Chapter 8


Wow what a night. The smiles on my brothers’ faces is priceless. We had so much fun at the stadium I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy myself because I am not much of a soccer fan but I did. It must have been the difference between watching the game on TV and live at a stadium. Oupa really came through for Lwandle and Kopano because he took them to meet other players in the change room after the game they even came back with their jerseys signed by all the players what a high light.

Me: “Thank you very much Oupa my siblings and I really enjoyed ourselves” I say sincerely as we stop next to the car.

Oupa: “It’s my pleaser and I am glad you came. I know you are not much of a soccer fan but you still came”

Me: “Surprisingly I enjoyed the game. It was intense but I enjoyed myself”

Oupa: “We aim to please MaZungu we aim to please” he says with a warm smile

Me: “Well I better get going I guess I will see you around”

Oupa: “Hopefully sooner than later” he says opening his arms for a hug.

I walk into his embrace and receive his hug. A very warm hug at that.

Oupa: “Drive safe yezwa” he says braking the hug and looking me deep in the eyes.

I smile and nod before walking back to the car. He opens my door for me and watch as I strap on my seatbelt before saying bye to my siblings and closing the door for me. I hoot before driving off and watching him through a rearview mirror while he stands there weaving at us drive of the underground parking lot.

Lile: “He is hot and I think he likes you” she says bringing my mind back to the car.

Lwa: “I think she likes him too” he says before they all break into a laughter.

This two I liked them better when they were still in diapers now that they are old they think I am their friend. Mxm.

Kopano: “I think you guys would make a very beautiful couple”

Me: “Wooo bus what’s wrong with you guys?”

Lwa: “We are just stating what we see MaTha. The guy really likes you. Why else would he go through the trouble of impressing us if he was not aiming to please you?”

Me: “I think that’s enough from you guys stick to your books and leave out relationship analysis”

Kopano: “Did you hear that guys apparently there is a relationship to analyze” he says before the all break into laughter.

Can it be tomorrow already it’s been a long week with this 3 it’s about time I ship them back to their parents.

Lwa: “Kodwa MaTha on a serious note you guys look good together”

Me: “Are you kids trying to pimp me off so that you can keep scoring VVIP tickets to games and meet players”

Kopani: “Well when you put it like that it sounds really bad. But I mean it wouldn’t hurt to have a famous soccer star as a brother in law”

Me: “Mxm

I don’t need such siblings in my life. To think I was over the moon when all of you when born”

 We drive to the house over a light conversation and laughter. I am going to miss them when they go back home. They might be annoying me but I love them to the moon and back and they brighten up my boring life.


(The next day) 


I am busy packing an overnight bag I am going to sleep at Bule's place tonight. I am very excited because for the first time I am planning to cook for him. I have been taking cooking lessons and I feel I am ready to show case my skills. My father would be impressed if he were to learn that his only daughter can now prepare something in the kitchen. The only thing he can be disappointed in is the fact that I only took interest in the cooking just to impress a man.

Me: "I am coming"

I call out in response to the knock. I wonder who it is because I am not expecting anyone. I put on my flip flops and make my way to the door.

Me: "Aow baby I thought we were meeting at your house" I say surprised to see him on the other side of the door.

He nods silently and just pulles me into his embrace. I know the look on his face very well. My baby is having a bad day and when he is like this he just needs me to lay my head on his chest and let him rest his chin on my head. We stay like that for few minutes while we remain in silent. He will talk to me when he is ready.

He lets go of me and walk inside the house wearing his serious look. I can never get used to his serious look the only time i see it is when he is stress or defending a case in court. I settle of the couch next to him and place my hand in his.

Me: "Baby" I say softly after few seconds of silence.

He should say something now because he is starting to stress me out. I hate not knowing what is going on because i start using my brain overdose and think of all the possible things that could be wrong.

Bule:"MaZwane?" he says with a deep voice that drives me crazy and makes my heart dance the vosho. 

Me:  "please talk to me you are scaring me now" 

Instead of saying anything he gazes deep in my eyes and for the first time since he got here I noticed how red his eyes are. The sadness on his eyes cannot be missed whatever is going on is big. 

Bule: "Lets go and get married baby tomorrow we can go in front of a magistrate and become husband and wife. Please says yes Mbalenhle Zwane because I can't imagine my life without you in it ever. I would be very miserable and I don't want to live a miserable life. Please baby just say yes and I can get us a spot for tomorrow morning please Mbalenhle" he says with a breaking voice. 

Me: "Baby that's not how things are done and you know it angithi........"

Bule: "Fuck how things are done" he says angrily. "Sorry baby i did not mean to shout at you. I am running out of time Mbalenhle we are running out of time" he says softly. 

My heart is now beating fast. What does Bule nean we are running out of time? Does it mean his responsibilities are finally catching up with us? But how I haven't heard anything about his father passing away. 

Me: "Running out of time how?" 

Bule: "My Mother is at my house as we speak........ And she is not alone" he says avoiding eye contact with me. 

Me: "Who is she with?" I think thats the part i am more interested in. 

Bule: "She came with Princess Unathi kuthwa she is my chosen bride. but baby it's you I love and its you I want to be with. I need you to....... " he is disturbed by his ringing phone. 

I watch as he sighs and contemplate on weather or not to a answer the phone. 

Me: "go ahead and answer it it might be very important. I will leave you to it" 

I get up and walk to the bedroom. I throw myself on the bed and cry my eyes out. Why did i fall for the one i could never have? Its not like he was never honest about who he was and I choose to date him regardless just because I thought I enjoyed living on the edge. 



Jake: “Maybe this would be motivation enough to stop day dreaming about her” he says handing me his phone.

I give him an intensive look before turning my attention to the phone. There she is in the arms of some soccer player attending an event together. The picture is trending on twitter with people asking if the two are dating because the chemistry is so much so that it’s visible even on a picture.

Me: “This doesn’t mean anything I did a background check on her and I know the last boyfriend she had was when she was still at med school. Nothing came out about her seeing this guys or anyone else for that matter” I say handing him back his phone.

Jake: Chuckling “Maybe it’s a recent relationship. It’s says here Cape Town City’s finest may have found love after the tragic death of his wife. Would the young doctor be the one who finally mends his heart?”

Me: “Point taken Jake now don’t you have anything better to do?”

Jake: “I have never thought I would see the day” he says laughing and leaving the room.

I get up from my chair and pour myself something strong to drink. As much as I hate to admit it I am a little hurt that she could have found love in someone


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