(Friday night)


Thami invited us for drinks in some club in Sebokeng I can't wait to go out I missed the kind of life where you can have drinks and relax just listening to some good music. After taking a shower I opted for something simple a white jean and a denim top and wedge heels. Dikgetho was in a blue jeans and a white chines collar shirt.

We got to the club and I was introduced to Thami's girlfriend she looked very young and shy you can tell that this is not her scene. We sat in the corner just talking getting to know each other since we dating friends am sure we might be friends some day.

The music was good and the drinks were getting me very tips. I got up to go the bathroom alone and when I came out some guy was standing at the door waiting for me.

Him:I have been watching you all night and I saw you were also eyeing me.

Me:I don't know what you talking about.my husband is waiting for me inside.

Him:relax girl just give me your number and I will call you.

Me:no I can't .

I walked away and almost fell he held my waist and pulled me closer to him he was close to kissing me when Dikgetho pulled me roughly and punched him.

Dikgetho:this is my wife you fool.

Him:she said she came alone.

Dikgetho:alone?Vumile you came alone?

Me: no he is lying I never said that.

He came and dragged me outside the club we were now in the parking lot.His eyes reflected fire he is ready to kill me and from where am standing am going to pee myself.






Finding another man holding my wife the way he did made me madwho the hell he thinks he is touching my wife with his filthy hands?no man has a right to touch her except me. I looked straight into her eyes she was ready to cry and I was ready to beat her up.

Me:so you came alone here?

Her:its a lie Dikgetho he was lying.

Me:and why didn't you tell me you going to the toilet?

Her:am sorry I should have told you

Me:then why didn't you?


Me:do you want to see mad Vumile?

Her:no am sorry .

Me:we going home right now.

We drove home and for the life of me I wanted to stop the car and beat her up the picture of that guy holding her was playing on my head like some movie I hate and anger was building up slowly."go ahead beat her up like you did to me" you used to beat me up when I went to clubs go ahead beat her".This was a voice playing in my head and it was not Tshepiso.It was Keke some girl who was in Varsity she loved partying and every weekend she was out in clubs parting then call me when she is drunk and I hated that I hate women who drink carelessly what made me mad that I ended up killing her she was drunk and took a sex tape with some guy and they sent it to me.

"Are you going to ignore me'?" You know you can hear me and am not dead yet am still alive . "Beat her up" this time it was so loud like someone is screaming in my head I stopped the car and slapped my wife as many times as I could .When I was done beating her up she was bleeding from the nose and her lip had a cut.

Me:am sorry perekisi yaka I don't know what came over me please forgive me.

Her:please don't touch me.take me home.

Me:perekisi am really sorry.

Her:take me home Dikgetho.

I tried touching her and she blocked me. I gave her a tissue to wipe her self as we were driving back home.





When we got home I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in I cried so hard I felt like my rib cage is closing in and I can't breath.how can he believe him over me?am his wife for goodness sake I will never hurt nor cheat on him it is not in me.

I wiped my face with a warm cloth and applied Vaseline on my broken lip and made my way to the bedroom.

Him:perekisi yaka am really sorry.

Me:you believed him over me.

Him:I shouldn't have am sorry perekisi yaka.

He got up from the chair and came to me he planted kisses on my neck making it hard for me to breathhe lyed me on my back and got between my legs kissing and sucking my Nana like he is drinking juice out of the watermelon. My legs started shaking my sobs turned into moans and I was close to land of milkbees and honeyI reached my orgasm and he kissed me my lips after tucking me into bed.

Him:I love you perekisi yaka.





"Don't raise your arm at her Mosadi ha shapiwe" I covered my eyes and shook my head Lord knows how much I hate the beast that's in me. I went to my study room and took out the concussion my aunt made for meI gulped down all those three glasses in one go. I stood near the window watching the trees being blown by the wind outside.

I was suddenly getting dizzy this must be one strong mbiza she has done for me. Hands were wrapped on my body I looked down on them this are not Vumile's hands."you said you will never hurt me again look at me am all broken Digetho" 

I turned around and it was light outs for me.

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