Chapter 4

It’s been a week since Ora’s birthday party and today I am starting a new chapter in my life. It’s Monday the 1st of August and I am starting my first day at work. It really has not been easy for me getting here. My life plans and goals changed after Ora was conceived but I have no regrets really. I cannot imagine my life without her she is my life and I live for her.

Me: “Nana tsoga you have to get ready for school”

Ora: “aowa mommy I don’t want to go to school today please its cold” the drama queen cries out.

Me: “you have to go to school Ora don’t you want to be a Dr like TS” I say pulling off the blanket.

Ora: she giggle “no mommy TS is not a real Dr. He just has the tittle but he cannot heal anyone”. Smarty pants Mxm.

ME: “ohk how will you heal animals if you don’t want to go to school?”

Ora: “ohk mommy I will go to school”.

We walk to the bathroom and take a bath and get dressed in our room. I pack a lunch box for both of us the parents are on a holiday it must be nice owning a business watseba.  I accompany Ora to the gate to wait for her transport and I take a taxi to town. I get to work and I am welcomed warmly and I already feel at home I make friends with Thalitha and Tebogo. Tebogo has been here for 2 years now and Thalitha is her first day as well but she is in the communication division. We make our way to library gardens for lunch after the two ladies convinced me to abandon my lunch box because we need to celebrate our entrance into the working space mxm pushovers. They seem like nice ladies and I enjoy their company.

Thalitha: “Rori do you know that guy in a navy blue suite?” she ask pointing her middle finger at me

Tebogo and I look over to see who she is talking about.

Me: No I don’t why do you ask?

Thali: well u brother has been eying you since we set here.

Tebogo: “are you sure he has been staring at her?”

Thali: “kere since we walk in here”

Me: “you must be mistaken I am sure he is not eying me coz I have never seen him before in my life”

Tebogo: “Hai Thali how can you tell he is looking at her since he is looking at our direction he could be looking at any of us you know”

Yoo hai the brother has really been staring at me and that makes me uncomfortable I wonder if he thinks he knows me from somewhere. Well I choose to ignore him and continue talking and laughing with Thalitha and Tebogo these two are really funny and I enjoy their company. We walk back to the office at exactly 13:50 and I bury myself in work. Being a new employee is really not easy especially in our division because you must know the company in and out and familiarize yourself with all that’s need to be known about the business. How else would you be a good business analyst if you are lacking knowledge of the business itself?

Thali: “Mogirl nna I am off now I will see you tomorrow neh”

Me: I look at the time and realize its 16:30 already and I start parking my thing “ohk Thali safe trip”

Thali: “don’t you want me to drop you off at the Taxi rank?”

Me: “no thank you I want to pass by the store to get few things maybe next time”

Thali: “ohk bye

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 I say my good byes and make my way to the Shoprite for few things and then to the taxis. I arrive home and find my bundle of joy playing Dr with her vet hospital set from Thuso. I stand by the door looking at her and smiling to myself. I can’t imagine my life without her really.

Ora: “hi mommy how was your first day at work? Did you make new friends? And do you have a big office like TS?” she says with too much excitement

Me: “my day was good princess I just missed you. I did make new friend but my office is not big at all come give mommy a hug”

She comes running and I pick her up and kiss her and hold on to her for a tight hug.

Ora: “ooooo mommy that’s too tight I can’t breathe.”

Me: “sorry baby where is aunt sophy”

Ora: “She is at the back feeding Papa’s dogs”

Me: “Papa’s dogs I thought they were your dogs?” I ask a little confused

Ora: “I disowned them mommy because they tore my favorite shoes I loved those shoes mommy I really did”

Me: “oooh I didn’t know” I say this shaking my head walking to my bedroom. My Ora can really be dramatic shem. She has this strong loves for animals I don’t even understand where it comes from. When she was 5 she cried for my dad to buy her puppies and promised to look after them just because he can’t say no to her she got her puppies. My dad spoils Ora rotten she gets everything that she wants. She calls my dad Papa and calls my mother mama while I am mommy. I walk to the back to let Aunt Sophy know that I am back and she can leave. She is our house executive and has been working for my parents for as long as I can remember. She is more of a family than a helper.

Ora: mommy can I please borrow your phone?

Me: why baby?

Ora: I want to call TP it’s his birthday today

Ooooh flip I forgot my own little brother’s birthday and I am reminded by a 6 year old. I take out my phone n video call Tshepang.

TP: finally my only sister and niece calls

He says with a smile

Ora: happy birth malome (she says blowing kisses at him)

Me: happy birthday little bro

TP: My gift hasn’t arrived yet I take it will be as late as the call that I am getting I know Cape Town is far so I take its still on its way

Yoo now I see where Ora gets her dramatics from aowa banna Tshepang.

Ora: Giggling “I drew a beautiful card for you and placed it in your room TP”

TP: thank you my princess I know you would never disappoint.

Me: I will transfer you money bby bro and you can buy whatever you want for yourself neh?

TP: well you are working now so please make those zeros worth my while.

Me: I will see what I can do. So how are you celebrating?

TP: nothing interesting going to dinner with your mom and dad. You know the whole idea of studying so far from home was to get away from them but here they are.

We laugh and continue talking to Tshepang for a while. Tshepang is my little brother and he is doing his first year at UCT. My parents only have 3 kids Thuso being a first born me being a second born and Tshepang the last. After the call I walk to the bathroom to pour water for the princess to bath while I cook. I asked aunt Sophy not to cook for us since my parents are away and she can knock off early. We eat dinner while Ora talks about her teacher and friends as school. Then we are off to bed. Before I go to sleep I notice I missed a call from a number I don’t know. I decide not to call it back if it’s important they will call again.


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