Chapter 1


I groan like a wounded animal before placing a pillow on top my head. Whoever is knocking should just go away and come back tomorrow morning.

Me: “Noooooooo just go away” I cry out as my phone start ringing.

This person better have a damn good reason to wake me up so late at night.

Me: “hello” I say in a sleepy voice without checking the caller ID.

Her: “Tha Please open up”

Ohh shit its Enhle. I spring out of the bed after sensing panic in her voice. I grab my gown and put it on before rushing to the door.

Enhle: “Tha I need your help. Please get dressed and come with me” she says pushing her way inside my apartment.

I stand there looking at here confused. I am tired and sleepy and here is my cousin who just bolt in my apartment making demands. I may not know what time it is right now but I know it’s very late at night.

Enhle: “hurry up Tha and bring your first aid kid and some strong pain meds” she says clapping her hands.

Me: “Why who is hurt?” I ask confused.

Enhle: “Hai hurry up Tha Umuntu anga vele afe (A person can lose their life). I will tell you when we get there” she drags me to my bedroom.

I walk to the bathroom and rinse my mouth before walking back to the bedroom. I find her throwing clothes on top on my bed. I roll my eyes before grabbing a legging from the pile and a long t-ship.

Me: “Pass me those black all-stars please” I say putting on my clothes.

Enhle: “Eish Tha hurry up. Where is your first aid kit?” she says looking through my closet.

I point her to the bathroom and finish up getting dressed.

Enhle: “Let’s go” she says already moving to the door with a first aid kit in hand.

I grab my phone and follow her.  Enhle and I have been friends since we were 6 years old. Our fathers are best friends and share business interest. So our families are close and we also grew close enough to regard each other as cousins.

We drive out of my complex with me asking her lot of questions about where we are going and she avoiding giving me straight answers.

Me: “By God’s grace we arrived in one peace” I say sarcastically before stepping out of the car.

She chuckles and walk away. How rude.

We are at Enhle’s place and I know it normally takes me 1 hour 30 to drive here from my place. A trip which she made in less than 30 min. I take the first aid kit from her boot and follow her to the house.


Me: “Nooo Enhle this guy needs a hospital” I say panicking.

How can Enhle drag me into something like this? Wake me up in the middle of the night to remove a bullet from a guy’s stomach inside her own home. What if he dies in my hands? What answers would I give to the police? They should have just taken him to a hospital.

Man: “Please my sister you are a doctor right. Help him” says a man with an accent.

I look at Enhle who looks at me pleadingly. I shake my head before taking gloves from the first aid kit.

Me: “What is your name Sir?” I say to the injured guy.

Him: “AJ” he says in a deep voice masked in pain

Me: “Ohk AJ I need you to take this for the pain ohk” I say handing him the pain killers

AJ: Shaking his head “Mbali can I please get something strong like a whiskey”

Enhle moves to the kitchen and comes back with a bottle of whisky. I shake my head as I watch him gulp it down like juice.

Enhle: “I would be in the lounge when you need me I can’t stay here and watch” she says before walking away.

The guy with a Nigerian accent (I assume its Nigerian) follows her. Pussies running away leaving me alone to deal with the dying man. Mxm.

Aj: “You are very beautiful you know that?” she says in pain as I press around his wound.

Me: “Yep

says the guy who is half dead” I say before placing my two fingers inside his wound.


I ignore his groans as I move then around to search for the bullet. This is what you get when you don’t go to the hospital to receive proper treatment. Finally I find the bullet and take it out. Yah this guy is tough shame I thought he would be passed out by now. But nooooo not this tough guy all he does is to gulp down his whiskey like its plain water. I clean up his wound before stitching him up and dress his wound.

Me: “All done” I say taking off the bloody gloves”

Aj: “Thanks a lot Doctors you did a good Job” he says trying to sit up.

I smile and walk away to Enhle’s room. First I wash my hands in the bathroom sink before getting in bed and dozing off instantly.



Me: “What am I to you AJ” I ask angrily

AJ: “Come on Mbali I had nowhere else to go?”

Me: “I asked you what am I to you?”

AJ: “You are my lawyer advocate Zwane”

Me: “Then don’t ever pull that stunt again. If you have nowhere else to go you don’t think of showing up at my place. Okay”

AJ: “Okay mam”

Me: “How did you even find me?”

AJ: “I make it my business to know about people I work with”

I look at him in disbelief. AJ has been my client for over a year now. I normally provide legal advice to his companies based this side and assist in drawing up business contracts for him. Imagine my shock when he showed up at my door with a bullet on his stomach. The worst part is that he refused to be taken to the hospital and expected me to help him. I had to think on my feet and drive over to Thandiwe’s place. I know she is probably pissed at me right now. I have a lot of sucking up to do because I wouldn’t want this landing on our parent’s ears. Uncle Lani would kill me for putting his princess in such a situation.

Me: “I want you and your friend out of here first thing in the morning AJ”

I watch as he nod before going to my bedroom. I lock the door as soon as I walk in I won’t take my chances with two man in my house. I change into my sleep wear and get under covers with Thandiwe before spooning her.

Me: “Tha” I say softly.

She ignores me I know she is not happy with me.

Me: “Princess ka Lani ngiya xolisa (I am sorry). It was very selfish of me to drag you into this mess. Please forgive me Yang. I knew you were tired from working double shifts and I just had to drag you out here. Please my yang. I will take you to a Spa tomorrow please”

Tha: “Spa and shopping?”

Me: “Yes Spa and shopping” I say hugging her tightly.

She giggles and I know I have been forgiven. We continue talking for a while before we doze off to sleep.


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Nonkuh 2019-06-23 10:39:16

So excited, hopefully we will get an insert on the parents.