Chapter 30

It is now December and my baby is officially 6 months old. She’s forever blabbing and she can sit upright by herself. A lot happened in the last few months Floyd is officially dating Nobuhle and he told her the truth about me not being his baby mama. Stan left for New York but we were still on good terms He calls in everyday and we also skype every day. I found a school that is not so far from home so I’ll be home on time to be with my baby. Rachel hired a nanny for me and she is amazing with my baby. Her name is Gcina. Dan has also decided to move out he found himself a bachelor pad and he was having a house warming party on the 16th. Today was the 10th and I still didn’t know when Stan was coming back. I took my baby and we sat on my bed and video called daddy. It rang until we saw his face. My little girl screamed with excitement. She was definitely a daddy’s girl. She couldn’t stop trying to kiss the screen.

Me: Your child though.

Stan: I should just bring her to New York to live with me.

Me: That sounds like a plan. When are you coming home?

Stan: On the 20th I miss you guys so much.

Me: We miss you too.

Stan: I need to ask you for something.

Me: Sure.

Stan: Can you spend Christmas Eve at my parents place.

Me: Is your mom going to be there?

Stan: Yeah Eric and Shay will be there as well.

Me: But you know how things are with your mom.

Stan: I know but please babe this is our angel’s first Christmas and I want to be with her on Christmas morning.

Me: Can I just think about it?

Stan: It’s better than a no look I have to go we’ll talk tomorrow morning.

Me: Alright goodnight.

I took my baby to Gcina and I went to take a shower. I had a double date today with Floyd and Nobuhle they were setting me up and I was not up for it. Floyd called while I was about to get dressed.

Me: My person.

Floyd: Hey Angel thanks for agreeing to this double date.

Me: I’m only doing this for you but I don’t think I’m ready to date.

Floyd: I’ll be there to protect you if the guy tries anything.

Me: What time are we meeting?

Floyd: Around 3 forest hill mall.

Me: Cool let me get dressed.

We said goodbye and I hung up. It was nice and warm outside so I settled for grey skorts and an off the shoulder black bodysuit with some white chucks. I put on some powder on my face and some red lipstick. I had long blonde twist braids

I tied them in a high pony. I wore these black heart stud earrings and some oversized shades. I took a small black handbag and I put all that I’ll need inside. I went down to say goodbye to my baby and Gcina. I got into my ride and my driver took me to Forest hill mall. I was like 15 minutes late and I found Floyd and Nobuhle waiting for me.

Me: Hey people.

Nobuhle: Hey girl you look amazing.

Me: Ncaww thanks boo you looking fly as well.

Okay let me not lie Nobuhle was not my cup of tea. I pretended to like her because Floyd care’s about her.

Floyd: Hey Angel.

Me: My person. So where is my date because third wheeling is not my style?

…: Right here.

I turned and there was this hot chocolate hunk behind me. Tjerr this guy was gorgeous!

Me: Hi I’m Gail.

…: Hi my name is Nsikayesizwe but you can call me Nsika or Sizwe or babe.

I just laughed He was tall and he was dark in complexion. He had these dark lips and very thick eyebrows. He had those curled up eyelashes and light brown eyes. He had short hair simple like drake. His body was built it looked like he worked out.

Me: I’ll stick with Sizwe.

He smiled at me gosh that smile. I almost melted until Floyd cleared his throat.

Sizwe: I would have preferred babe.

Nobuhle: Come on guys let’s go bowling.

We went bowling and we had an amazing time and we were off to dinner during dinner Floyd accompanied Nobuhle to the bathroom and I was left with Mr hot stuff. He was just staring at me.

Me: So tell me about yourself.

Sizwe: Well I’m Sizwe Mkhize I’m 19. I live in summerset estate with my parents and I go to MGI. I am single and I love going out tell me about you princess.

Me: Well my name is Gail Addington I live at the Bluehills Estate and its actually not far from you. I’m 17 and I’m still in high school. I have a 6 months old baby girl and I’m also single.

Sizwe: Wow what happened between you and the father?

Me: Just didn’t work out but he is an amazing father. We are good parents just terrible lovers.

He just nodded and the others came back. We paid the bill and we all went our separate ways. I gave Sizwe my number and he walked me to my car. We hugged and I left. I got home and I found my daughter fast asleep I changed my clothes and I joined her.


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