I was in some place that looked like a desert it was just soil and few treesI stood in the middle of it as I looked around I looked . I couldn't see anyone and even the road was very far. How did I get here? Did I walk to get here or someone brought me here and left me here?.I walked a little further and the stones were making it hard to walk since I don't know how to walk without wearing my shoes. I was bare feetblue jeans and my white shirt was covered in blood.

I walked a little further and I saw someone standing looking at my direction she was burning on her left sideshe screamed asking me to put the fire out. As I got closer I realised that it was Liya.

Her:please help me Dikgetho am sorry it won't happen again please.

Her cries were very disturbing even the way she was burning. I found myself shaking not knowing what to do.Liya was a prostitude that I fell in love with however she couldn't leave her job and the thought of different men sleeping with her made me angry it disgusted me and I ended up killing her after that I burned her right on this very same place

her body was found few days later on how did that even happen am not sure.

I kicked the covers of my bed and jumped off I was breathing very heavy and sweating.The time on the side watch was 07:30 am. Who gets nightmares at this time of the morning? I went downstairs and My wife was not around I panicked what if she has left me?I called her and I got a voicemail.

Me:hey perekisi where are you? Please call me back when you get this.





I decided on doing some shopping while my husband was still asleep I needed to buy myself few clothes since he said we going on a trip in few weeks time so I need to be prepared I hate the last minutes shopping.

After everything was done including my hair of course I passed by La Blaq restaurant. Lerato came to my table.

Her:hey tsala can I get you something?

Me: ribs and onion ribs will do.

Her: you look beautiful love the curls.


Her:let me get your order then we can sit plus am already on lunch.

She went to get my order after few minutes she came back . 

Her: so how are you tsala?and what happened to your lip?

Me:nothing just nothing.

Her:Vee out with it what happened?

Me: rato..

Her:wa ho shapa?(is He beating you?)


Her:yes he is otherwise you wouldn't have that cut. Vee you know I know you more than Nola you know that we have been friends for yearsno one knows you better than me. Tell me what happened.

I sighed Gosh I hate Lerato I hate that she knows me and she can see through me. I told her everything and by the look of things she hates my husband.

Me:he apologized for it.

Her:of course he will. babe you know how this guys are.

Me:he won't do it again.he is not an abuser Lerato.

Her:even thief's are not written on their foreheads babes.those slaps will become punches mark my words.

Me:I lost my epitite am leaving.

Her:what?tsala listen.

I paid my bill and drove home I don't need this kind of energy. I found Dikgetho waiting for at the gate.


Me: otswa kae?


She waves shopping bags on my face.This girl is full of nonsense she switches her phone off then comes with I was shopping nonsense she didn't even bother leaving a note.

Me:and you don't leave a note?

Her: am sorry I forgot.

Me:you forgot OK.

I helped with the bags and got inside the house when she turned my fist met her nose. She covered her bleeding nose. I grabbed her roughly and pinned her on the wall as I continued punching her.

Me:you switch your phone offyou were with that guy from the club akere.o etsa nna stlatla sa hao.I give you everything you want and this is how you do me?

Her:no you got it all wrong I was at shopping mall you can ask Lerato please stop.

I kicked her stomach several times and she screamed my name begging me to stop.everything around me was red I saw red and the beast in me was enjoying  beating her up.

I stopped breathing heavy and she looked like a vegetable a burned vegetable crying and bleeding. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands that were covered in blood."you thought your concussion will help you?you thought the cleansing will help you?" Nothing will help you Dikgetho nothing. I looked around and I saw a reflection that I saw in the dream."you are going to pay you are going PAY!!!




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