Chapter 3

Chapter 3


I woke up around 12 midday I felt nauseas. I ran to the bathroom and vomited all the pork chops. I rinsed my mouth and I went to make a banana sandwich. I didn’t know what to wear to I settled for some high waist white shorts and a long sleeve pink crop top that had white flowers. I wore my chucks and an oversized baggy baseball jacket. I locked the house and I took a taxi to Angie’s house. I got there and I found her mom.

Me: Knock Knock.

A’s mom: My child how are you?

Me: I’m pregnant ma.

A’s mom: Is it Stan’s?

I nodded and just broke down and cried and she comforted me.

A’s mom: Hush my child don’t cry this is not the end of the world. I also had Angie’s sister at 16 and it was hard my family tried to make me quit school but Angie’s father was there for me. In my case I was raped by my older cousin and I fell pregnant. My own family did not believe me when I told them about my cousin molesting me. They called me all sorts of names and I had to find a job at the spaza so I could be able to go to the doctor. I had to quit school for two years then the spaza owner told me I should go back to school and she will take care of the baby. I worked at the shop every afterschool and weekends. The Spaza was owned by Angie’s father’s family and thats where we met. It was hard but it worked out in the end my cousin was hacked to death when he was caught raping a neighbours child. My family apologised and they helped me with my baby. I later got married had two more kids went to school and graduated.

Me: Wow you are such a strong woman.

A’s mom: No I am a mother.

We sat for a while and she gave me such great encouragement. I fixed myself up and used Angies make up and perfume. I missed her and needed her attitude today. Floyd called me and he told me he was approaching the rank. I said my goodbyes and I got a cab to the rank. I got there and I found Floyd waiting for me.

Floyd: Hey Angel.

Me: my person.

We drove off and I was telling him about my conversation with Angie’s mother.

Floyd: Wow she is such a strong woman.

Me: I know.

We got to Stan’s house and we were already late. I got there and greeted everyone. Stan’s dad called me into the house. We walked to the dining room and few minutes later Stan and his parents walked in.

Cheri: Hi I’m Cheronae but you can call me Cheri.

Me: Hi I’m Gail.

We all sat around the table and it was a bit awkward.

Cheri: I wish we could have met under different circumstances. But anyways we all know that you are expecting our first grandchild.

I just agve her a tight smile it was awkward for me.

S dad: I know this has to be hard for both of ya’ll especially you Gail. But me and Cheri will always be there for you for whatever you need.

Cheri: We are in the process of getting you a medical aid and next week I’m taking you to a gynaecologist.

Me: I appreciate everything but it still won’t make me forget that I’m going to raise this child all by myself.

Stan: I’ll come and visit.

Me: Part time father I see.

Stan: But my parents are willing to help you.

Me: This is your child not your parents.

Stan: I don’t have time for this.

He walked out and his parent said we will continue with the talk when my family is also present. We walked out and I went over to Floyd and he had a plate of food and some water for me. I ate and the party was in full swing. Michelle was also the and she was busy touching Stan and I was really bothered but Floyd kept me distracted. The evening was not bad at all. Floyd was drunk so Stan’s father said he will prepare a room for us

Floyd could not drive in his condition.  It was almost midnight and we gathered around for the countdown and fireworks. The countdown began and excitement just rushed over me this year was going to be a great year. Floyd hugged me and he looked in to my eyes…

Floyd: Happy New Year babe.

Me: Happy New Year.

Floyd: Tomorrow is your birthday.

Me: I know we’ll be 17 and pregnant.

I just realized my statement sounded wrong but Floyd had a goofy smile on his face. I leaned in and I gave him a kiss he kissed me back. It felt like the first time I kissed him butterflies in my stomach and I got instantly wet. We stopped and realised everyone around us were looking at us we just laughed and went to light some fireworks. Around 2am I headed to bed with Floyd we cuddled and we passed out. I woke up early because I was thirsty and I realized that I slept with my clothes on so did Floyd. I walked to the kitchen to drink water and I found Stan sitting on the counter he looked like he was in some deep thoughts.

Me: Morning.

Silence. Okay I’m just going to drink water and let him sulk. 

Stan: So you and Floyd?

Me: None of your business.

Stan: It is my business because you are mine.

I choked on the water and coughed so bad that I ended up vomiting. I rinsed my mouth and I went to get a mop and I started cleaning up. Stan wanted to help me but I refused. After cleaning up I felt nauseas I ran to the sink and vomited out all that water. I sat on the stoel to catch my breath while tears were running down my face.

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