Chapter 6


Now that went well the meeting with John yielded better results than I have ever hoped for. Now I am on my way to see Thandiwe at her office.

Me: “Hi is Dr Zungu in?” I say to receptionist

Her: “Hi again. I will check for you if she can see you now” she says with a warm smile.

I nod and wait as she picks up the phone and check on Thandiwe. I hope she hasn’t changed her mind because clearly she wanted to talk to me earlier. I take out my phone and send an email while I wait for her to call the good doctor.

Her: “You can go right through sir office 403 down the corridor third door on the left”

Me: “Thank you” I say before walking off.

I take in a deep breath before knocking because I don’t know what to expect with her. I open the door and walk in after hearing her sweet voice shout come in. There she is looking at me with her sexy and yet innocent eyes with a beautiful smile plastered on her angelic face. Damn I wish she can jump in my arms right now and sink in my embrace. How I wish she could rest he face on my chest at this moment in time and let me smell her hair and take in her scent.

Thandiwe: “Hi AJ” she says cheerfully pointing me a seat. 

I nod because my attraction to her rendered me speechless. 34 years of existence and no woman has ever made me feel the things this woman makes me feel trust me I have been with plenty of woman before so I would know. I did not even believe in true love until that fateful night she walked into Enhle’s house. I was attracted to her the moment I laid my eyes on her her beauty and innocent made her irresistible.

Now I regret some of the decisions I took before meeting her because I am afraid they are going to cause problems us should she decided she want to be with me. Worse of all she is going to get hurt. I wish I can switch off my feelings for her and just walk away but I guess I am just selfish. I take a seat in front of her chair and settle down.

Me: “You wanted to see me in your office now I am here”

Thandiwe: “Well about earlier. I assumed you were here to see me”

Me: “Wow you ignore me and my calls for the entire week and you assume I am here to see you because?”

Thandiwe: Letting out a deep sigh “I am sorry about that AJ. I really am” she says softly.

Me: “Do you mind making me understand why?”

I watch as she shakes her head and bury her face in her hands. I can’t help but smirk the love of my life is innocent and shy.

Me: “You can make it up to me. How about we go out tomorrow picnic lunch at the beach”

Thandiwe: “I have a thing tomorrow maybe you can join me at my thing” she says lighting up

Me: “Does this thing have a name?”

Thandiwe: “You will see tomorrow just dress in comfortable wear like snickers and track pants”

Me: “Now I am curious”

To be honest I don’t really care what thing we are going to attend tomorrow as long as I am spending my day with her. We spend the next few minutes in her office finalizing tomorrow’s arrangement before she has to go do her rounds. We walk out together and she makes her way to the wards while I make my way to the parking lot.



Bule: “That was amazing babes uyathandwa va (You are loved)” he says placing a kiss on my forehead.

I just smile snuggling up to him without saying anything. Sex with my snack is always the best.

Bule: “Marry me baby and be Mrs Bulelani Mpangele”

Me: “Wow

you want to give your parents a heart attack?” I say laughing.

Bule: “I am serious Enhle ndiyakuthanda nawe uya ndithanda nje (I love you and you love me too)”

Me: “Sometimes love is not enough” I say getting worked up.

How dare he do this to me promise me things he knows he can’t deliver. I break free from his hold and gather my clothes. Bulelani and I have a beautiful thing going on but marriage was never part of the deal. It’s not a secret and we both knew that when we started dating. I love him and I have no doubt he loves me too but his parents will never accept me as their daughter in law neither will his community. You see Bule is not just a lawyer who works for the state he is also an heir to AmaGcina chieftaincy in Lady Frere Eastern Cape.

He may be free to live his life as he pleases now but sooner or later his responsibilities to his people will catch up to him.

Bule: “Come on baby this is a beautiful thing and you know I want only you” he says hugging me from behind.

Me: “What happens to me when your responsibilities catches up with you?” I say turning and looking him in the eye.

Bule: “You know I don’t want the damn chieftaincy and my parents knows it too” he says cupping my face

Me: “Well we don’t always get what we want now do we?” I say throwing his clothes at him.

Bule: “Enhle jonga…..”

Me: “Just save it” I say cutting him off.


(The next day)


AJ and I are driving to the old age home. I keep my eyes on him as we drive into the Joe Slove settlements. I bet he has never been to a place like this. He probably did not know that shacks and settlements like this existed just few kilometers from his gated security complex. This is why I needed someone to come with me the traumatic experience I had last time driving here made me feel uneasy. It was worse when two highly intoxicated boys blocked the road for me. I thought I was getting high jacked until 3 older man came and chased them away.

AJ: “Fuck the government and their corrupt system. How do they allow people to live in a place like this?”

Me: “Unfortunately we put everything on the government and complain when they raise taxes already they are doing so much more. Maybe the private sector can also assist in way in alleviating poverty in the country individuals can also give back by adopting a course or two. For example sponsor someone’s tertiary education provided they are from a poor background and their academic results are satisfactory”

AJ: “Damn is your father a politician? Is that why you defending the government”

Me: “No but my great grandfather went to exile during the apartheid era. I know we have come a long way as a country since then. We are here by the way” I say directing him to the yard.

AJ: “I see” he says nodding.

He drives in and park the car before making our way into the old age home. We announce our presence at reception before making our way to the hall where the elders are gathered. I watch as AJ settle down before picking a book and move to the front before reading them a short story. We spend the rest of the day playing different games with them. AJ playing cards and chess with a group of man while I keep the woman entertained. This is the greatest feeling ever bringing smile and happiness our elderly who are less fortunate and find themselves spending the rest of their days not surrounded by family.

I hear the elders cheering and clapping and look up only to find AJ taking a seat in front with a guitar in hand. We all stand up and dance to the sound of the music as AJ gives us a beautiful rendition of Caiphus Semenya’s Angelina. His fingers are making magic on the guitar and his beautiful voice fills the hall as the elders and I get down. This is the best day ever and I am sure the elders enjoyed themselves too. We hug them one by one before leaving while promising to come back soon. They are sad to see us leave but wish us well others can’t stop saying what a beautiful couple we make.

Me: “Wow AJ. I did not know you can play the guitar or sing so beautifully” I say as we make our way to the car.

AJ:  “There is a lot you are yet to learn about me my good doctor” he says winking an eye at me obviously pleased with himself.

Me: “Thank you for coming with me” I say honestly as we drive out.

AJ: “Thank you for inviting me I really enjoyed myself”

Wow was that a smile I saw on his face. It must have been a first. This guy’s rarely smiles and when he does he flashes one of the most beautiful smiles that is just contagious. We drive out of Joe Slovo over a light conversation with AJ cracking jokes here and there making me laugh hard.


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