Chapter 1

I can’t believe I am standing here today outside of this four walls it sure feels like a dream. I have dreamed about this day since the first night I spent in this hell hole but I did not even once believe it would come true. “It’s all right Phumla it’s all over now” he says patting my back. I am down on my knees crying because I still can’t believe that this day is finally here.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was afraid to wake up and be told it was all a dream. But I am here now and I am really free the rain that falls on my back reminds me that it all real and I am not dreaming. I slowly get up and take in a deep breath. I don’t want to look back so I just walk on I will definitely do anything in my power not to find myself back here again.

My name is Phumlani Ndlovu I am 30 years old and today marks the day of my rebirth. Today is the day my life takes a turn for the better today is the day I become a free man. I get into the back of the car and Simon is looking with worry and concern in his eyes. “Are you ohk ndoda?” he ask as he takes a sit next to me at the back. “Ngi right Sy and thank you very much for everything I don’t think I would have survived my time here if you also choose to turn you back on me like everyone else.” He nods and asks the driver to drive to a hotel.

I asked him to book me into a hotel because I don’t want to go home. In fact I doubt I still have a home. Simon wanted to take me in but I just did not want to inconvenience his family I understand that he has a young wife now and I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable in her own home. We all know how people sometimes feel awkward around former convicts plus the guy has already done more for me. “We are here mfwethu” Sy says. I was not even aware that we are parked in front of the hotel. I take a deep breath “Can you please give me 5 more minutes?” I ask. “Sho you will find me inside when you are ready” he says walking out after patting my back.

serif; font-size: 12pt; mso-ascii-theme-font: major-bidi; mso-hansi-theme-font: major-bidi; mso-bidi-theme-font: major-bidi;'>I close my eyes as soon as the car door closes. I say a prayer thanking the lord for protecting me all those months in prison and for affording me a second chance in life. After the prayer I walk out of the car and walk into the hotel. I find Sy waiting for me at the reception. He walks to the lift and I follow him “I thought you killed yourself in there bro” he says jokingly. “Never if it was that easy I would have done it the first night I spend in prison” I say walking into the lift. “Yazi Phumla I am glad you did not choose to take the easy way out I doubt I would have survived. I respect you ndoda” he says. “I don’t think we know what we can survive until we find ourselves in that situation. I mean 4 years ago I would not have dreamt of spending a day in jail and surviving mfwethu but here I am” I reply shrugging my shoulders.

We reach our floor and walk to the room. “I have a little present for you I hope you will like it” Sy says standing by the door. “As long as it’s not a surprise party I told you I am not ready to see anyone” I say pointing my finger at him. He just shrugs his shoulders and open the door. “Fuck ndoda this I like” I say patting him on the back and smiling. I like what I see of course two beautiful half naked ladies chilling on the bed. You see I have been starved Simon tried to find a way to bring me some while I was still incarcerated but all attempts failed. “Well I am glad you approve coz I have to leave. I promised my daughter I will be attending her soccer match today. Ladies please make sure my friend here has the best night on his life” Sy say. “Before you leave when am I getting my stuff? I need to start working”. “You will get your toys tomorrow morning along with you bank cards.” He says and pause he looks at the ladies behind me and said “Phumla we will discuss everything tomorrow ohk. Go get rid of all that cerebos I am sure you are ready to offload 25 liters” he says laughing and running to the door. Crazy son of a b***h. I turn my attention to the two ladies on the bed who are looking at me seductively and I am as hard as an iron. Damn tonight is the night.


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Matshepo 2019-06-30 14:38:04

I love reading and the book that really spoke to me was nokubonga her story. It spoke to me in a sense of we have so much in common, I'm short for my age people usually make fun of me because of that and I'm not big instead I'm really tiny, I have self esteem issues because of that and Im an introvert so I'm not a kind of person who goes out. I'm mostly at home watching and I get so lonely because of that and the one thing keeps me going is reading and my family. Im not firm believer of God and I don't go to church because I just feel like there are so many churches in this one and I'm struggling to find the right one. So my relationship with God is mostly non existent. Nonetheless thank you for a lovely book.