I watched my wife making her way around the kitchen and I must say I did the right choice by marrying her she is really a dream someone I want to do right by her. I don't want to mess everything up she is my second chance.

Her: babe I saw a picture of a lady in one of your books who is she?

Me:what are you talking about?

Her: you know what am talking about is she your ex girlfriend?

Me:yes were you snooping around?

Her:no I wasn't .

Me:then what were you doing?Vee leave the past in the past please.

Her:can you get rid of her picture please?

Me:yeah I will.did you resign like I asked you too?

Her:I did but I will search for other job opportunities.

Me:no wife of mine will work Vee I will take care of you.

Her:Motho waka you don't understand I love working.I want to make my own money.

Me:work where? Vumile you have nothing but matric.Which company will hire you unless you work in retail.

Her:wow so little faith in me.

She got up and went to our bedroom.damn Dikgetho that's not a way of speaking to a woman a little encouragement would have helped I said to myself.



I didn't hear Dikgetho leaving for work after what happened last night I went to bed straight I lost all my epetite I thought he will have a little faith in me since he didn't love my waitressing job. 

I ran downstairs when I heard a door bell ring I hope its not Nola its still very early for visitors. I opened the door and it was Nola and Lerato

Nola handed me the flowers said he got them from a guy who was standing by the door.I rad the note"am sorry for last night perekisi yaka" I melted like butter when its being exposed to the heat my man is everything.

Nola:I see Mr man is showering you with gifts .

Me:isn't still early for visits?

Lerato:we are here babes so you can't chase us.Can we warm our breakfast please.

We warmed our food and sat outside in the patio as we talked about me resigning from my job.

Nola:so you really agreeing to being a house wife?what happened to you wanting to be independent?

Me: I won't be a waitress forever there's life besides waitressing.

Nola: I know that but didn't you say you want to go back to school?

Me:Dikgetho promised to take care of me. He is my husband and he will provide for me.

Lerato:provide for you until when? What if he dies then what?

Me:come on guys dont do this please.I want to respect my husband wishes.

Lerato:he is controlling you.

Me:no he is not.he just doesn't like this waitressing job.

Nola: then find another job or use the money he gives you for education. Don't agree to be a house wife  .

I don't know why they don't understand that I don't want to be seem like am disrespecting him.He is someone who loves me and if he says he will take care of me I pray that he never breaks his promise.



After work I went to have drinks with my best friend Thami Sambo we have been best friends since high school and he is the one who knows about all the girls who died in my arms. He is one person I trust with all my life. 

Me:I have been hearing Tshepiso voice the past days bro..

Him:eh and?

Me:she said I killed her and when I think about what happened my heart breaks cause I didn't mean it.

Him:I hope you went to Rakgadi she is the only one who can help you.

Me:I did and am glad she helped me but Vee will be a problem if she continues asking questions about her.

Him:for your sake I hope you told her she is out of town.I hope you won't hurt her.

Me:I won't hurt her bro I love her too much. I want to do right by her.

Him:good cause this time around am not helping you in getting rid of the body. We buried a lot of bodies.

Me:I don't know what will I be without you my friend.

Him: just make sure she doesn't find out about Tshepiso or Mandy OK.

We got another round of beer and some girls came and joined us as I was moving my eyes around the room I saw girl looking like Tshepiso I blinked a couple of times and the girl just disappeared. I think am getting drunk I should go home.


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