Chapter 2


Precious: “wow girl this is a biggest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen. Beautiful too” says taking them away from me so that I can sign.

Me: “Thank you sir” I say handing the delivery guy his signature pad.

He smile and nods before turning to walk away. I look at precious and chuckle at her silliness. She is busy sniffing the flowers with her eyes closed. Maybe I just don’t get it because I have no sense of smell due to my sinusitis. I grab the card from the gift basket that came with the flower and read silently what is written on the card.

Precious: “Who are they from Boyfriend?” she says resting her face on her hand with her elbow on the desk.

I shrug my shoulders as I try to think who might have sent them. There isn’t much written on the card just a message that read “Thank you for being a good doctor #grateful to be alive”. I mean that doesn’t say anything they could be from anyone. I save lives every day. I can feel precious’ eyes drilling into my skin as I am still busy looking at the card. Precious is our receptionist she is noisy as hell. I hand her the card to read for herself just to put her out of her misery.

Precious: “But this could be from anyone” she says defeated.

I can’t help but laugh at her disappointment. There goes her gossip topic for tea time.

Precious: “Maybe they are from the Soccer star in ward 16” she says excitedly with her eyes pooped.

Me: “I doubt the card says #greatful to be alive Soccer star is not my patient dear” I says rolling my eyes.

Precious: “Haike I give up” she says sadly and dramatic while placing the card down.

Me: “Here something to cheer you up. I need to go do my rounds” I say handing her lindt chocolate from the gift basket.

She blows me 100 kisses while saying thank you over and over again. Dramatic much. I grab my gift basket and bunch of flowers and walk away to my office before I go and do my rounds.



Today it’s just the worse day ever. I am busy at court representing a client and the prosecutor is having a field day. I blame the client for not being entirely honest with me. How am I supposed to represent someone who is keeping things away from me? I look at him and shake my head the coward can’t even face me all he can do is look down. I hate losing and as such I always put extra effort in my work and case preparation. My case records speak for themselves as I have never lost a case and I am not going to start now.

Magistrate: “Defense do you want to cross examine the witness?”

Me: “Not at this point in time your honor”

Magistrate: “In the absence of questions from the defense the witness may step down. In the absence of new witnesses we shall postpone the matter to next week Tuesday at 11:00” she says before banging the gavel.

Officer: “All raise”

We all stood on our feet and watched as the magistrate walk off. I packed my things and made my way out ignoring Mr. Smith I have nothing to say to him. I will see him tomorrow at his cell right now I need a glass of wine.

I found myself driving to Thandiwe’s work place instead of the office. She and I keep each other sane in this place far from home. After completing our studies we decided to settle here in Cape Town much to our parent’s annoyance. My reason was simple I couldn’t move away because I was dating a Captonian at the time even though things soon ended between us.

I soon find myself parking at the hospital. I can never understand why she choose to work at a public hospital when she had so many options to choose from. Thandiwe and I are very different. She is reserved while I am not. I call her my yang and I am her yin. We are really two sides of a coin maybe that’s why we get on like a house on fire. It must be true opposite attract.

Like now I need to beg her to come with me clubbing tonight because my party partner is busy preparing for her bar exams next week. I really need to go out and party especially after the day I had.

Me: “Hi I am here to see Dr. Zungu” I say to the lady at reception.

Receptionist: “She is still busy doing her last rounds do you mind waiting” she says pointing me at the couches not far from her desk.

Me: “Thank you I will wait”

I sit down and read magazines as I wait. I don’t understand why Tha is still single and a virgin while she works with so many hot doctors in this hospital. She is very weird. If it was me on the other hand I would have probably slept with half if not all of them. Don’t you dare judge me you would droll over them too if you were to see them going up and down in this place. I am not perfect and I know you are not either.

Tha: “What a surprise what are you doing here” she says walking toward me with a beautiful smile that is always plastered on her face.

You see guys Thandiwe is very beautiful and she is medium height coffee colored body of a model with curves in all the right places. She is very kind and the sweetest person I have ever met always smiling. She is also a daddy’s girl.

Me: “I need a hug Ying. I had the worse day ever” I say whining.

Tha: “Come here” she pulls me in for a hug.

Thandiwe gives the best hugs.

Tha: “Tough day at court?”

Me: “Worse day ever

always smiling. She is also a daddy’s girl.

Me: “I need a hug Ying. I had the worse day ever” I say whining.

