Chapter 3


Uncle Lani: “So what happened to this Blake after the whole incident?”

Me: “I think the club owner threw him out or something I only came back when Tha was taken to the office of the club owner after she fainted”

Dad: “You say the club has cameras?”

Me: “Yes I think that’s what the owner said”

I watch as my father gives uncle Lani a look that only the two of them can understand. Speaking in codes I see.

Uncle Lani: “Here write down the name of the club and address” he says handing me a paper and pen.

I take the paper and write down the address and the name of the club as instructed. I hand it back to Uncle Lani who in turn shove it in his jacket. I wonder what they are going to with it since a case was opened against Blake and the police are searching for him.

I have been sitting here answering 21 questions from both my father and uncle Lani. I can’t believe that they flew over immediately after hearing about the whole incidence. The mothers are in Thandiwe's room making sure she is okay emotionally. I really can’t believe the turn of last night’s events. The idea was to go out have fun and get Tha to let loose a little but that was all ruined by some pervert who feel the need to harass vulnerable woman.

Uncle Lani: “Sy asambe (Lets go). We need to deal with this fast before the trail runs cold” he says getting up.

Dad: “Woza la Mbali ka baba (Come here daddy’s flower)” he says opening his arms.

I walk into his embrace and soak on his love.

Dad: “We are going to fix this yezwa” he says softly.

I nod against his chest. He kisses me on the forehead before he lets me go. Uncle Lani smile at me and opens his arms for me to get a hug. I also walk onto his embrace and soak on his hug. I am glad he is not placing the blame entirely on me for the whole incident because I blame myself. That’s punishment enough right?

Uncle Lani: “Tell your mothers we will be back before they know it” he says breaking the hug and making his way out followed by my dad holding a laptop back. Who takes a laptop to a club? Mmmmm

I grab a bottle of water before joining the woman in Tha’s bedroom. She flashes me a smile as I walk in I smile back. Thandiwe is very special if it was someone else I think she would have blamed me for the whole incidence since I was the one who forced her to come with me to the club. I take a sit on the bed next to my mom and rest my head on her shoulders. Tha might be a daddy’s girl but I am my mother’s daughter.



Mom: “Maybe you should come back home I am sure you can get a job at provincial hospital or even at Seshego or Mankweng hospital. Please”

Me: “Mom what happened here could have happened anywhere. I am not moving”

She throws her hands in defeat and shakes her head. My mother has always felt that I am fragile and I need to be kept in a cocoon. I know I am her first born and she had to be a single parent for the first 6 years of my life but I am all grown now. She needs to let go and let me make my own mistakes. I sometimes feel like at 25 I am still treated the same way as the two oceans or even worse because Lwandle stands his own grounds and gets away with too much freedom.

She must just forget about me moving home I know she means well but I am not going to give that dog power over my life. I love Cape Town and I am not going to move just because someone has issues so bad that they want to feel power by mishandling and harassing woman.

Aunt Dineo: “Do you want me to book you a session with someone professional to talk to baby” she ask softly.

Me: “No thank you Auntiza I will be fine and if I don’t cope I will ask you to. Now can we please change the subject please?”

Enhle: “Are you ready for the two Oceans to leave the nest Aunt Rori?”

The two oceans are my siblings Lwandle and Nolwandle they are twins. They are currently in matric and stressing mom apparently they want to go to the same university but they can’t decide on one because Nolwandle wants to be in Durban while Lwandle wants to join me in Cape Town. I had to beg mom not to tell them about my incident last night because Lwandle like our father is very protective of Lile and I you would swear he is our big brother. I need him to focus on his studies and not worry about me.

Mom: “I can’t say I am that ready but it’s about time my husband and I have the house to ourselves” she says laughing with her tongue out.

Aunt Dineo: “Finally you will get to experience what Sy and I have been experiencing since this one left home for varsity years ago. Sex anywhere in the house”

Enhle: “Hamba Dinny ka Mangethe” she says hi fiving her mother.

Ok that my cue to get out of here

you see now they are touching a subject that I don’t really like. Not that I am embarrassed to talk about sex I just never know what to add since I have no experience in that field. I walk to the kitchen and start preparing lunch I know my father and uncle Sy will be very hungry when they come back from wherever it is that they went to.

Mom: “When last did you talk to Thapelo?” she says as she walks in the kitchen.

Me: “About 3 days back. Apparently they are trying to adopt a child”

Thapelo is my biological father he and my father (the man who raised me) are siblings and I was only told this information when I turned 18. Oh he also married a man Njabulu with the bubbliest personality I have ever seen. We have a great relationship because he was always in my life as my Uncle but I am closer to my baba than I am with him.

Mom and I continues to cook over a light conversation with her filling me in on what has been happening in everyone’s life how her business is doing and all. I enjoy such moments with my mom because we get to gossip about everything and everyone.


Dad: “Princess ka baba are you sure you will be fine?” she says planting a kiss on my fore head before hugging me.

Me: “Yes Baba I will be fine.”

Dad: “I am sorry we have to leave so soon but you know my house is not safe in Lile and Lwandle’s hands. I am sure Lwandle is planning a big party as we speak” he says chuckling.

Me: “I am sorry for stressing you all I shouldn’t have gone there in the first place”

Dad: “Now you are going to stop beating yourself up. There is nothing wrong with going clubbing at your age. You can’t be afraid to have fun in your life what happened to you in that club could have happened anywhere”

Me: “I love you dad”

Dad: “I love you more my princess never forget that ever”

 I nod before breaking the hug. I then proceed to hug my mom aunt Dineo and Uncle Sy before they all step into the car and drive off to the airport.

I don’t know what happened when my dad and uncle Sy went out earlier but when they came back my father said I should not worry about Blake apparently he won’t be bothering anyone else since he died under police custody no one really knows what happened coz he found hanging in his cell.


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