Chapter 7

I really did not expect her to easily agree to a lunch date with me so I have to put my plan B in motion. I pick up my phone and call my Assistant.

Sindy: “Mr Zungu”

Me: “Sindy can you please let me know as soon as my food arrives”

Sindy: “ohk sir I will let you know………oooh the delivery guy just walked in should I send him through to your office?”

Me: “no I am coming”

I switch off my laptop take my wallet and make my way out of the office

Me: “good day my brother How much do I owe you?”

Delivery guy: “just 259 sir”

I give the guy 300 thanked him and told him to keep the change.

Me: “Sindy please let Kwena know that I will be out of the Office I won’t be having lunch with him today but I will be back in time for the conference call with the Germans”

Sindy: “ohk sir enjoy your lunch”

Me: “You too Sindy”

I walk out and walk across the street to have lunch with my Pedi queen who knows maybe soon she will be a Mrs Zungu. I smile at that thought of her being my wife. I great the security lady with the smile and walk into the building. I notice one of the ladies she was sitting with the other day at Nandos and decide to walk to her. She sees me approaching and flashes me a smile. I smile back and greet her.

Me: “Hi can you please help me I am looking for Ms Mokeana”

Her: “Hi she is at the cafeteria I was on my way to join her you can follow me”

I follow her to the cafeteria and I see her seating at a corner table with another lady.

Her: “Rori you have a visitor”

She looks over and frowns

Me: “good day ladies may I join you for lunch I bring food”

Her seated friend: “Since you bring food you feel free to join us”

Rori: “who did you say is here to see me?” she says looking at the friend that I walked in with

Me: “Well Miss Mokoena the mountain decided to come to Mohamed” I said taking a seat close to her. She looked at me like she wasn’t pleased. I guess she is not going to make things any easier for me.

Her friend: “My name is Tebogo and this is Thalitha I take it you know Rorisang. What did you say your name was again sir? I have never seen you around before yesterday”

Me: “ooh forgive my manners ladies my name is Phumlani Zungu” turning to look at Rori “Miss Mokoena I hope after this lunch I will no longer be regarded as a stranger”

She just nod her head and continued eating form her lunch box

her friends did not waste time but decided to dig into the food that I brought luckily it was more than enough for two. I brought full chicken 4 rolls and 2 large packets of chips from Nandos and a 2 litre orange fruit juice. We had lunch over 21 questions from her friends eish my Pedi queen wasn’t much of a talker. I don’t know if that is who she is or I made her uncomfortable. I was really hoping for some privacy with her but her friends were not giving us a chance. I looked at the time and it was 13:45 and I had a conference call at 14:05 otherwise I would stay longer.

Me: “So Miss Mokoena when can I take you out for a proper lunch like I offered?”

Rori: “Eeh Mr……. what did you say your name was again?”

Me: “Phumlani Phumlani Zungu”

Her: “you asked for lunch sir I refused and you forced one on me so I don’t see why you should take me to lunch again”

Tebogo: “Well I am free to join you any day Phumlani plus I want you to teach me Setsulu” damn is she being serious right now firstly I don’t want to have lunch with her secondly its IsiZulu not Setsulu I just smiled at her coz I cannot afford to be rude right now.

Thalitha: “Tebogo the invitation was for Rori not for any of us dear it’s bad enough we eat food that was not meant for us now you want to invite yourself to lunch. Aowa chomi”

All this time I am looking at my Pedi queen who seems not to be interested in the conversation or my invitation. I must say I was really hurt but I am not about to give up on her that easily. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Me: “thanks for the company ladies I have to get back to work now before my boss comes down on me like a ton of bricks enjoy the rest of your day” I say this standing up I look at Rorisang and say “Miss Mokoena I will call you later uhlale umuhle yezwa” I say winking at her and she just nods. Really a nod? That’s all I get.

Her friends: “bye Phumlani”

I must say things didn’t go the way I hoped but I am not about to give up. I will keep trying until she lets me in.

I walk into the office and collect my files that I need for the conference call and head to the boardroom.

Kwena: “Morena osetse otseba batho ga osaja lenna lunch”

Mmmmm? The only word I got there was lunch. Plus he spoke so fast forgetting that Sepedi is Greek to me

Me: “Yebo I lunch be yimndadi ka khulu” he looks at me and laughs ye ye laugh at me mxm.

Kwena: “Hai you must really learn Sepedi fast are you ready”

Me: “I am wena?”

Kwena: “lenna ke ready”

We skype the Germans and start talking business


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