Chapter 4


Bulelani: "What is your problem?” He says rudely as he throws himself in my office.

Me: "You respect my office Bule you don't just throw yourself in you knock. What if I was with a client?" I say closing the file before me.

Bule: "I don't care if you are with a client you just don't pull that stunt you pulled over the weekend yeva? (You hear me?)"

Receptionist: "I am sorry mam I tried to stop him" she says trying to catch her breath.

Poor girl I bet she came here running behind him. Bule is hard headed there is nothing she could have done to stop him.

Me: "Its ohk Nokholo I will take it from here"

She nods and walk out before closing the door.

Bulelani: "Are you going to tell me what your problem is?"

Me: "Come on what makes you think I have a problem?"

Bule: "You disappear on me after court on Friday ignore my calls for the whole damn weekend and like a fool I spend my weekend coming to your place which you haven't been at since Friday morning?"

Me: “I am sorry I was just dealing with some stuff”

Bule: Chuckling “Dealing with some stuff Mbalenhle? Did the stuff that you had to deal with have anything to do with what transpired in court on Friday? Because I thought we discussed the possibility of such things happening”

Me: “No it doesn’t. My cousin was almost abducted and possibly raped and killed at a club on Friday night”

Bule: “Ooh come here Sthandwa sam’ I am sorry to hear that about you cousin what happened. We go through things together you don’t shut me out and disappear on me when you are going through stuff. Okay” he says pulling me into a hug.

I nod against his chest before breaking the hug and narrating the whole story to him from the time I left the court to the whole incident at the club.

Bule: “We truly live in a messed up world sthandwa sam’ I am glad you and your cousin are fine.

Me: “And Baby can you please go easy on me in court next time please” I say softly.

Bule: “If you don’t like the fire sweetheart you get out of the kitchen” he says with a smirk on his face.

 Me: “I won’t lie and say I wasn’t hurt by what transpired in court on Friday baby”

Bulelani: "Come on baby we agreed not to let work come in between us when we started dating. We knew things like this would happen and I would like to believe we both got into this relationship with open eyes" he says taking my hand in his.

Me: "But you were ruthless Bule very ruthless"

Bule: "Baby you are one of the toughest lawyers I know anyone who finds themselves on the opposite with you in court knows they need to put twice the work. I am sorry I was ruthless in there but I was just doing my job"

Bulelani and I have been dating for a year now. The challenge is that he is also a lawyer working for the state meaning we are always on the opposite side of court wars. This is my first court case with him on the other side and he is showing me flames.

Me: "please go easy on me next time love please" I say giving him puppy eyes.

I watch as he gives me the keep on dreaming kind of laughter. But guys my Xhosa snack is hot shame.



Today was a very hectic day in this hospital. I have been on my feet the whole day in theater performing operations. Apparently there was an accident in the morning involving a mini bus and a sedan the casualties were too many while mostly required emergency operations. My spirit is very low because I lost a 13 year old child on the operating table due to the fact that he needed an operation that required machines we don’t have in our hospital.

The most difficult part was breaking the news to the mother while her husband is still fighting for his life in another operating room. My feet are sore and I am very hungry. I make my way to the locker room and take a brief shower before changing clothes into my casual wear. I need to go to my office and take my hand bag before heading out.

Me: “Precious I am going out please call me on my cell only when there is an emergency anything else don’t call me call Dr Mazibuko he agreed to take over my cases. Okay?” I say as soon as I get to her desk.

Precious: “What must I do with your hot visitor over there” she whispers while she points at the couches behind me with her eyes.

I turn and exhale deeply when I see AJ sitting there waiting for me. He seem lost in his own world as he is busy typing on his cellphone. I smile at Precious before walking over to him I wonder what brings him here.

Me: “Hi AJ”

AJ: “Finally I was about to leave been here for more than 30 minutes” he says looking up with a straight face.

I roll my eyes at his response and lack of facial expression. Who invited him anyway and does he ever smile? I bet he would look even more charming if he could just smile. Not that he is not charming but yah. I hear him chuckle probably at my eye roll.

Me: “What brings you here?” I say taking a sit next to him.

I am trying to be polite already his not so friendly face is intimidating me.

AJ: “I just wanted to make sure that you are doing okay after the Friday incident if there is anything we can do for you like paying for a professional person to talk to. I feel really bad because the incident took place at my club and we wouldn’t want to lose you as a customer or lose customers in general”

Me: “I appreciate your concern but I am all good. Thank you very much”

AJ: “I am glad to hear that next time you are at the club let me know so that I can offer you something on the house”

Me: “I doubt you will be seeing me there again” I say with a smile.

