Chapter 16

 It was a few months later and I was now 8 months pregnant. Not being able to go to school was hard but had new hobbies that kept me occupied like baking art and Tennis. Eric still went with me to all doctors’ appointments and I was still writing in my journal. Floyd and I didn’t see each other that often he had a girlfriend now and that was his priority. The girl’s name was Nobuhle and they were inseparable. I won’t lie and say I was lonely I was spending some time with Dan and his friends. They were very cool and Dan was obsessed with my belly. As much as I enjoyed hanging out with Dan he was not Floyd. I don’t think anyone could ever be Floyd but I was excited because Floyd and I were going to buy some baby clothes today.  I was happy to finally spend some time with Floyd. I bathed and I just had my hair done. I had long box braids. After my bath I sat on the bed and called Floyd I wanted to tell him that I will be picking him up. I called him but he didn’t answer what was happening was Floyd ditching me. I called him again and he answered.

Floyd: Hey.

Me: Wow no Angel nyana.

Floyd: I just have a lot on my mind.

Me: Oh okay well I was calling to tell you that you have an hour to get ready.

Floyd: Ready for what?

Me: Baby clothes shopping today.

Floyd: Oh flip I forgot about that can we perhaps postpone.

Me: Again? What’s going on Floyd you’ve been acting strange for months now.

Floyd: Strange how?

Me: You avoid me you hardly spend time with me or be seen in public with me. Do I embarrass you?

Floyd: What of cause not.

Me: Then why are you so cold towards me?

Floyd: Look I don’t’ have time for this I’ll check you later.

He hung up on me tears rolled down my face. Dan walked in and luckily I was wearing a towel. He sat next to me and hugged me. I wiped my tears and I looked and.

Me: Am I ugly?

Dan: What no. I don’t think you are capable of being ugly. You are beautiful inside and out. Now tell me what’s wrong?

Me: I was supposed to go buy some baby clothes today but Floyd ditched me again.

Dan: Why?

Me: I don’t know

no. I don’t think you are capable of being ugly. You are beautiful inside and out. Now tell me what’s wrong?

Me: I was supposed to go buy some baby clothes today but Floyd ditched me again.

Dan: Why?

Me: I don’t know maybe our friendship is over. Let me go take a nap I’ll ask Aunt Rachel to take me when she’s free.

Dan: I’ll go with you.

Me: Really?

Dan: Yeah you know I’m so obsessed with her.

Me: Everyone has a gender for my baby except for me.

Dan: Well I want a female let me leave you to get ready and you’ll find me downstairs.

Dan left and I didn’t know what to wear I looked in my closet and it was full of new clothes from Rachel. I found a long baby blue boob tube bodycon dress. The dress stopped by my ankles. I wore my white vans and I took my small while Michael Kors handbag. I left my braids loose. I went down to Dan and I found him making me a fruit salad.

Dan: Whoa look at you.

Me: My belly is too visible right?

Dan: No you look beautiful.

I just gave him a smile. We went to the car and he handed me the fruit salad and bottled water.

Dan: Snack for the trip.

I just laughed. I wish Monica was here but they went to the zoo with Uncle Rob and Rachel. Dan drove us to Sandton city he said I was too overdressed for any average mall. This guy was the best hype man of all times. We got to the mall and we decided to catch a movie first. Since I was pregnant and he was trying to cheer me up I chose the movie Tyler Perry’s confessions of a marriage counsellor. He complained at first but I think he enjoyed the movie more than me. After the movie I went to the bathroom and as soon as I came out I bumped into Floyd and he was with his girlfriend. He was staring at me with his mouth open maybe Dan was right maybe I did look good.

Me: Hey fancy seeing you here.

Nobuhle and I have never met but I did know of her I didn’t know if she knew of me though.

Me: Hi and you must be Nobuhle.

Nobuhle: Yeah and you must be Angel?

Me: No I’m Gail but he calls me Angel.

Floyd: You look beautiful sorry for ditching you today.

Me: It’s fine I now know where I stand now let me excuse you I have baby clothes to buy. I went to Dan and we went to buy clothes that were neutral. I got some blankets and a diaper bag. I also got some diapers and all the baby necessities. I had to have an emergency bag ready. I would buy more things after I know the gender. Dan bought this pink fur jacket and a tutu he really thinks the baby will be a girl. We had some dinner and we drove home aunt Rachel had given me around R5000 and I spend around R4500. I showed everyone the baby clothes and I went to my room to change into a baggy shirt that belonged to me dad and I started packing the baby clothes in my closet on the open side. As I was packing the clothes I received a text from Floyd I didn’t bother to read it and later I received a call from Eric saying he was throwing a house warming party next week I asked him to ask my uncle and aunt first but I’m down. After I was done with the clothes I went downstairs to drink my heartburn pills I found Uncle Rob and I asked him if I could go to the house warming party. He agreed because it was during the day and I had to be home by 8pm the latest and my driver had to take me. I didn’t mind now I didn’t know what to wear. Being pregnant has made me lazy even when Dan’s friends are around he complains that I look like a homeless pregnant person and Rachel always drags me to the salon cos she knows that I don’t mind looking a mess. The following day went to go get my nails done and I also got a wax that was a bad idea! I got home and chilled with my siblings and I got a text from Stan. WTF!

Stan: “Hey you probably want nothing to do with me but I really need to talk to you. I’ll explain everything as soon as I came back to SA

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