Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Today was the first day of school in 2014. I woke up and I got ready for school. I made breakfast for me and my siblings. While we were eating Stan called me and he told me he was outside. I took my school bag and I went out to meet him. I got in the car and we hugged.

Me: Good morning.

Stan: Morning I’m going to take you to school every day until I leave then my dad is going to take over.

Me: No I can take a taxi I’m not disabled or anything I am just pregnant.

Stan: hell no you’ve seen how taxi drivers drive! I just want you and the baby to be safe plus good luck saying no to my dad.

Me: Okay I guess I have no choice but to accept it but I get where you are coming from.

We talked all the way about how we going to stay in communication and he wants us to skype every time I have a doctor’s appointment and keep a scrapbook for him and videos of the baby kicking. We got to school and chilled for a few minutes until Floyd came to get me. We got out the car and I hugged Stan and he kissed me on my cheek. Floyd and I went to the quad and sat there with his friends. The day went by very fast and I was tired by the end of the day. Floyd walked me to Stan’s car and he hugged and kissed my forehead I was really feeling the love from both of them. That’s what they did every day Stan and I had sex every day and I even slept over on weekends.


Two weeks later it was Friday and I was at Stan’s house we were lying in bed naked and all I was thin king about was tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day I was dreading the most. Stan was leaving for New York tomorrow and I was going to miss him. This pregnancy won’t be the same without him. I couldn’t hold it in anymore I just broke down and cried. I even had hiccups.

Stan: hey what’s wrong? Are you thinking about tomorrow?

Me: Stan Please don’t leave me I can’t do this by myself I need you.

Stan: But we already talked about this.

Me: I know it’s just that I’m scared Stan.

Stan: I’m scared too but you are a strong woman and my family will help you in anyway. I promise babe I will be here to hold your hand throughout your whole pregnancy.

I looked at him and I hope his promise is kept. We made love and we went to sleep I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. I had this bad feeling that I couldn’t shake off. The next morning I woke up and Stan was already up packing his final things. We took a shower together and then we went to have breakfast and there was this awkward silence. Stan’s mom was giving me this ugly look. After breakfast Floyd and his family also came to say goodbye is was a very bitter morning. We took Stan to the airport and were riding with Eric and Stan. Stan was going with Cheri to New York. We got to the airport and everyone hugged him. I was the last person to hug him I was extremely emotion.

Stan: Hey this is not goodbye. See you later babe I love you both.

Me: We love you too

We hugged one was time and I watched him leave I felt uneasy like my gut is telling me that there is something bad coming my way. We left the airport and I was dropped off at home. I got home and I slept I had to wait for Stan to call me because I didn’t really know how things worked that side. I was woken up from my nap by a phone call it was an unsaved number.

Me: Hello?

Him: Hey baby momma it’s me come outside for a second I have something to show you.

Me: Alright I’m coming

 I went outside to meet him I wasn’t sure why he was here. I checked the time and it was around 3. I got outside and I got into his car I was surprised to see him and that he knew where I lived. We hugged and I just sat there wondering what he was doing here.

Me: Hey Eric.

Eric: Hey you live in a very nice house.

Me: Thank you.

Eric: I bought you a journal so you can write your pregnancy journey. I think Stan will like to read it when he returns.

Me: That is such a wonderful idea thank you.

Eric: You are welcome. I promised Stan that I will look after you and I’m planning on doing that well. So I’m going to start taking you to school.

Me: I thought your dad was going to take me.

Eric: Yeah well I thought I was going to be better company than my parents.

He had this worried look on his face I could tell that something was wrong. I could tell he was lying he wasn’t his normal happy self and I was worried.

Me: Are you okay you seem a bit off. Did something happen to Stan?

Eric: No I’m fine it’s just I think it’s time I found my own place you know.

Me: Why?

Eric: I need to grow up be in depended and my mom is moving back here I think she’s going to try and fix things with my dad.

Me: You want to give them space?

Eric: Yeah and I don’t need my mom being in my business since Stan won’t be around for a while.

I just laughed but he didn’t I felt like there was something he was hiding from me but I’m not one to push so I let him be.

Me: Well I have to go prepare for school tomorrow plus I’m hungry.

Eric: (Chuckled) Alright baby mama I’ll see you tomorrow.

I got in the house and Eric Left. I prepared my school uniform and I chilled with my siblings.

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