Chapter 10


Last night was just epic the food company glitz and the glamor was just out of this worlds. I looked hot in my David Tlale original dress since Bongiwe Walaza couldn’t fit me in such a short notice even if I have to say so myself. Oupa was so smitten he couldn’t keep his hands off me throughout the entire event. I meet amazing people and it safe to say fun was had his friends were very welcoming and fun to hang around.

We did not sleep until the early house of the morning because we took the celebratory party back to his house. I am really proud of this man of mine he scooped himself 4 awards out of the 5 categories that he was nominated in. Yes I did say man of mine because we are now officially an item and we agreed to be exclusive and see how far this thing will take us. I must confess that I am already praying to God that he is the one. I can already see a future with him and all.

Oupa: “I wouldn’t mind waking up to such a beautiful sight every day” he says wrapping his arms around my waist from behind.

I tilt my head to the side to place a soft peck on his lips. I am standing in front of the stove preparing breakfast with the few items I could find in the kitchen. I wonder how he survives because there isn’t much grocery in the house.

Me: “Unfortunately for you my love I live on the other side of town”

Oupa: “Now that’s just bad maybe we should do something about it” he says softly before nibbling on my neck.

I tilt my head to the side giving him more access to my neck. The feeling is so amazing and I don’t want him to stop. It has been so long since I was in a relationship I even forgotten how amazing it can be to have someone make you feel butterflies in your stomach. Unfortunately we are soon disturbed by two of his friends who slept over when they cleared their throats for attention.

Thabo: “Go tlo jewa breakfast or go jewa motho mo kitchen? (Are we going to have breakfast or are you guys going to have sex in the kitchen?)”

Eish this one doesn’t have filters yazi. Look at me now blushing with embarrassment. How to you respond to something like this mara?

Oupa: “Shouldn’t you be heading home before your wife start calling all of you” he says not stopping what he is doing on my neck.

Causing Phila to laugh at Thabo who just clicks his tongue and grabs a bottle of water from the fridge. Apparently he is married to one crazy woman who takes no nonsense and is very possessive over her husband. I guess you have to have some level of craziness to be married to a man like Thabo who is always in the media for one crazy thing or the other.

Thabo: “MaZungu please let me know when the food is ready my dear. I will be in the man cave”

Oupa: “She is not your maid Thabo or your woman for that matter”

Phila: “He can only dream of having a woman as sweet as our beauty and the brains here” he says laughing.

Me: “Don’t mind them I will make sure I will call you” I call out to him as he walks away from this silly people making fun of him.



Mom: “Come in” she answers to the call on the door.

Dad: “I come bearing food am I welcome” he says walking in holding a tray

I can’t help but smile wide. Coming home is the best decision ever and it’s good for my mind and soul. I haven’t spoken to Bulelani since Friday in my office and it’s taking a lot in me not to call him every single moment. I spent the night with my mom and talking about the whole Bule situation I am sure my dad now misses his wife.

Me: “Thank you Mangethe when I grow up I want a husband like you” I says giving him a warm smile

I watch as my mom blush causing me to roll my eyes yazi this two neh. Their love story is such an inspiration in the 26 years that I have been alive I have never seen them fight or disagree on anything. I can only hope to find love as beautiful as theirs one day.

Dad: “I wouldn’t accept anyone of a lesser caliber” he says handing me a try of food.

Yeh yeh this old man is feeling himself yazi. But on a serious note I would wish to be married to a man who would love me as much as Sy loves Dineo or Lani loves Rori because anything below wouldn’t be acceptable in this family. I walk to the bathroom to rinse my mouth and wash my face. I am glad my dad brought us breakfast because I haven’t had anything proper in a while. Heart breaks are the worst I can only hope to heal with time.

Me: “Uphi u Dinny?” I say surprised to see my dad alone in my room when I walk back in.

Dad: “She went to brush her teeth come sit next to baba” he says patting on the bed next to him

I nod and settle down next to my dad who in turn pulls me in for a very warm hug. A much needed one at that.

Dad: “I am very proud of your decision my child. I know walking away from a man you love was not an easy decision to take. Unfortunately I would rather see you hurt now and heal later than to watch you force yourself to marry a man whose family will never accept you. I wish God could grant me one wish

just one nje my child and I would just wish for you to remain a 10 year old for the rest of your life and that way I could protect you from such heartaches and pain” he says softy after staying in his embrace for what seems like a life time.

