Chapter 10


I am so frustrated right now. The taxis in Seshego are on strike because they don’t want the leeto bus project. Of all days they could have chosen to strike it had to be today. I am on the verge of tears right now because I have a very important presentation at 10:00 for board members and I can’t afford not going to work. It would have been better if my dad was here because he would drive me to work but since its school holidays they left with Ora to visit the favorite uncle Thuso in Joburg. I could have moved in to my town house by now and I would not be having this issues but the renovations were not yet done and I had to wait for next month before moving in. I am lost in my thoughts and going crazy when my phone rings. Its Phumla we have been chatting and communicating over the phone since that night he managed to unblock himself. We have been on a few dates too but nothing is official yet.

Me: “Phumlani”

Him: “Morning ma Mokoena unjani”

Me: “Xap and you”

Him: “You don’t sound xap what is wrong?”

I take a deep breath trying to hold in the tears but I fail. I guess he can hear from my sniffing that I am crying. I hear him sigh.

Him: “baby talk to me ungiphula intliziyo mawukhala” I explain to him my transport predicament in between the sniffing. I know you all think I am a cry baby but I am not. I am frustrated because I have ran out of all options and Alex would not understand especially because of the presentation that I need to do today. Luckily Phumla says he will come and fetch me. In fact this is what he said to me “is that why you are crying? Why didn’t you just call me to come and get you? Send me your location ngise ndleleni baby unga khali”. After 20 minutes I receive a text from Phumla saying he is outside. I grab my bag and apple and run out. I see him parked 2 houses away leaning against his car. Did I tell you guys how yummy Phumla is? I have never seen him wearing shorts before he has beautiful legs papa!!!. I wonder why he is dressed like that though is he not going to work today?. He is rocking grey track short back snickers and black v shaped t-shirt that exposes his sexy toned body structure with a gray cap.  I see few of my neighbors looking at him and drooling. Eish bo marata helele.  He walks towards me and smiles exposing his perfect white teeth and dimples ooh Jesus take me now.

The closer he gets the more I can smell his hypnotic scent and thank God he pulls me in for a hug and I close my eyes and take in the smell. “hi” he says and kisses me on my right chick. “hi” I say blushing with a smile on my face. Thank God I am not too light I swear I would have turned pink by now. He opens the door to his blue BMW M5 and I slide in. he moves to his side and gets in.

serif; font-size: 12pt; mso-ascii-theme-font: major-bidi; mso-hansi-theme-font: major-bidi; mso-bidi-theme-font: major-bidi;'>Phumlani: “Za kwami uthi why ungangi founelanga ngizoku landa?” he says as he drives off

Me: “Bekele frustrated with my mind all over the place”

Phumlani: “So you thought it’s better to cry?”

Me: “Be ke salle” I say looking out the window.

Phumlani: “If you say so” he says laughing

Me: “are you on leave” trying to change the topic

Phumlani: “No working from home”

Me: “Wow your boss is an understanding person neh”

Phumlani: “yep very understanding” why is his smiling like that vele. He drives me to work while we hold a light conversation. I must say Phumla is very smart and I always learn a thing or two from the conversations we have. He is fun to hang around too.

Him: “What time must I fetch you?” he says parking next to our gate it’s funny that he is dropping me next to his work place yet he is working from home. I hope he did not lie to his boss that he is sick or something.

Me: “I will call you after lunch to let you know”

Him: “Ohk baby enjoy your day. Uya thandwa neh”

Me: “thanks for the ride” I say getting out of the car I am not going to entertain that ‘uya thandwa neh’ line. I am only 15 minutes late it could have been worse coz I almost didn’t make it. At least my presentation is only at 10:00 meaning I have more than an hour to do final preparations. 

Its now 09:50 and board members start making their way into the boardroom. I am so nervous right now at least Alex went through my presentation first and gave it a go ahead after recommending few changes. He says I am ready to do this but I am not sure really. Public speaking was never my strongest point. I see our CEO and few head of departments making their way in and sitting down. The laptop has already been setup and all documents are placed on the table next to each chair so that the attendees can peruse. I am busy talking to Alex when I notice a familiar face. Noooo what is he doing here? Is the world really that small that he had to be a board member in the company that I work in? Now I am nervous


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