AJ: “If you are worried about the guy there is really no need to worry because I personally handed him to the police and we have upgraded our security”

Me: “It’s not about that to be honest with you that night was my first and probably last night at a club I was only there as my cousin’s designated drive I don’t really do clubs” I say getting up and picking my bag.

AJ: “I see anyway I am glad you are ok. I guess I will see you around” he says getting up.

Me: “Can I please ask for a smaller nyana favor” I say through my teeth.

He looks at me with raised eyebrows. I wish he could smile at this point to ease this for me.

Me: “The thing is I forgot I don’t have a car since I dropped if off for servicing in the morning. I need to go to the mall since I am famished. Would you mind dropping me off if it’s no trouble ofcouse?” I say hesitantly.

AJ: “The mall is not on my direction. But I can do that if you let me join you for lunch. I could also use a meal”

Me: “That I can do” I say before bidding goodbye to Precious and following him out.



I am driving to the mall with Thandiwe in the car

I forgot I don’t have a car since I dropped if off for servicing in the morning. I need to go to the mall since I am famished. Would you mind dropping me off if it’s no trouble ofcouse?” I say hesitantly.

AJ: “The mall is not on my direction. But I can do that if you let me join you for lunch. I could also use a meal”

Me: “That I can do” I say before bidding goodbye to Precious and following him out.



I am driving to the mall with Thandiwe in the car I can’t help but keep stealing glances at her. I think I am attracted to her her beauty and personality. The first time I saw her I thought I was in heaven a place a man like me will never see. Her angelic face and voice motivated me to fight through the pain as she was pulling that bullet out of my guts. She is very shy and naturally I am a man of few words so we don’t really say much to each other in the car.

She makes me want to get to know her her innocence is drawing me in. I watch as she turns up the volume on the car as she sings along to the song on the radio. I can’t help but smirk she is lost in her own world as she sings to Niama Kay’s Thando.

This girl right her is the epitome of perfection.  I wish she can see herself through my eyes pure perfection. Beautiful inside and out.

Thandiwe: “Angsakwazi nokthemba themba unglimazile benfun’ uthando mina lungshaye phansi lunghlule zungangiyeki name ngbambe ngesendla ngifuna loluthando. We thandoooooo ngabe ukhona na?” she sings beautifully lost in her own world.

I glance at her briefly only to be meet by a flash of sadness in her face. I wonder who could have broken her heart. I keep on driving as I listen to her sing. Indeed she has a beautiful voice I wouldn’t mind to hear her sing every day.  

Me: “Wow you have a very beautiful voice” I say at the end of the song after turning the volume down.

Thandiwe: “Thank you” she says innocently.

I did not know girls like her still exist in this day and age beauty brains humble and innocent in one human being is very rare.

Me: “So do you mind telling me about the song what it means to you”

Thandiwe: “What do you mean what it means to me it’s just a song I like. It’s a beautiful song and I just love it nje” she says shrugging her shoulder.

Me: “I am not convinced at some point that song made you sad”

Thandiwe: “I don’t know what you are talking about” she says looking out of the window.

Okay I think she is mad at me but that was not my intension.  

Me: “I am sorry if I offended you but all I can say is true love does exist sometimes it comes when we are not even looking” I say softly.

We drive with just the sound of Metro FM filling the car. I now regret asking her about the wave of sadness I saw on her face. I park the car at the mall after struggling for few minutes to find parking. The mall is very packed today. I hate crowded malls. I take her hand mine as soon as we walk inside the mall so that we don’t lose each other in the crowed. The chemistry is undeniable I know she felt it too by just the look she gave me accompanied by a blush.

We walk to a restaurant of her choosing and settle down at a corner table. We order food and wait over a light conversation. I am fascinated by how she fell in love with medicine and the fact that she knew at an early age that she wanted to be a doctor and her love for animals.

“You two make a very beautiful couple” she says cheerfully.

We both look up and find an elderly woman standing next to us.

Me: “Thank you mam” I say looking at Thandiwe who is speechless.

The woman caught us both off guard.

Old lady: “You are very lucky my child this man’s love for you is what most people yarn. If you want to know how a man truly feels about you. Pay attention to how he looks at you. The eyes will never lie” she says before walking off.

Thandiwe: “Oh Lord what was that all about” she says laughing.

Me: “Apparently my look says it all” I say staring at her.

Our eyes lock for a moment before we are disturbed by the waiter bringing our food. This girl right here is going to be my down fall. I have never meet a woman who came close to making me feel the way she makes me feel. I am in love and this scares the hell out of me.


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