Chapter 9

It’s been two weeks since Stan left and I still haven’t heard from him or his parents. The only person I was in contact with was Eric

But every time I asked him about Stan he would just brush me off. Today was Saturday and I had an appointment with the doctor on Monday but I haven’t received the medical aid that was promised to me. I called Cheri but she didn’t answer so I bathed and I wore a short black summer dress and sandals I took a taxi to Stan’s place and I felt so nervous. I got there and I saw there was a braai even Floyd’s family was there.

Me: This Family sure loves throwing parties.

I walked in slowly and I made my way to the backyard everyone just paused and stared at me. Well this is awkward.

Me: Hi everyone.

Cheri: Hi what are you doing here?

Me: Well nobody would return my calls and I was worried I haven’t heard from you or Stan.

Cheri: Why would we call you we know the child you are carrying isn’t Stan’s.

Me: What?

Cheri: We know its Floyd’s you were trying to Trap Stan so that he would miss out on his amazing opportunity to study abroad. You probably planned the whole thing with Layla She has always been jealous of me and she ruined my marriage. Now she’s trying to ruin my son’s life with your pregnancy. Stan is not the father of your bastard child.

Eric: That’s enough mom.

Layla: Oh wow Cheri this is low even for you. I thought you changed but clearly we were all wrong.

Me: I’m not lying this is Stan’s child you can do a DNA test.

Cheri: and who’s going to pay for that you know you are broke.

Me: Wow you had me fooled. All this time you were just pretending. Does Stan know about this?

Cheri: Do you mean does Stan know the truth yes he does now do me a favour and get all your things from son’s bedroom and leave. Oh and don’t you ever set foot in this yard ever again.

Tears were falling I slowly walked to Stan’s room and I packed my things she gave me a black bag and I put my belongings in there. I was hurt Stan took his mother’s word over mine. Why do I always let him hurt me like this I felt so stupid. I was about to leave I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen I let out a scream. I saw blood running down my legs.

Me: oh no no! Help somebody help!

I saw Eric running towards me then my vision got blurry I heard him say nothing it was lights out.

 I was sitting next to Angie under a tree. In the middle of nowhere and it was beautiful and peaceful.

Me: I miss you much Angie.

Angie: I miss you too.

Me: Am I dead? Are we finally going to be together forever?

Angie: No you just unconscious look I need you to promise that you will stay calm. Vanessa’s life depends on it.

Me: Who is Vanessa?

Angie: You will know soon enough. I have to go it was nice seeing you.

Me: Angie please stay don’t leave yet.

Angie: I’m always here with you.

I saw Angie slowly disappearing I called her to come back but she was gone. I woke up and I couldn’t recognize where I was until I saw Eric sleeping in a chair.

Eric: hey baby mama you finally awake.

Me: Can I have some water please.

Eric got me some water and I realized I was in hospital. I remember that I was bleeding and Cheri was being mean to me. The doctor came in and it was doctor Addington.

Dr. A: Welcome back Gail how are you feeling? Do you any pain?

Me: I feel numb why am I in hospital?

Dr A: Well you were bleeding because your stress levels are high

why am I in hospital?

Dr A: Well you were bleeding because your stress levels are high and your blood pressure. You and the baby are fine but  you need to keep calm otherwise you’ll deliver this baby early and that is dangerous. Now I’ll come later to check on you I have to do my rounds.

Me: Thanks see you later.

The doctor left and Floyd walked in with Flowers. He sat next to Eric the both looked at me and I was just sitting there lifeless.

Floyd: Hey Angel.

Me: Hey.

Then we sat there in silence.

Me: Eric what happened?

Eric sighed and he looked over at Floyd.

Floyd: Tell her or I will.

Eric: Okay. Layla is Floyd’s mom as you know she’s is my father’s sister. My mom and Layla have never been friends they never liked each other even and caused a drift between my parents they divorced and mom moved to Cape Town. My mom always thought that Layla is out to get her for who knows what.

Me: Why hasn’t Stan contacted me?

Eric: He is angry hurt and confused.

Me: He believes Cheri over me why do I always let him do this to me?

Floyd: Do what?

Me: Hurt me break my soul. I could have lost my baby because of him and his mother. I am such a fool.

Eric: No you are a girl in love look Gail things are still going to get tougher but you have me and Floyd. You are not alone. People in school are going to find out that you expecting your neighbours as well. It’s time you learn to have some thick skin for the baby’s sake.

Me: I know I will.

Eric: Anyways I need to get going I found a place and I’m moving out today.

Floyd: House warming party?

Eric: Of cause as long as Gail is willing to come

Me: Of cause we’ll discuss the details.

He got up and kissed my forehead and he left.

Floyd got into the bed with me and we cuddled. I needed that.

Floyd: You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

Me: Are you seriously quoting the help?

Floyd: Well is helping?

We both laughed.

Me: Yeah it is actually. Why weren’t you this person when we first met? We could’ve been happy and I would’ve been going through this.

Floyd: I ask myself that question every day I will forever regret what I did to you. But I’m happy that I became your friend it’s better than not being in your life. I love you always have and I always will.

Me: I love you too.

Floyd: Not like that I’m in love with you.

Me: But I am damaged I slept with your cousin and I am expecting his baby at 17 years old and I might not go to matric next year. You deserve much more than me.  

Floyd: No I deserve you. I’m not saying date me I’m saying that you will always have a place in my heart.

Me: Thank you thank you for everything and most importantly thank you for being you.

He leaned in and we kissed and he stopped and looked me in my eyes and then he kissed my forehead. I understood he didn’t want to be my rebound. Eventually I fell asleep and I woke later because I was hungry and I noticed Floyd had left but he also left a note.

“You look do peaceful

I will see you tomorrow


I love you”

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