Chapter 7

Chapter 7

We got to Stan’s house and his parents weren’t home they went out for dinner. We found Eric in the Kitchen making food.

Eric: Baby mama what brings here?

Floyd: She’s horny so she’s here to use Stan.

Eric laughed so hard and I got annoyed. I went to Stan’s bedroom and I found him reading a book. I got in and I locked the door.

Stan: Hey what are you doing here?

Me: I came to have sex this pregnancy is making me horny all the time.

Stan: But we are not together.

Me: It doesn’t matter you the one that made me pregnant.

He laughed and he came closer. We kissed with so much hunger he started kissing my neck it felt like that turned me on even more. He picked me up and laid me on the bed and he took of my pants along with my underwear. I took off my shirt and bra because I was feeling hot. He started licking me up and down my toes curled and I felt an orgasm building up. When I was about to cum he stopped and he flipped me in doggy position he started eating me from the back while he was fingering me I came instantly oh but he was not done. He put on a condom and I felt his shaft entering my body I felt my body shake he started moving slow while whispering “how do you want it?”

Me: Fast and hard.

He went faster and deeper and I could not keep my moans down then we heard a knock.

Cheri: Keep down geese!

Stan: Sorry mom.

He gave me a pillow and he told me to bite it it will reduce the sounds and he started playing music. We continued with the deed and we came at the same time. We cuddled and I instantly fell asleep. I woke around midnight hungry. I woke Stan up.

Me: Wake up I’m hungry.

Stan: Let’s go make food.

Me: No I want McDonald.

Stan: its 1 am you don’t really expect me to get McDonald’s.

I started sniffing.

Stan: Stop crying let me go talk to my dad.

He went to speak with his dad and I went to take a shower I wore my sweat pants and his sweater. I found Stan drinking water.

Me: I don’t want it anymore I want noodles with tomato sauce and mayonnaise Ohh add some avo too. He laughed at me.

Stan: That’s good cos I’m scared to wake my dad up but I’ll get for you in the morning.

He started making me food and I found some KFC in the fridge and I warmed it up and ate it while I was waiting for my food. Stan was staring at me and it gave me butterflies.

Me: Why are you looking at me like that?

Stan: You are beautiful.

I couldn’t help but blush.

Stan: I love you so much babe and I ‘m going to miss you so much.

Me: I’m going to miss you too when are you leaving?

Stan: In two weeks.

He gave me my food and I started eating. He just looked at me and he laughed. He went out to smoke and I washed the dishes and I headed to bed. He came in after a few minutes and we cuddled. He was leaving in two weeks’ time I was going to miss him so much.

Stan: What are you thinking about?

Me: School next week and everyone is going to react when I start showing.

Stan: I wish I was still in high school so you wouldn’t face this alone.

Me: It’s fine I have Floyd.

Stan: What’s going between you and Floyd?

Me: We are friends we’ve always been friends.

Stan: He looks like his into you.

Me: If he was into me he wouldn’t have brought me to your house so I can have sex with you.

Stan: Trust me he could. Speaking of sex do you want another round?

Me: Yes.

We had a quick one and I went to sleep. I woke the next morning and I ran to the bathroom and I threw up. I rinsed my mouth and I went back to the room and Stan was not there. I went to the kitchen and I found everyone there.

Me: Good morning.

Everyone: Morning.

I walked to Stan and he gave me a cup of tea.

Stan: mom said it will help with the morning sickness.

Me: Thank you.

I went to sit down and I noticed Floyd was still here my heart always smiles whenever I see Floyd. I stood up and I went to sit on top of him he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Stan was just staring at us.

Floyd: Missed me Angel?

I just nodded and he laughed at me I went back to seat and I ate my breakfast. later on Stan took me home. The rest of the week was just me spending time  with my siblings and preparing for school.

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