Chapter 10

It was dinner time and doctor A bought me dinner. I was hoping to see my uncle but he called and said he is caught up and that I will see him tomorrow. I’ve been in hospital for three days now but luckily I was being discharged tomorrow. Doctor A was keeping me company.

Doctor A: So Gail tell about yourself who are you?

I told him everything that there is to know about me where I come from my parents my upbringing and my current affairs. He just sat there and listened to me like he cares or he’s curious. Then he started asking me about my family history where we come from and my grandparents. I told him everything he wanted to know why was I so comfortable talking to him.

Dr. A: Can I show you something?

Me: uhm yeah sure.

He came close to me and he took off his lab coat and he unbuttoned his shirt on his wrists. I should be uncomfortable right now or scared but I wasn’t. I was curious to see what he wanted to show me. He rolled up his sleeve and there it was a butterfly shaped birth mark on his arm same as mine but bigger and darker. I didn’t know what this meant he was just looking at me and I think he could tell that I was confused.

Dr A: Who else in your family has the same birthmark?

Me: Uhm Me my siblings and my dad.

As I said that it confused me even more because his birthmark was identical to my dad’s and it was on the same place.

Dr A: I am your uncle Gail. I even did a blood test the day you were admitted I got the results today and we are definitely related.

I was numb I must be dreaming.

Me: How?

Dr. A: My father used to work on a farm near your home place in Limpopo it’s the same farm that your granny sold veggies. They were both young you granny being only 20. They fell in love but they had to hide their relationship because as you know interracial dating was illegal back then. As a result of their love your granny got pregnant with your father my brother. It made it even more difficult for them to hide their relationship they got busted and arrested. My father moved to bloem for couple of months after they were released from jail with a warning when my father went back to look for your granny he was told that the family packed their things and moved too because they didn’t want any problems as well.

Me: And how do you know this?

Dr A: My father told me and I promised him that I will look for my brother.

Me: So what now your brother is gone.

Dr A: I know but you are here I want to know you and I would like for you guys to tell me about him.

Me: I think I need time to process it.

Dr A: I’ll give you some time to think I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight Gail

Me: Goodnight Doc.

He left and I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and I went to take a shower and I packed my clothes. Eric came to fetch me I was so happy to go home. We signed the discharge forms and we left. I left a note at the reception for doctor A it had my contact details.

Eric: Ready to go?

Me: Yeah I am.

I fell asleep when the car started moving Eric woke me up when I got home. We got into the house and I found my granny watching TV unbothered.

Granny: You are back?

Me: I was in hospital.

Granny: Stress is not good for the baby.
Me: I know granny.

Eric: I have to go back to work now the hospital put you on bedrest for the week so that means you will only go back to school next week. Oh and they provided the note for you to take to school. You will be fine see later baby mama.

Me: Thanks Eric for everything.

Eric: Anytime you family.

I have him a hug and he left I went to sit with my grandmother and I sat and I looked at her. This woman lied to me all of my life and I was wondering why? My phone rang and it was an unsaved number I answered.

Me: Hello.

…: Hi it’s your unc... I mean Doctor Robert.

Me: Oh hey doc how are you?

Doc: I’m alright thanks

how are you?

Doc: I’m alright thanks Thanks for the note so what time should I be there?

I invited him to dinner I wanted to have this talk with my granny.

Me: Around 7?

Doctor: I’ll be there.

Me: Any allergies?

Doctor: no allergies.

Me: Alright see you later.

We hung up I think this lady next to me has all the answers let raffle her feathers a little bit.

Me: Granny uhm there is someone coming for dinner tonight.

Granny: Who?

Me: My doctor weird thing about him he has the same exact birth mark as dad.

Granny: Hmm just know that you are cooking not me.

Me: But I’m on bedrest.

Granny: yet you want to invite people over for dinner who do think will cook for your guest.

I got annoyed and I just went to my room and chilled while listening to music. Around midday I went to the complex to buy veggies I was even scared to see how much money I had my uncle had stopped sending me my allowance so did my aunt and I doubt  he was going to come today. I went to the ATM and I first checked my balance I almost peed my pants. I withdrew R200 and I also printed the bank statement. I bought all that needed and I headed home. I got home and I put the things I bought in the kitchen and I headed to my room. I got into my room and I closed the door I took out my bank statement. I looked at my balance and it was R27 840.23. How? Where does this money come from my allowance is not even over a thousand rand. I called my uncle and his phone went straight to voicemail. I looked through my bank statement and I realized that all this money comes from Stan the reference was baby Greyling and that’s his surname. He made small deposits into my account for months without me knowing the last amount deposited was the week he left. I called Eric immediately.

Eric: Baby mama.

Me: Hey I have R27 000 in my account and it’s from Stan. I’m confused.

Eric: He told me about that he knew you wouldn’t know about it because you don’t check your bank statement and your balance so he knew you would never notice that the money is in your account. It’s for the baby.

Me: Ohh it’s good to know that he once cared about me.

Eric: He still does believe me it’s mom who poisoned his mind.

Me: He has a funny way of showing it anyway I have a dinner to prepare we’ll talk later.

Eric: Alright bye kiddo.

I went to the kitchen and I made my siblings lunch because it was afterschool and they were on their way home. I started cooking and I made some beef stew and dumplings. My siblings came back they were so happy to see me. I gave them their food and continued cooking. I made some mash and cream spinach. I went to buy some cold drink with my siblings and when we got home I found Dr. A’s car parked outside he’s here. We walked and I found my grandmother staring at him with tears in her eyes and slowly they ran down her face. We greeted and everyone took a seat my grandmother was still staring at him this is awkward.

Me: Granny this is doc…

Granny: Anthony!

Wow who’s Anthony?

Dr. A: No ma my name is Robert Addington. Anthony Addington is my father.

Granny: Where is Anthony?

Dr. A: Well he passed on 2 years ago and I have been searching for you and my brother.

Me: Is he really related to us granny?
There was a long silence

Granny: Yes you are this is your uncle. Was Anthony Angry that I took his son away?

Dr A: No he was worried that the police killed you and him. He thought you hated him.

Granny: I can’t hate him even if I tried.

She stood up and went over to hug him they both cried tears of joy because this was a beautiful moment.

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