Tha: “Come here” she pulls me in for a hug.

Thandiwe gives the best hugs.

Tha: “Tough day at court?”

Me: “Worse day ever please tell me you lost a patient too so that we can have this pity party together”

She shakes her head no and chuckles

Me: “Mxm I hate you right now” I say jokingly.

Tha: “Let’s go home and dig into a nice tub of ice cream it will make you feel better plus I have a gift basket with lots of chocolate” she says breaking the hug.

I can’t help but roll my eyes at her suggestion. I am thinking drinking and dancing my sorrows away and she is thinking ice cream chocolate and cuddling. See what I mean about her being boring.

Me: “No I want to go to a club drink wine and dance and I need a driver because I know I will be slouched.  Please come clubbing with me tonight I need you Princess ka Lani” I say giving her puppy eyes.

I know she can never resist my puppy eyes and being called princess ka Lani it works for me always. shhhh



This scene right here is definitely not my type of scene. The lights are too colorful the music is too loud and the place is too crowded. I am sitting by the bar looking all lost while Enhle is on the dance floor somewhere having the time of her life. I could be sitting at home in my room snuggled up binging on a good series but no I had to come and be someone’s designated driver now she went AWOL on me.

 “Hi” he says a scary looking guy taking a sit next to me

Me: “hi” I say trying not to be rude.

Guy: “My name is Blake I hope you don’t mind me coming over I just couldn’t let a beautiful lady like you to sit alone” he said licking his lower lip.

I was now getting uncomfortable and he was looking at me like some piece of meat. I don’t even know why because I was dressed in a very conservative manner. Flash covered up not like most girls in the club.

Guy: “I bet you are freak in bed” he says leaning over bringing his face close to mine.

Ohk that’s my que to get out of here. I am not about to make small talk with a guy a barely know in a club while he is busy insinuating things about my sexual life. I smile at Blake and stand up but this guy grabs my hand tightly causing me to cry out.

Blake: “You must think you are better than me bitch I come here talking to you nicely and you want to walk away. Didn’t you mother tell you that’s rude”

Me: “I am sorry please let me go you are hurting me” I says crying

But my tears and pleas fell on a deaf ear because the just kept pulling and swearing at me. How can someone who just met me call me a bitch? I was really hurting and scared because people seemed to mind their own business. In the midst of all that I was looking around for Enhle and she was nowhere to be seen. I should have never came here and now this stranger is dragging me towards the door. I closed my eyes and did a silent prayer asking God to save me.

Guy: “Is everything okay here?” he said in a deep voice

I looked up and I noticed a familiar face I was just not sure where I know him from. I tried to tell him to help but words just failed me since I was crying hysterically.

Blake: “Dude mind your business or I will teach how to” he said getting in the face of the guys.

Guy: “Are you okay?” he said softly looking at me.

I shook my head no.

Blake: “I said mind you own damn…….”

He did not even finish his sentence everything happened so fast. Next thing fists were flying and Blake was on the ground. I was so scared of everything happening and I think I passed out because I later woke up on a couch in an unfamiliar room. I looked around and saw Enhle arguing with the guy who rescued me or it was more like he was shouting at her.

Enhle: “I stepped away to go to the ladies how was I supposed to know that was going to happen AJ”

Oooh AJ I remember him now. I pulled a bullet out of his stomach about 2 weeks ago.

AJ: “It’s a club you know never to leave a female friend on her own. Be thankful we have cameras in this places and Jake recognized her from the monitors or else you would be singing a different song”

I cleared my throat to grab their attention and Enhle came rushing to give me a hug while AJ just stood there shaking his head.

Enhle: “I am soo sorry Tha. I should have never left you alone. I don’t know what I would have done if anything had happened to you” she said crying.

I hugged her tight while telling her that it’s okay. I have never seen Enhle cry she is a tough cookie to crack she must be feeling very bad right now. But she needs to understand that none of this is her fault. Blake was in the wrong and if it was not me he would have still targeted someone.

AJ: “Come I need to drop you guys home it’s been a long night” he said in a cold voice.

Me: “Thank you very much for showing up when you did. You really saved my life” I said to AJ.

AJ: Chuckling “No need to say it I guess we are even now” he said with a bright smile.

Enhle and I followed AJ to the car while we held each other tightly. Enhle and I have been friends since we were young so much so that we share the kind of bond Lile and Lwandle share.


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