Chapter 18


I am sitting at V&A waterfront having lunch with Promise as she explains to me what her relationship is with Alex. Yes I finally decided to make time and meet with her after a week of giving her run arounds. I did not want to meet with her at first even after I told AJ that I will hear her out but she just kept blowing up my phone begging me to have a sit down and talk. It really did not make sense to me why she would do that especially knowing her husband has feelings for me. I mean what wife in their rightful minds would want to meet up with a woman whom her husband has been chasing to explain things so that she can give him a chance? I guess It’s true what they say things aren’t always what they seem.

Promise: “There it is. In black and white” she says pointing at the marriage certificate in front of me.

I really don’t know how to comprehend all this. I mean what she has been telling me for the past hour sounds like something from a story book. I don’t even know how to react to what she has just told me. I found myself taking another closer look at the marriage certificate before me making sure what I read the first time is correct. Honestly speaking this left me all confused I don’t even know how I feel about what she just told me. Why are some parents like this mara?

Promise: “You can keep those copies just to remind yourself what the truth is. I hope you will give Alex a chance because I know he loves you dearly or else he would not have asked me to come here and explain this to you”

Me: “So I take it Ethan doesn’t even know”

Promise: shaking her head “No he doesn’t and we would like to keep it like that until he is old enough to understand”

Me: “I understand”

Poor Ethan. I personally know how it feels like growing up knowing that your father never loved you enough to at least be part of your life. I am glad that he has Alex filling in that gap because every child needs a father figure in their life. It’s even worse for boys because they need to learn and understand that they should also grow up to be responsible father’s to their own kids.

Promise: “I am really glad that you come Thandiwe and I am glad it’s you Alex choose because then I know I won’t have to worry about my son being mistreated by whoever Alex would end up marrying”

Me: “Wooo aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves. Nobody said anything about being with Alex or marrying him”

Promise: “Well he did say something about marrying you”                                                         

Me: “What?” I ask surprised because I don’t think I heard her correctly.

Promise: “Don’t tell me you don’t notice how that man looks at you. You should hear or see him when he is talking about you. His face lights up like a little kid walking into a candy store. He loves you a whole lot and there is no doubt about that. Trust me when I say he doesn’t see a future without you in it. Just don’t forget to be patient with him because he has spent his whole life putting everyone’s happiness above his own. Behind that Mr tough guy act who doesn’t even smile lays a loving man with a beautiful heart of gold”

Me: “How come you two never tried to make it work? I am asking because you clearly care about him”

She laughs before taking a sip from her drink. She clearly cares about Alex and I don’t want to jump into a relationship with him only to have her making things hard for me in the future.

Promise: “I do care about Alex and I love him. Nothing romantic ofcouse. He is like a brother to me and in the 11 years that I have been living at his home I have never not even once imagined myself with him in any romantic situation. Trust me when I say you don’t have to worry about me causing problems for you two in the future. Plus I am in love with someone else and he is the reason why I come to South Africa. I meet him when he was in Malawi with the South African Defense Force and he asked me to come back to South Africa with him when his tour ended” she says with a big smile.

Me: “South African Defense Force you say. I hope this man you are talking about is not the famous Mabena” I say struggling to hold my laughter in.

Promise: “I would not pack my bags my child and move to a country I don’t even know for a Mabena trust me” she says before breaking into laugher.

I like promise and I am glad I meet up with her. She is such a happy soul and very much outspoken. We spend the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing about this and that before she has to rush home as Ethan is about to get back from school.



Me: “Do you really have to go?”

She lets out a deep sigh and stops packing the clothes in a travel bag. I watch as she takes a sit on the bed next to me before kissing me softly on my lips. The kiss is slow and passionate getting me all excited down there.

Unathi: “I will be back before you know it love. Trust me I would not leave if it was not necessary for me to go” she says softly against my lips.

I nod and I look at her pleadingly bagging her not to go with my eyes. I know she has to leave but I really wish she did not have to. I know what you are probably thinking but no one can understand the type of marriage my wife and I have. We have our ups and downs like any young married couple but we also love each other and make each other happy. For that we need to make our marriage work plus our families made it clear to us that divorce is not an option unless one of us really messes up big time.

Me: “Kodwa is it safe to travel. I mean in your condition?”

Unathi: “We both heard what my sister said and she knows best after all she is a gynecologist. 

I mean she give me the green light to travel so you have nothing to worry about Papa bear. Plus she will be there with me in the flight should I need some medical attention okay” she says.

I guess I am scared because she is only 6 weeks away from giving birth and as a first time father I wouldn’t want anything happening to my son. Yes the doctor confirmed we are having a boy and to say my parents and I are happy is an understatement. It really made us happy to know that the Mpangele chieftaincy will have an heir to carry the legacy after I have gone. I smile as Unathi takes my hand and place it on her belly to feel our little prince kicking. This sure is the greatest feeling ever.

