Chapter 6


It has been 2 weeks since I have been at my new job and I am loving every moment. The only challenge I have is this supervisor of mine who can’t take no for an answer. The guy have been persuading me since my first day here and really I am not interested. I have not been with anyone since Thapelo so I won’t get back into the game with a co-worker I really don’t need a man to complicate my life worse of all my boss. I have been stress free for the last 6 years and I am not about to let my guard down now. He must just give up before he makes my time here uncomfortable. The parents are back from the Holiday and I am happy about that because I don’t have to deal with Ora’s drama in the mornings my mother helps her to bath and dress up for school every day. I walk in the kitchen and find Ora eating brown soft porridge just the way we both like it with a dash of vinegar.

Me: “good morning princess where is Mama and Papa” I lean over for a kiss on the forehead.

Ora: “morning mommy they are in the sitting room Papa said he want to watch news”

Me: “Ohk please finish up I will walk you to the gate”

Ora: “mommy I can’t take this bread for skhaftin”

Me: “Bothata?”

Ora: “ba expire today ka 08:30 and nna lunch yaka eka 12:30. So tlabe bo bodile ka lunch”

Huh? Yoo hai  this child is too much see what I mean about being dramatic. I give up. I am not even going to entertain her. I walk away from her and walk to the sitting room to great the parent. I find them sitting on a two sitter couch with my mother resting her head on my father’s chest him having his arms wrapped around her. After 35 years they are still so in love forget about Romeo and Juliet Samson and Delilah this right here is true love and their story deserves a book. Too bad not all of us are meant to be find our true love. Since Christians believe that a woman was created from a man’s rib and therefore we all have our soul mates I believe mine is in prison somewhere serving a life sentence.

Me: “Thobela mama le papa (greetings mom and dad)” I say with a smile

Them: Agee (greetings)

Me: “anything you need from town today Ora and I are about to leave”

Dad: “Don’t worry I will be taking your mother to town today so we will get everything. What time do you knock off so that we can wait for you?”

Me: “I knock off at 16:30 but I am going to the movies with Thalitha no need to wait for me”

Mom: “movies on Tuesday? Why not on Friday when you are not going to work the following day?”

Me: “because its half price on Tuesday mother and on Fridays Thalita normally travels home”

Mom: “ohk enjoy you day Ora come give me kiss” she calls out. Ora comes sulking I guess this is because of the bread issue.

Dad: “What is wrong princess?”

Ora: running to him and throwing herself in his arms “Mommy onyaka keje dijo tsago bola”

What the hell? this child. My parents gives me a questioning look. I guess they want me to explain. I really don’t have time for this. This child is too spoiled man nx. I just shake my head and walk away. I guess the grandparents will walk her to the gate for transport

The taxi ride to work is short and sweet as always we are listening to the sound of the fresh breakfast show on Metro fm. I get to work and great the security lady at the gate. Hai she is full of smiles today.

Me: “Thobela Mmane” (greeting aunty)

Her:  “Agee Rorisang kena le parcela ya gago mo” (greetings Rori I have your parcel here)

What parcel is she talking about?

Me: “ke eng?” (What is it?)

Her: “Aretse tseya otla te ponela yona” (I don’t know take you will see for yourself). She hands me an envelope. Ohk who would drop this with the security and not reception?

Me: “Estwa go mang?” (Who is it from?)

Her: “go abuti yo mongwe ka mo next door” she says pointing at a building opposite ours with big letters written MK IT solutions.

Me: “ke a leboga (Thank you)” I say walking off to the office

Ohk I have never noticed that IT solutions sign before today and why would I receive letters from them?

Alex: “Morning to you too Rori” my annoying supervisor

Me: “good morning sir I am sorry I did not see you there”

Alex: “are you ohk?”

Me: “yes I am thanks for asking sir” I say moving to my office I need to sit down and read the contents of whatever it is in this envelope. My phone rings as I walk into the office.

Me: “Rosirang Mokoena speaking hello”

Caller: laughing “Chesa wena girl phone adequate ereng mo ngwaneng?’

phone adequate ereng mo ngwaneng?’

Me: “good morning to you too Tebogo what can I do for you?”

Tebogo: “I wanted to check if we are still on for the movies later on?”

Me: “yes we are still on Thalitha said we are catching a 16:50 movie”

Tebogo: “Ohk nanas let me get on with my work I have a deadline”

Me: “ohk xap see you later”

I sit down and take a deep breath before opening the envelope. I frown when I see what the content of what is in the envelope. It’s a lunch invite from someone called Phumlani accompanied by a spa voucher. God knows I need the spa treatment but since I don’t know the nigger and I am not about to go on a lunch date with him. Ladies are getting kidnapped and killed all over the country and this stranger wants we to go out to lunch with him mxm. I throw the invite in the bin without the spa voucher obviously and start with what I am paid to do. I am buried in my work when I knock comes through Thalitha walks in and throw herself on a chair next to my table. I can tell she had a really busy day.

Thali: “I want to order lunch anything specific that you want?”

I look at my watch and its 12:45 already where did the time fly to.

Me: “no thank you I have a lunch box dear if the bread is not stale since according to my daughter the expiry date and time is today at 8:30 in the morning ”

Thali: “hhhh?”

Me: “I know right? I did not understand it either. I wonder who taught her to check the expiry date” I say before narrating the events of this morning. She is laughing so hard she is even crying. I

Thali: “ohk let me order kfc are you sure you will be fine with your rotten bread” she says laughing.

I will not answer that mxm she thinks she is funny.

My landline rings before she can use it to call KFC to place an order

Me: “Hello”

Caller: “Good day miss Mokoena I am still waiting for your reply regarding lunch”

Me: “Sorry who am I talking to?”

Caller: “no Phumlani please tell me you received my invite from the security at the gate”

Me: “ooh that invite I received it but in will not be joining you sir”

Phumlani: “oooh can I ask why not?”

Me: “not that I owe you any explanation but I don’t go out with strangers”

Thalita is busy looking at me with curious eyes and raised eyebrows.

Phumlani: “Aouch you wound me what can I do to make sure that we move beyond being strangers” he sounds dramatic shem.

Me: “nothing really sir”

Phumlani: “ohk if Mohamed cannot go to the mountain the mountain will have to come to Mohamed any preference?” whatever that means

Me: “abuti bona I said I am not interested”

Phumlani: “Miss Mokoena I did not get to be where I am by taking no as an answer at first response. I will see you in few minutes”

Mxm I hang off the phone and shake my head.

Thali: “now?”

Me: “some guy invited me for lunch and he doesn’t want to take no for answer”

Thali: “ooow thata wena girl is he at least hot?”

Me: “that’s the thing I don’t even know him I don’t know what he looks like he just left an invite with a spa voucher with the security lady. Apparently he works at the IT solutions next door”

Thali: “mmmm brothers omo techno savvy”

Me: “Mxm I don’t have time to entertain him. Are you still ordering food?”

Thali: “Hai its late let walk to the cafeteria and see what I can get there. Grab your expired lunch box and we will sit at cafeteria and eat there”

Me: “ha ha ha very funny” I say sarcastically.

She is actually laughing. I will regret telling her about Ora’s drama today. I won’t hear the end of it. I switched off my laptop and we take a walk to the cafeteria with Thalitha making jokes about my “stale” bread.


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