Me: “You don’t have to worry about me dad I will be fine”

Dad: “Ofcouse you will be fine ungu Mangethe u Nsele kaLindamkhonto never feel bad about who you are. The fact that his family want to judge chooses a woman he must marry based on which family she was born in clearly shows that they don’t deserve you. It’s their loss my child not yours” he says before kissing the top of my head

I almost feel better right now. My dad knows exactly what to say to me and he has always been like that. I remember one day when I came from school crying because someone told me I was a stupid because I failed a test. My dad brought me a tub of ice cream before seating me down to talk. He told me that I should never listen to what people say about me and never accept what they chose to label me because failing is a learning process that is part of life. Instead I should use the opportunity to reflect on what I did wrong and learn from that so that next time I could do better. From that day forth I studied harder and by the time I was in matric I was always in the top 5 best performing students at school.

Me: “I love you very much Mangethe wam’ ”

Dad: “and I you my seed”



I am busy on twitter reading one of the trending topics #oupafindsloveagain. I can’t believe all the hope I had of being with her is gone just like that.

@Ma_Mafloza: #Oupafindsloveagain Mbaks is the man nominated for 5 categories and went home with all 5 trophies since he walk to the even with one in hand already. That girl is for keep marry her now.

Mxm is that what they think she is all about nothing but a tophy girlfriend? Nx clearly people don’t know rare diamond when they see one.

@MonarengPetronella: #Oupafindsloveagain she is beauty and brains. All a man can ever ask for their future looks bright with the doctor in the house.

@Funi+Funi: #Oupafindsloveagain happy for our Messie with the girl like her black twitter approves marry her already.

Dad: “Just stop torturing yourself son. Haven’t I taught you anything in life? You want it go get it it’s actually that simple. It’s either you make her see how you feel or you stop stalking her finish and klaar” he says settling next to me on the sofa.

Me: “It’s really not that simple”

Dad: “Your problem is one AJ you want to fix all your brother’s wrongs. That has always been you from the day you were born and he always knew it. He would get himself in trouble and you would fix his mess and bail him out. We both know that the current mess he created is weighing heavily on you. What I don’t understand is why your mother is set on you carrying your brother’s baggage when she knows it’s tearing you apart”

Me: “I guess you will never understand how things are done back home dad culture is culture. But then again you are the guy who left a long time ago and never turned back even when you knew you left a young wife and two kids”

Dad: “And look who is following in daddy’s footsteps. Aren’t you here now? Doing the exact same thing I did all those years ago? Nx nx nx nx nx the kettle calling the pot black” he says the last part shaking his head.

Me: “You and I are not the same” I say getting up and walking away.

Dad: “You would be surprised Alexandra. You are more like me than you can ever imagine” he shouts as I walk away.

I don’t even know I wasted my time coming to Durban. I should have stayed in Cape Town and found something better to keep myself busy. My father has the nerve to talk about my brother when he left us when we were still in diapers and ran to South Africa to enjoy the good life. I had to grow up watching my mother suffer in the hands of her in-laws while the only role he played was an ATM father and husband. He shouldn’t dare compare my situation to his because they are totally different. He had a choice while I was presented with none.



Mom: “Now tell me all about him”

Me: “It’s too early to be telling you anything mom. I will do so when the time is right”

Mom: “Kegore Thandiwe you think I enjoy reading about the latest development in your love life on Twitter mara aowa”

Me: “Ooh mom please tell me your Zulu king hasn’t read it”

Mom: “What do you think mmm?”

I let out a deep sigh. Why did I have to fall for a celebrity mara? Now our lives are being discussed on twitter by people who don’t even know us like they do. Can you believe that someone actually commented that Oupa’s money attract all types of models. Like really a model is that all they think I am? Legona why would they think I am with him because of his money? Is it really that hard for people to accept that there are still girls out there who enjoy spending and earning their own money? I know Oupa said I should not pay attention to what is being written about me on twitter but it’s easier said than done. Worse part I am a very private person and people are busy making my name and life a trending topic.

Me: “Which one of the two Oceans told him?”

I say causing her to laugh out loud I am glad she finds it very funny because I don’t. That man once told me that he should never hear about any boy I am dating until that person sends his uncles to my house to ask for my hand in marriage.

Mom: “Nana you were on national television of Saturday night on a show that was watched by over 80000 South Africans and you thought your father wouldn’t know?”

Damn I did not even see it that way. How could I have been so sidetracked by fun at the wards that I totally forgot it was being broadcast live on TV? My dad must be disappointed in me right now.

Me: “How is he taking it?”

Mom: “I don’t know he has not said anything to me about it. Maybe you should just call him and find out?”

Me: “Easier said than done”

Mom: “Don’t worry about your father wena my girl just have fun and enjoy love adventure. Plus u guy o hot hot hot” she says sounding all dramatic.

My mother bakithi I can’t help but laugh all out. Manzini should not hear her say that because he will not like it. It’s always great talking to my mom even though I don’t do it as often as I would like to since my job keeps me busy. We continue talking on the phone until she has to go and prepare dinner for the family. How I wish I was home right now I miss my mother’s tasty food.


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