Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It was the week of the meeting and my Grandma was back she wants to be part of the mysterious meeting. Today I was going with Cheri and Stan to the doctor Cheri found me a gynaecologist. I was getting dressed when Cheri called me saying they are outside. I wore a maxi dress and I took my side bag and I went outside to meet them. I got in the car and we drove off having small conversations. We got to the doctor and we only waited 10 minutes before we got to see the doctor.

Dr: Hi I’m doctor Naidoo I will be your doctor until you give birth.

Me: Hi.

He took some blood and he said he wanted to run some tests. I asked him for a 3d Sonar and I called Cheri and Stan to come join. I went to change into the robe and I laid down. The doctor poured some cold gel on my stomach and pointed us to the screen.

Dr: There is the little one would you like to hear the heart beat?

Stan: Wow that’s mine.

Cheri: Yes please.

They turned the heartbeat on and Stan started crying it made me cry.

This was a beautiful moment. The doctor printed out the Sonar pictures and I went to get dressed. I got back and made appointment for my next visit. I was given my prescription and we headed to the chemist.  I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see who it was.

R Addington: Hey I thought it was you.

Me: hey Doc what are doing here?

R Addington: Well I took a transfer and I work here now what are you doing here?

Me: Had an appointment with the gynaecologist and I’m here to pick up my prescription.

R Addington: How far along are you?

Me: Uhm excuse me?

R Addington: You pregnant right?

Me: Yeah how did you know?

R Addington: I’m a doctor so how far along are you?

Me: 15 weeks.

R Addington: Well congrats I’ll see you around kiddo.

He left and I got my medication. Stan and Cheri were waiting for me at the reception are so I got to them and then we went for lunch. We settled at Sun Deck it was so fancy. I ordered a steak with Vegies and some grape juice. We had lunch over light conversations.

Cheri: Are you nervous about tomorrow?

Me: Yeah

it was so fancy. I ordered a steak with Vegies and some grape juice. We had lunch over light conversations.

Cheri: Are you nervous about tomorrow?

Me: Yeah my uncle will be so disappointed.

Cheri: He will be but he will forgive you.

Stan: He’s going to kill me.

Me: He might.

We all laughed and drove back to Stan’s place. We showed Eric and Stan’s dad the sonar pictures and the excitement on their faces was priceless.

Eric: I can’t believe ya’ll are having a baby.

We all laughed it was getting late and I had to go home and Stan offered to take me home. There was some awkward silences.

Stan: I’m sorry.

Me: What?

Stan: I’m sorry about everything everything I did I thought will be for your own good.

Me: What are you talking about?

Stan: I thought that if I hurt you now you will quickly get over it so thought its best for me to hurt you now than later.

Me: So that’s why you broke up with me.

Stan Yes and the things I did after we broke up was for you to hate me so you can quickly forget about me. Little did I now that we were going to have a little someone who was going to tie us together forever.

Me: What are you saying Stan?

Stan: I love you always have and I always will. I am so sorry for how I treated you since we broke I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Me: Stan...

Stan: Please don’t hate me I understand we can’t be together but can we at least be friends for the sake of the baby.

Me: We can do that as long as you won’t interfere when I move on with my life.

Stan: I’ll try my best.

We got to my house we hugged and he left. I got in and my Granny had already started cooking. We had dinner in front of the tv. I went to wash the dished and I went to bed. My granny woke me up early in the morning telling that I should prepare for my “in-laws” I rolled my eyes and I went to take a shower I wore a floral maxi dress and I wore a doek. I helped prepare the food and my uncle arrived an hour early with my siblings. I went to hug all of them.

Me: Family.

Uncle: Hey nana.

Me: Uncle can we talk in my room for a second.

We went to my room and I handed him my prevention card from the clinic

Uncle: I take it that you are already having sex? I’m glad that you being responsible.

Me: There is more.

I handed him the sonar pictures.

Me: I got sick so I went to the doctor and I got antibiotics shot which weakened my birth control...

Uncle: You are pregnant? Have you not heard about condoms?

Me: I’m sorry uncle.

Uncle: I am so disappointed in you I believed that you would be smarter than this. What were you thinking?

I just sat there with tears rolling down my face I could see the disappointment on my uncle’s face.

Uncle; I’m going to kill that boy! So today’s meeting is about this mess you’ve put yourself into?

Me: Yes uncle.

My granny came into my room and told my uncle that the guests are here.

Uncle: I will deal with you later now go freshen up and join us in the living room.


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