Chapter 1

After I left Stan’s house I arrived home and chilled Stan called later on and he told me he’s outside and he wants to talk. I went outside and I got into his car.

Stan: Hey.

Me: Hi.

Stan: We are going to be parents.

Me: Yes we are but it looks like I’m going to be raising this baby alone.

Stan: Don’t say that.

Me: You moving to another continent for three years three fucking years so yes I’m going to raise this child all by myself.

Stan: I know I hurt you and I’m sorry.

Me: Hurt me you broke me Stan. Then you go running back to Michelle really Stan?

Stan: It’s not like that.

Me: How is it then?

He just looked at me and he kept quiet.

Me: I thought as much.

Stan: Look I’m sorry and there is nothing happening between me and Michelle. I am going to part of my child’s life whether you like it or not.

Me: So you telling me that you going to be at every doctor’s appointment and you will be there when I give birth. Are you telling me that you are no longer moving to another continent?

Stan: I’m still going to New York but I am still going to make sure that you and the baby are well taken care off.

Me: Wow so you think by just throwing money in my face it will make things better.

Stan: No we will find a way to work everything out. Look my dad is going to call your family we going to set a date so we can break the news to them.

Me: Okay My uncle is going to disown me.

I started crying and Stan tried to comfort me.

Me: Please don’t touch me.

My phone rang and it was Floyd.

Me: Hello.

Floyd: Hey what’s wrong?

Me: It’s nothing

what’s wrong?

Me: It’s nothing I’m just scared of telling my family.

Floyd: Don’t worry Angel everything will work out.

Me: Thank you Floyd for everything.

Floyd: Anytime Angel.

I hung up and I saw Stan looking at me.

Stan: What’s going on between you and Floyd?

Me: It’s none of your business I’m single.

Stan: You are carrying my child.

Me: I’m not an incubator I also have needs.

Stan: But I’m here.

Me: No you are not you are leaving soon. I’ll be left here all by myself to raise this child so please Stan don’t patronize me.

Stan: But babe…

Me: No Stan you promised me a forever. I trusted you and saw my forever but you always choose to take the easy way out when things get tough. You always make decisions that also impacts my life without discussing it with me. You did not fight for our love. Now I’m the one who is left to pick up the pieces of my heart because I trusted you with it but you broke it into pieces. I’m the one that is pregnant and is facing raising a child alone I am going to face people at school judging and making comments and my neighbours celebrating and a lot of I told you so. While you will be in New York I will be here fighting battles alone.

I got out the car and I went in the house Angry. But I had to calm down for the sake of the baby. I made some tea and I watched movies. I got a call from my uncle. I hesitated at first but I answered.

Me: Hello malume.

Uncle: Hi nana listen I just received a call from Stan’s father he says he wants a family meeting between the two families. What is that about?

Me: I don’t know maybe it’s about me and Stan’s break up.

Uncle: Ai okay I’m going to be there on the first week of Jan.

Me: Okay Uncle see you soon.

I just lied to him. This kind of news is not the kind of news you would tell someone over the phone.





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