Chapter 6

Chapter 6


I went to the bathroom and I washed my face. I walked back to the dining room my uncle was already shouting.

Uncle: You made her pregnant and now you want to move to another continent are you crazy boy?

Stan: No sir I didn’t mean to get her pregnant and we thought we were safe.

S’ dad: Please calm down sir I understand you are angry.

Uncle: I’m very angry right now.

Me: Uncle please calm down you are scaring the kids.

Cheri: Please calm down let’s sit down and talk it out like adults. The damage is already done.

My uncle finally sat down and they told me and Stan to excuse them. We went to my bedroom and we sat in silence for a few minutes. I felt something moving and it was an incredible feeling. I sat there with tears streaming down my face Stan looked at me worried.

Stan: What’s wrong?

Me: It’s beautiful come feel.

Stan came to sit next to me on my bed and I took his hands and placed them on my stomach. There was a spark in his eyes a sense of amusement.

Stan: Wow that’s beautiful.

He came closer and he gave me a passionate kiss I kissed him back. No matter how much he has hurt me I still love him but this kiss was just my hormones taking over. I was done being on this roller-coaster with him I deserved better. I pulled back and I looked into his eyes.

Me: Thank you.

Stan: For what.

Me: This kiss was the exact closure I needed.

Stan: I don’t understand.

Me: I love Stan and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you but this kiss made realize that I’m no longer in love with you. And that’s a good thing because it creates a platform for us to be great co-parents.

Stan: I’m sorry that it came to this it’s all my fault we were great together.

Me: We were. Look Stan I know you really want to go to this school but you have a baby that’s coming are you willing to miss out on a lot of things like the first kick me giving birth her first word and when she starts walking?

Stan: No I don’t and it’s killing me that I’m going to miss a lot of her firsts but I will come visit every school holiday and I trust my parents to take care of him until I came back. I need to go to this school so I can ensure a proper life for my child. This school is filled with opportunities that I won’t get In SA.

Me: I understand this pregnancy won’t be the same without you.

We were called back for lunch and once I started eating I couldn’t stop I was so hungry. Everyone just laughed at me. After the lunch Stan’s family left and I went to sit down with my uncle he did say that he was not done with me.

Uncle: I wanted to apologise for my childish behaviour this morning I was really hurt and disappointed by this matter. But I will support you as your uncle. I have to let the fame know so they can come to assist with the damages. I am happy that Stan and his family are taking responsibility over this pregnancy. I need you to just focus on school and don’t stress yourself out.

Me: Thank you uncle for everything.

We hugged and he left. I went to wash dishes and my grandmother walked in and I knew she was going to say something to piss me off.

Grandma: You listened to me and you trapped him with a baby.

Me: What I would never do that.

Grandma: You should trap the other one as well.

I just ignored her and finished up with the dishes. I cleaned the kitchen and I went to change out of my dress. I wore my grey tracksuit pants and a white long sleeve shirt. I got a text from Floyd saying he is outside. I wore my socks and slippers and I went outside. When I saw him I ran to him and hugged him. I missed him so much.

Floyd: Hey want to go get some ice cream?

Me: Nope can we just go to your house?

Floyd: Cool let’s go plus my mom just gave the cottage.

We drove to Mcdees and we got some food and ice cream. I only wanted a plain Sunday. Then we headed to his house. I got there and I greeted his mom and little sister then we headed to the cottage. I went straight for his bed and he also got in and we cuddled while watching a movie.

Floyd: How did today go?

I told the whole story about today’s events and the kiss I shared with Stan. He was shocked but he was glad me and Stan are getting along.

Floyd: So there is no chance of ya’ll getting back together?

Me: Nope.

The baby moved again and Floyd felt it.

Floyd: Wow she’s really something else.

Me: I know.

Floyd: How is the pregnancy treating you?

Me: It’s not that bad I’m always hungry and horny.

Floyd laughed so hard and it pissed me off.

Floyd: Oh shit you are serious.

Me: Yes I am.

Floyd: I’m sorry babe.

Me: it’s okay ey anyways I have to go can you please drop me off at Stan’s.

Floyd: Why?

Me: I’m going to use him for sex until he leaves.

Floyd: Eeuw but Smart come let’s go.

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