I received an invite to go to a spar treatment courtesy of Nola appreantly her boyfriend gave her two vouchers. I didn't feel like going considering the cut on my lip it has hasn't healed as yet and I apply zam buk on them as many times as I can. My phone rang and I took long sigh before speaking"father from heaven please let her cansel on me"


Her:Mrs Lekgari where the hell are you?

Me:am still at home.

Her:home? ausi wee make sure you get your black behind right here .

Me:OK am on my way there.

Her:please do the champaign is getting warm.

I laughed gosh you will never separate Nola with champagne. I took my car keys and drove to Michelle spar the place looks beautiful its like some little paradise gosh I was in love with what I was seeing. I went to the changing room and wore the white gown they provide us with and went to join my friend who was getting a pedicure.

Her:finally you are here.I was starting to regret inviting you.

Me:you don't mean that right.

Her: I do I should have invited Lerato she will never keep me waiting...anyway how are you tsala yaka.

Me:am all good...where is the champagne you were talking about?

Her:right here..tsala what happened to your lip?

Me:nothing friend.

This is what I was avoiding Nola doesn't keep quiet if I tell her about Dikgetho beating me up for something that wasn't true she will start judging him and that is not what I need right now.





Me: Rakgadi ke  moshapile

Her:what for?few weeks in a marriage and already you beating her?

Me:it was a mistake I didn't mean too all those voices came back again.

Her:Bo Lekgari bang tswetse. Did you do drink your concussion?

Me:yes I did .

Her:go take a bath this is serious .

Me: I need help Rakgadi I seriously do.

Her: am here for you my boy and you know I was here for you since you were born.no one knows you better than me.

Me:thank you Rakgadi.

Her:now go bath .

I walked inside the bathroom and stripped my clothes off and got inside the bathI need all this voices gone I need to be clean.I don't know how many times my aunt has been cleaning me I even lost count of it.





The champagne was kicking in and the conversation was great

I need all this voices gone I need to be clean.I don't know how many times my aunt has been cleaning me I even lost count of it.





The champagne was kicking in and the conversation was greatI was falling in love with my new nails I hope my husband will love them.

Nola: friend your lip worries me.

Me:friend its nothing.you know me and my husband always play rough. We were playing wrestling.

Her:wrestling as in WWE?

Me:yes and his hand landed on my lip when he was tapping out.

Her: hai tsala how old are you kante?WWE?nogal?

Me:what's wrong with it?don't you and Mr detective play together?

Her:babe Ezra and I are grown ups if we want to play we play on the sheets not wrestling.

She was still bit pushy about the lip cut but I managed to change the subject to her relationship. By the time we were going home it was already 19:00pm I was drunk I decided to leave my car and request for taxify to take me home.

I found Dikgetho waiting for me in the lounge. The look he gave me made me panick I was getting cold feet and urine was close to making its way out. I greeted him and he nodded while concentrating on what was playing on the TV. I walked closer and sat on the next couch. He looked at his wrist watch.

Him:where have you been?

Me:I was with Nola at Michelle spar treatment.

Him:and you come home this time?

Me:am sorry I should have called.

Him: am hungry.did you cook before you leave

Me:no I didn't. Can we order in?

Him:no its fine I will eat bread.


I slowly stood up with my knees shaking I passed next to him and he pulled me and I sat on his lap.

Him:you were drinking right?.

Me:yes and am sorry.

Him:OK go take a bath and come make me food am starving.

I rushed upstairs and did as I was told .I was releaved I thought we going to have another WWE in his lounge .




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