Chapter 2

It was the 30th of December and today was the Phyllis games (soccer) final match. I was not a soccer fan so I usually went to the games for the vibes. I woke up and I took a shower. I made breakfast and I received a call from an unknown number. I was reluctant to answer but I did.

Me: Hello.

?: Hello Gail its Stan’s father.

Me: Oh Hi.

S dad: Yeah how are you?

I didn’t know how to answer that question. “How are you?” let’s see well I’m pregnant at 16 my family is about to disown me and your son the father of my child is going to leave for me to raise this child all by myself. So how the hell do you think I am?

Me: I’m fine thanks.

S dad: Look we are having a braai tomorrow it would be nice if you came.

Me: I don’t know if that is a good idea.

S dad: Stan’s mom and sister are in town and I think you should meet them before the family meeting.

Sigh do I have to though.

Me: Okay what time should I come?

S dad: Around 5 I will ask Stan to pick you up.

Me: Thanks but there will be no need I take a taxi.

S dad: Alright see you tomorrow.

He hung up and I was dreading this braai. I finished my breakfast and I went to sleep it was too hot and I was bored. I woke up a while later and I had missed calls from Floyd I decided to call him back.

Floyd: Angel where are you?

Me: Sorry I fell asleep.

Floyd: She’s making you lazy.

Me: She?

Floyd: Well I think the baby will be female I mean have you seen how radiant you are.

I just laughed Floyd is silly.

Me: What time are you fetching me?

Floyd: I’m already at the stadium babe the match just started.

Me: Okay let me get dressed I will meet you there.

Floyd: Alright Angel

Floyd is silly.

Me: What time are you fetching me?

Floyd: I’m already at the stadium babe the match just started.

Me: Okay let me get dressed I will meet you there.

Floyd: Alright Angel I will see you soon.

I freshened up and I wore blue denim jegging and a white vest. I wasn’t really showing yet I just looked bloated. I wore my pink vans and a denim shirt and I rolled up the sleeves. I wore my pink bucket hat and I took my pink side bag. I locked the house and I took a cab to the stadium. I called Floyd when I got there cos he had my ticket. I found him waiting for me at the gate. We hugged and I was too excited to see him. We walked back to where he was sitting with his friends. He was with Luyanda and Thando.

Me: Hey guys.

Them: Hey beautiful

Me: So Stan’s dad called me today.

Floyd: Oh yeah what did he want?

Me: He invited me to his house for a braai tomorrow. He said Stan’s mom will also be there and that I should meet her tomorrow before the family meeting.

Floyd: Oh yeah I forgot Aunt Cheri is in town. Wait what family meeting.

Me: Your uncle called my uncle saying the two families should meet. My uncle called to ask me about the reason behind the meeting. I lied to him and said it was about me and Stan’s break up.

Floyd: You’ll tell him when you are ready.

Thando got me some snacks and we chilled until the game ended. I have no idea was playing or who won but the company I had was too great. Lu suggested we go to the after party at the local pub and I was game. We got to a place called umsindo and it was turnt. We got a table Thando and Floyd went buy the drinks and meat and I was left with Lu. Lu was Floyd’s best friend but he lived in Cape Town so we hardly saw him except for school holidays. He was a very chilled guy and he was funny Thando was uptight and Sbu was a flirt.

Lu: You know Floyd has a thing for you.

Me: What. No ways.

Lu: He does but he doesn’t act on it because he respects you. You know he came to me crying the other day he wanted to be your first and he wanted to father your babies. He regrets blowing his chances with you and that is the regret he will forever live with.

The guys came back and Floyd got me some apple juice and some pork chops. I started eating and I tried to have a goodnight but I could not stop staring at Floyd.

Floyd: Are you alright?

Me: Yeah I’m just annoyed that I can’t drink alcohol.

Floyd just laughed at me and he kissed my forehead. The evening went well and Floyd took me home around midnight. I got home and I took a shower I wore a baggy shirt and I went to sleep. I was woken up by a phone call from Floyd telling me he got home safe and that he will pick me up at the rank tomorrow. When I was about to fall asleep again my phone rang and I answered very annoyed.

Me: Floyd please stop calling I need to sleep.

Stan: It’s Stan sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up.

Me: What do you want?

Stan: Please don’t come to the braai tomorrow.

Me: Why?

He just stuttered and I hung up the phone I needed my sleep. And him not wanting me at the braai made me want to go.


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Thandz 2019-01-14 00:28:38

Please continue writing, your work is beautiful. You’ve made me smile, laugh and cry all at once. I’m craving for more, please give us chapter 3