Miss Independent

Author : Mosima

Description: Miss independent they call me. There is nothing wrong with independence but apperantly i'm too independent. I've never been so confused in my life. My mother tought me to be independent. "You have to learn to depend only on yourself" she says. After my father passed away my mother found it hard to make ends meet. She was a housewife, my father took care of her, took care of us until he was taken from us then we had nobody to depend on but each other. My mother was a strong woman and she did her best to ensure that we had food on the on the table and clothes on our back. She also insured to install some independence in me. She wanted me to be able to take care of myself if something had to happen to her, but now that independence stands in the way of my relationships. That independence has a wall built around my heart and mind. I'm very stubborn but at the same time i'm very, very lonely.My name is Princess Sekgato and this is my Story.

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