Chapter 2

I am woken up by a loud banging on the door. Damn what time is it. I barely slept last night. The two ladies were having trouble keeping up I made sure they worked for every penny paid to them. “I am coming just stop banging the door like a prison warder I did not leave prison to be woken like an inmate” I shout removing one of the ladies head from my chest. Mxm she is too comfortable cuddling like we are lovers. They should wake up and leave already. “Damn you look like you had a rough night I feel for the poor ladies” Simon says pushing his way in. “What time is it and aren’t you supposed to be eating breakfast in bed or something” I ask yawning. “Its late ndoda didn’t you used to wake up at 4 am in Alcatraz?” ooooh really? What would he know about Alcatraz? the prison I was in was more like Sun City than Alcatraz as he puts it. But the special holiday treatment was not for all of us. I was lucky really because there is nothing money cannot buy in this country. Simon woke the ladies up nicely and asked them to leave. Apparently payment was done via EFT before they showed up yah things have really changed out here. Prostitutes are paid via EFT I am told its for safety reasons one they don’t feel safe carry a lot of cash I don’t even want to know how much they were paid and two some customers runaway without paying. That is just not fair. We need to respect each other’s trade I mean how would you feel if someone used your services and refused to pay up after? Other professionals would threaten legal action because the law is on their side while this profession (prostitution) is not even recognized by the law. “What time is my stuff getting here?” I ask. “They should be arriving any time from now” he says checking his watch. “Ohk I need a shower please order us some breakfast while you are at it. I am famished” I say walking to the bathroom. I take a quick shower and I swear that’s just what the doctor ordered my body sure needed this after the rough night I had.

I walk back to find Simon on the phone. I assume he is talking to his wife because he is all soft and humble and he is all about smiles. Mxm pussy whipped ass. I search through a bag that he brought with him and pull out a pair of blue jeans blue golf shirt and white snickers. Simon knows my taste very well that why I trust him to organize things for me. “Mfwethu your toys are over there” he says pointing his finger at a large box next to the table. The stuff must have arrived when I was still in the shower. “Wow finally now I can start working” I say with a smile on my face. I open the box and take out the laptop cellphone and some discs that are in the box. I pluck in the laptop and switch it on. I am busy installing some software and coding. You should know that computers are my specialty. I can easily hack into any system I want to. I am the best hacker in the game even if I say so myself. “Are you sure you still know what you are doing?” he asks leaning in behind my back. “Ungazo ngi jwayela this is like riding a bicycle it doesn’t matter how long you take not riding. Maybe if you stop breathing down my neck I will finish here fast” I say without looking at him. He chuckles and walks away. Wise move I can now easily concentrate on what I am doing. There is a knock on the door Sy and I look at each other before he asks who is it? “Room service sir” a voice responds on the other side. I shift my attention back to my computer screen as Sy opens the door and accept the breakfast. I am very hungry but I am in the zone damn I missed my “toys”. I am done with installing and coding after two hours and half I did not even hear Simon leave. I must have been really in the zone it’s a good thing he understands that once I start working I become oblivious of my surrounding.

I decide to hack into the cameras system of the hotel to test it out and boy it works like wonder. I get up and help myself to the breakfast or should I say what remains of it. Simon can eat the whole cow should he be given a chance. “Did you win?” that how he answers his phone. “Who am I huh?” “Uyinja ndoda you are the man. Let me wrap few things here I will see you in an hour” he says. “Cool” I reply before hanging up. I decide to leave the place khe ngishaywe wu moya. I ask the man at reception to call me a cab and to take me to the mall to buy some few things before I leave. I decided that I would be relocating there is honestly nothing for me here anymore just painful memories that I want to leave behind. Simon bought me some IT company in Limpopo that was about to shut down I want to rebuild my life far from this place. I know you are probably asking yourself how I ended up in prison and what was I sentenced for. But that is a story for another day all you need to know is that I did not kill rape or steal I was just in a wrong place at a wrong time with the wrong crowed. I have been here for 40 min and I need to head back to the hotel before Simon comes back he did say he will be there in an hours’ time. I decide to call him to pass by the mall and pick me up. “I am on my way mfwethu nguya fika manje ao” I laugh this guys has no phone manners shem. “bengithi uzongithola ngase Pavillion ao” I say. “ohk ngiyafika ke please order us some lunch while you are at it” this man doesn’t his wife feed him? “Ku lungile ke uzongithola ngase Spur” we say our goodbyes and hang up. I walk into the restaurant and order some food for two. Decided to google Polokwane while I wait for Sy and the food. I learn some interesting things about the province I really did not know much about it. I just want to be far from this place.

“bengakwazi ukithi ubuyile were you not supposed to spend like 25 years inside?” I know that voice she better leave me alone coz I am not in the mood to deal with her. See why I need to relocate my unpleasant past is everywhere. “Phumla ngi khuluma nawe” she says. I look up and I must say she is still as beautiful as ever but I bet she is still a heatless gold digging whore. “Zinzi leave me alone please. It can’t be that difficult you did it for the past 4 years so move along” I say looking at her in the eye. She smirks and rubs her big belly and walks off I wonder why Sy never told me that she is pregnant. Mxm. I take a deep breath decides to search for a plan ticket online. I am leaving as soon as tomorrow. Simon will have to understand. The plan was for me to move after a week but I can’t be in this place anymore. At least a house has already been bought for me that side. I will use the week to sight see before starting at the company. 


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Sinovuyo 2019-06-30 16:03:43

It seems like a really good story and quiet different from what i have red.

Nonkuh 2019-06-11 10:17:04

Interesting story. Really interested to know why you were in jail.