumla and now this guy. Hai mehlolo erata batho.  We continue to have our dinner with these two drinking wine that was bought with Tebogo’s cellphone numbers. Its 09:30 when we decide to call it a night. I called a cab I know it’s going to cost me a lot but I would not be selfish to make one of these two to drive me home and drive back especially since they had been drinking. It’s a good thing my daughter and I are moving in to our townhouse in town this weekend. At least I know the cab driver we went to school together. Gape we live in dangerous times where people use business such as uber and taxify to target unsuspecting ladies who travel alone at night.

“So you decided to leave without saying goodbye?” a sms from an unknown number.  “Who is this?” I reply. “Thendo the guy from Panarottis” and now where did he get my numbers. Damn Tebogo she gave him my numbers instead of hers how could she? She know I was not interested in him and yet she gave him my numbers. Mxm. “it must be a wrong number sir” I type. “ohk Miss wrong number with the profile pic of the lady who enjoyed the wine have a great evening I will call you tomorrow” . I don’t know why I am entertained this guy I will just ignore him.

“Thanx oupa” I say giving him his fare. “Xap Rori odumedishe bra Sol neh” he says looking at me via the review mirror. “xo batla dumela” I say before closing the door. Bra Sol is my father he couches a community soccer team that’s why he is popular with the boys around here. I walk into the house and find everyone watching TV. I greet the parents and pick my baby up for a hug. I missed her so bad especially because she was not happy with me in the morning when I left.

Ora: “mommy ontletse le eng” I smile and kiss her.

Me: “have you been a good girl”

Ora: “always mommy I got 3 stars at school today”

Me: “that’s my girl I got you something for your lunch box tomorrow now its late say goodbye to mama and papa so we can go sleep” I put her down and she runs to my parents.

Ora: “Good night mama good night papa” she says while hugging and kissing them one by one.

Them: “Good night Princess”

We walk to the bedroom and get into bed. Ora falls asleep while telling about how her day was at school my poor child must have been tired. I am sure she forced herself to stay up because she did not want to sleep without seeing me. I missed her too that is why she is sleeping with me today and not in her bedroom. My phone vibrates indicating I have a message. Another unknown number this one is different. “I hope you enjoyed your movie. Next time ask me to drive you home cabs are not safe anymore Phumla”. Where does he get my number? Is Tebogo on a mission of publishing my numbers? She might as well advertise then on the Bonus review newspaper once. “Where did you get my numbers?” I ask. “I have my ways” not good enough.  “I am blocking you now bye” I say. “if you say so” Mxm I proceed to block him. Another sms comes through “Good night Ma Mokoena I will see you tomorrow. Uhlale uyazi ukuthi thandwa” what? Didn’t I just block his **S? I don’t know why this makes me smile. I should be pissed but I am not. His scent creeps into my mind and I just close my eyes and breath it all in and it was lights out for me. I fall asleep thinking about Phumla and his cologne


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Nonkuh 2019-06-11 14:14:26

Yhuu umntu nguwe Sana. Imagine not dating anyone because an idiot broke your heart 6 years ago. Yhuu ngeke andizi

Nonkuh 2019-06-11 14:14:03

Yhuu umntu nguwe Sana. Imagine not dating anyone because an idiot broke your heart 6 years ago. Yhuu ngeke andizi

Nonkuh 2019-06-11 14:13:54

Yhuu umntu nguwe Sana. Imagine not dating anyone because an idiot broke your heart 6 years ago. Yhuu ngeke andizi