Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Me: You don’t know what you want it’s like you enjoy hurting me.

Stan: I didn’t think you would move on so quickly.

Me: I didn’t think you would move on so quickly.

Stan: With my cousin your best friend the guy that hurt you and embarrassed you.

Me: You went back to Michelle you are only valuable in her life when she’s lonely and this time she’s with you for your connections and money so don’t you dare judge me because Floyd and I shared a new year’s kiss. But you on the hand had more than that. I bet she’s still in your bed naked but Floyd and I slept with all of clothes on hell Floyd even had his shoes on.

Stan: Babe…

Me: No Stan you chose to break up with me then move on with Michelle and when I want to move on you try to block me. It’s time to face reality I am no longer your and the only thing that’s keeping us in contact is this baby. I am no longer yours and you have no one but yourself to blame for that.

I stood up and cleaned the vomit. I went back to the bedroom to take a shower and I wore the clothes I was in yesterday. I woke up Floyd and went to shower. He came back and he was already dressed he sat on the bed and he looked at me.

Floyd: The kiss?

Me: I don’t what came over me I was lost in the moment and you had this goofy smile that made me excited.

Floyd blushed and he looked down then he looked up at me and he licked his lips. My body shivered and I got instantly.

Floyd: Stop drooling.

I just laughed.

Floyd: Look Angel I really love you and I would love to be with you but you not thinking straight right now you just went through a break up and you still have a lot of challenges to face. You are very vulnerable right now and I don’t want you to use me as a rebound. I don’t mind kissing you whenever you need some affection but we are better off as friends for now.

When did Floyd become so matured but I’m grateful that he told me how he felt.

Me: Can I get a kiss now?

Floyd: I’ll give you one when I drop you off.

We just laughed and walked to the kitchen for breakfast. As usual Floyd gave me some dry toast with bananas and some decaf coffee. We went to sit with everyone around the table. Everyone was staring at us.

Cheri: You two have been in the bedroom.

Floyd: Relax tan ‘Cheri Angel is my best friend and I would not disrespect ooms house like that.

Eric: Trust me ma they didn’t do anything Gail can’t keep her sounds down she makes hella noise.

Everyone laughed and I was embarrassed. Eric took my banana and he ate it

I started crying and everyone heard my sniffs.

Floyd: Hey what’s wrong Angel?

I couldn’t speak I just pointed at Eric and the tears were flowing out.

Floyd: Dude not cool.

Eric: What did I do?

Floyd: You took her banana.

Eric: So?

Cheri: You can’t take a pregnant woman’s food you won’t know if it’s one of her cravings.

I was still crying and Floyd was calming me down. Cheri told Eric to go get me some bananas and he did.

Eric: I’m sorry.

Me: I’m also sorry my emotions are all over the place.

Cheri: It’s called being pregnant dear.

Floyd: Are you okay Angel?

Me: Can you please get me some peanut butter.

Floyd went to get me some peanut butter and a glass of milk.

Me: Thank you.

Floyd: Anything for you Angel.

He kissed me on my forehead and we continued with breakfast with Stan looking at us like we killed Tupac.

Stan: So are ya’ll together?

Me: It’s none of your business.

Cheri: It really is none of your business

Stan: She is carrying my child I don’t understand why Floyd is acting like he’s the father.

Floyd: Dude you know that Gail and I are friends we’ve always been like this even when you were in a relationship with her. I don’t know why you acting out but you are leaving and Gail will need a friend and soon when she’s ready to move she will.

Stan: So you telling me that you guys are just friends.

Floyd: Yeah we are.

Stan: Friends don’t kiss each other.

Me: Well we do.

Stan: Dude you are breaking the bro code.

Floyd: You kidding I had a thing with Gail and I messed things up but when you took interest in her I gave you my blessing I didn’t tell you about bro code. You know what I’m out of here Gail are you ready to go.

Me: Yeah Thank you for the lovely braai and happy New Year.

Cheri: Thanks for coming happy New Year.

S dad: We will see you next week at the meeting.
Me and Floyd left. He dropped me and he gave me a hug. I went into the house changed my clothes and I went to sleep I was tired. I was also worried about next week’s meeting my life could change drastically

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