Unathi: “If there is one thing I am going to miss about this whole pregnancy it’s this baby kicks” she says laughing.

Me: “Well I am going to miss both of you a lot” I say rubbing her belly with a grin on my face.

Unathi: “We are going to miss you too daddy” she say giggling.

She gets up and walk back to packing her clothes. I get up and prepare myself because I need to drive her to the airport after fetching her sister at her house on the other side of town. Their trip was quite an abrupt one because their father who is a king is gravely ill and requested the presence of all his children in his death bed. If it was anything else I would not allow her to go in her state but I cannot deny her a chance to say goodbye to one of her parents when most people don’t even get a chance to do that.



I am sitting here watching Thandiwe pack my clothes into a travel bag since I might have to fly home in a day or two. I would have loved to give birth here in Cape Town but my mother would not be able to fly down. As a result I am traveling back home so that I can give birth that side and have her and help me out with the baby for at least the first months. I am relaxing because this little man is tiring out while aunt MaTha does all the packing as she fills me in on her lunch date with Promise Konje.

Me: “Explain it to me because I did not get it right the first time”

Thandiwe: “Okay maybe you will understand it better if I start from the beginning”

I nod and watch as she takes a sit next to me before taking in a deep breath

 Thandiwe: “So in the beginning there was Mr Konje full names Aggrey Alexandra Konja and he married Maria Konje a chosen wife as a payment to his father since Maria’s parents owes his father money they were failing to pay. So Mr Konje and Maria were blessed with twin boy Alexandra Junior Konje and Aggrey Junior Konje who….. ”

Me: “Wait so Alex has a twin?” I say cutting her off while I dig into my popcorns.

I pop my eyes as she nods. Don’t judge me the story is very interesting and I had to munch on as she narrates it to me. Phela as a huge pregnant woman I have few entertaining things in my life. I can’t even go to the cinema to watch a movie and enjoy my popcorns.

Thandiwe: “Fast forward to few years later I have few entertaining things in my life. I can’t even go to the cinema to watch a movie and enjoy my popcorns.

Thandiwe: “Fast forward to few years later Aggrey dates Promise and impregnates her. Promise’s Father being strict says no daughter of his will have a child out of wedlock so the elders meet and force Aggrey to marry promise since he took her virginity and impregnated……..”

Me: “This is Aggrey junior right” I say again disturbing her once again.

Thandiwe: “Yes Aggrey Junior” she says a little annoyed probably because I keep disturbing her.

I smile and nod as I keep digging into my popcorns. I feel like I need more spices but I want the story to continue more than I need the spice. I did say my life is boring of late angithi so don’t judge.

Thandiwe: “So Aggrey junior and Promise got married before the pregnancy started showing. Everything went well for the young couple until it all got too much for Aggrey Junior. Apparently he felt suffocated as he was not ready for such huge responsibilities and there was no way out. So one day after 6 months when Promise was starting her third trimester. Aggrey Junior packed up and disappeared living just a note to say he was never ready to get married and he was not happy blah blah blah and he left the country to start his life all over again”

Me: “Ohh Fara gowd that is sad. I feel sorry for Promise imagine a runaway husband leaving you heavily pregnant because your parents forced you into the marriage. Aggrey was selfish” I say wiping off my tears.

Thandiwe: “Oooh my God are you crying?” she asks concerned.

Me: “Blame it on Mthokozisi making me cry. Carry on with the story I want to know how this whole thing affect our AJ” I say fanning my eyes so that I don’t cry.

Thandiwe: “So now that Aggrey Junior vanished into thin air and Promise’s parents will not have her back since she is married into a Konje family and carrying their child the elders agreed that Alex must take over his brother’s responsibilities. That way she has a husband and her child has a father who is a Konje and most of all a twin to his father meaning he is as good as being the father to Ethan”

Me: “Hai all this sound like a bad scene from Nollywood movie yazi” I say shocked at what I have just heard.

Thandiwe: “Imagine my shock as Promise told me all this. She even brought with her the marriage certificate. She is indeed married to Aggrey Junior Konje not Alex”

Me: “So she and our Alex have they ever……you know…….maybe out of temptation or something?”

Thandiwe: “Well according to Promise they have never even kissed. Not even once”

Me: “Then that’s good news cuz you can now go get your man and I mean the chemistry between you two is undeniable”

I watch as she blushes. I am glad one of us is going to get a happy ending in their true love story. If there is anyone who deserves happiness and being loved whole heartedly is MaTha here because she is loving caring and selfless. 


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Nonkuh 2019-06-23 13:23:54

So AA son is in love with Rori's daughter. I never saw this coming and worse AA and the girls father have some history. This is so unexpected and exciting